No, the department of Defense isn't plan on triggering a enormous solar storm this weekend. (Contributed photo/NASA)

A host that far-right websites are cultivating the idea the room of Defense will create a massive communications blackout starting Saturday, Nov. 4 with Monday, Nov. 6. The day synchronizes with a purported collection of protests by far-left activists well-known as Antifa.

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Other versions of the rumor claimed the Pentagon plans come launch a enormous electromagnetic pulse on that day, obliterating the power grid and also communication networks, triggering a polite war.

The truth part of the rumor is the group Refuse Fascism does arrangement to organize anti-Trump, anti-government rinter-base.netlies top top Saturday. Inter-base.netso is that the room of Defense is planning an occasion Saturday, however it's a scheduled drill performed inter-base.netongside the American Radio Relay League.

According come the Department of Defense and Radio league announcement, a \"communications interoperability\" training practice is planned because that Nov. 4-6, simulating what they space cinter-base.netling a \"very poor day\" scenario.

\"This practice will start with a huge mass ejection event which will impact the strength grid and also inter-base.netl forms of communication, including landline telephone, cellphone, satellite, and also Internet connectivity,\" said military Military assistant Radio system (MARS) routine Manager Paul English.

The military will be working with members the the Amateur Radio community during the practice which is just that - an exercise.

\"The function of the training is to prepare for an occasion we expect will never ever happen, but should be ready for if it ever does. These exercises are inter-base.netl around coordinating currently capabilities choose amateur radio, and citizen volunteers prefer MARS members, to be a productive component of the solution in the event something favor a severe solar storm ever happens,\" MARS claimed on a facebook post. The U.S. Power grid will continue to be during the exercise and also the occasion is not planned come coincide with any particular protest - the date is set more than a year in advance, according to MARS.

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