I"ve looked it up and also checked Youtube and also tried the areas but still can not discover him. I never before obtained the pursuit immediately for it. I just came a protecting against allude wright here I have to use wall dash to proceed my major search. I"ve tried largely whatever. Now my only lead was discover 2 siblings in Misty woods ,which can lead me to him, yet I can"t find them either. I have actually half the products that I discovered I required from research study besides the wheel item. 

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Have you gone with and also completed all the prior purple quest lines? IE the Dragon bone engraving, the fan from the sautomobile merchents, the serpents calling bell. If you haven"t completed those yet it won"t present up. If not it should be in your quest letters. If you currently have the search, the two annoyances will certainly be on a little cliff on the best hand also side just north east of the watch towers in misty woods favor you are running the talus engineer corps and the skyhaven stockade. If he is still not there and also you have done all the previous searches you could have to sfinish support a ticket


Providing you finiburned previous purple searches. The kids have the right to be found here




see my location at minimap and also you will certainly view both of them close to that moncrucial statue. They will later on overview you via the excellent root to the grasp cho"s location





If you don"t have actually a search to visit him, you have to open pursuits (j), switch to "letters" tab and read letter from him. If you did that and have quest, in quests home window you can use "track" switch to discover man"s place. Without analysis the letter I think man is ssuggest invisible

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"Read the letter, Cricket".. is a prevalent design template via out the leveling procedure.. This letter happens to be Purple.. not Blue, Red, Orange.. 

I’ve check out the letter, gained the evil ox horn from factivity seller quartersmaster in misty woods. I’ve looked up Location of old man cho in misty woods close to the monessential statues. But I don’t watch the siblings either. So your not the just one having the same problem

If I remember effectively, don"t you need to be a particular character level prior to they will certainly display up? Level 42 or something?

I believe you need to actually have actually the pursuit item in your possession for him to show up. At leastern that"s the situation for the quest in the Necropolis - you deserve to follow the pursuit marker but he will not show up unless the item is in your inventory.


Then again, the are some stupid mechanisms in the game, prefer you deserve to only "review the letter" from the pursuit tracker, not the pursuit home window.

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