Welcome to Bohemian Visions – Richmond, Virginia"s #1 deluxe Photographer. Where your authentic room where her ultimate boudoir photography fantasy involves life.

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Here, we peel away the layers of self-doubt to give you the confidence to shine in front of the camera. Here you deserve to be sexy and also confident, expressing your unique, authentic self in beautiful photographs.

As your high-end Boudoir and also Portrait Photographer, we help you come rediscover and also connect with your inner self – to discover that spark and ignite it!

 If girlfriend are prepared to fall in love v the human you watch in the mirror, this is the space where girlfriend can achieve this and so lot more. I occupational with men, women, non-binary, and also couples who desire to capture and celebrate the intimate moment of themselves.


Meet Marie 

At Bohemian Visions, ns look forward to welcome you to mine studio for her Boudoir or Portrait photoshoot. I am a certified experienced photographer v over a decade’s experience, working in addition to my all-female team in Richmond, VA, and also throughout main Virginia. If you are outside of the area contact us and also we will certainly accommodate.

When you step into my studio, you space guaranteed a customized luxury, boudoir, and also portrait photoshoot session focused on developing a personalized, authentic endure that is designed come reconnect v your inner self.

My goal is to help give friend the confidence and also clarity on exactly how to find and adopt the ideal version the yourself, stripped of any kind of feelings of unworthiness or self-consciousness. Why wait come invest in yourself – put yourself in the spotlight and get the prayer you deserve. Contact me today and also let’s start an amazing journey together.

See a new side the yourself v my lens — schedule a consultation today and also discover how you can find the hidden side of you.

Welcoming every individuals and also couples, Bohemian Visions provides you one inclusive, safe room where you can let your hair down and also experience experienced photography on her terms. My team and also I do every little thing in our power to ensure the your time through us is exceptional and also the picture we create show turn off the masterpiece that you are. Us laugh v you, overview you through poses, and also work extremely hard to provide images that make friend a more confident person. Publication your empowering endure today.


Being breakable is a hazard we need to take if we desire to suffer that emotional link with someone, and that includes ourselves too.

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A boudoir portrait session is so much an ext than just a photoshoot. As soon as you room in prior of mine camera, ok make sure you feel confident so you can adopt the liberating endure that is a boudoir session.