We are in the middle of the influencer era, where actual women are serving as the lust-worthy lingerie incentive we expect to see. No much longer do we have to flip v old catalogs wherein all the models watch the same. Now, through the internet, we have accessibility to so numerous gorgeous lingerie influencers and lingerie models that run the gamut the diversity.

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Most lingerie isn"t one-size-fits-all. It"s vital to showcase all the beautiful body varieties and lingerie styles that are out there.

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Looking for inspiration for your intimates obsession?

Below, we"re featuring 12 stunning lingerie influencers and models so that you"ll never run out concepts for intimates. (These babes are provided in no particular order.)


12 height Lingerie Influencers & Models to monitor on Instagram


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A write-up shared through Alexis Ren (

Alexis Ren is no stranger to stripping under in prior of the camera; the version was Maxim"s sheathe girl in august 2017, Maxim Mexico"s covering girl in in march 2018, and also a Sports depicted Swimsuit Rookie because that 2018.

As expected, her IG feeding is complete of a mix that photos that bare many of skin. Swimsuit, lingerie, and scantily clad image cover she grid together a staggering 14.4 million pendant lap that up.

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A short article shared by AnaCherí (

Strong is sexy, and activewear brand owner Ana Cheri is a complete testament to the statement.

Ana touts 12.5 million Instagram followers, and also her feeding is complete of warm workout shots, lingerie modeling, and also the occasional fashion and travel pics. If you need lingerie and workout inspo to aid you feel confident, this influencer one come follow.

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