Brave Frontier hundreds of Heroes. Countless Players. It is in A Legend Now!Unleash her summoner powers and also save the civilization from corruption and also darkness in this immersive and also addictive RPG Saga!

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Here is a review of the game updates because that this week!


May 13, 00:00 PST - might 26, 23:59 PST

Running brief of materials for Omni+ Evolution? Earn more Omni+ products at the Omni Arcanum and also Omni+ rise your units!


Frontier Hunter EX Season 86

Event Period:

May 26, 20:00 PST - may 31, 19:59 PST

Results Consolidation:

May 31, 20:00 PST - Jun. 07, 23:59 PST

Reward Period:

Jun. 07, 00:00 PST - Jun. 23, 19:59 PST

Raise your rank at the Randall City survey Office by taking on its pursuit for the Frontier Hunter Season 86. Earn higher rewards as you rise up the ranks!


A new monthly refreshed Brave Bazaar will certainly be opened from May 05.

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Tokens because that the Bazaar will certainly be easily accessible via Login Campaign. Be certain to login and also trade because that mystery frog to enhance your squad.

For more information ~ above the bazaar, examine THIS out!

Bazaar Refresh

Summoners! We’re excited to announce that the Omni Arcanum Bazaar, Vortex Arena Bazaar, Raid battle Bazaar and also Exalted Bazaar will have actually their inventories refreshed on might 05, 00:00 PST <01:00 PDT>!