Brick offers a human being touch to modern-day designs the other products cannot. The textural high quality is unique and also various masonry techniques have the right to enhance or center the effect. Brick is versatile, low maintenance and also durable.

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Color is throughout the brick, no worry around chips revealing a different color.Great for inner walls as well as exteriors.Fast shipment times.

Bright white v gray undertones. The ton of the mortar used will modulate the overall tone that a wall.


Warm gray brick has a organic look when still developing a smooth-toned surface ar with just a note of light and dark ton variations.


Cool gray brick through a “steely” tone that becomes its own accent in a design. Wonderful for modern-day designs that desire to make a statement.

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Bilco Phoenix

A smooth shining brick that creates a low crucial texture, specifically when making use of a irradiate mortar. Provides fantastic contrast come dark trim.


Bilco Gray Mist

Warm gray brick has actually a organic look while still producing a smooth-toned surface ar with simply a note of light and dark ton variations

These photos stand for the color variety to be supposed with our blends. Really bricks may show up slightly different due to natural variations in the production process. Before choosing her brick, we recommend visiting a home developed with the brick and mortar shade you’ve selected.

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