4of5Brooke Whipple described during her experience participating in season 5 of "Alone" she provided birch bark to craft items to keep her busy, consisting of a journal, i m sorry she composed in through charcoal, baskets, jewelry and also a chain. (Pioneer photo/Taylor Fussman)Show MoreShow Less
OSCEOLA COUNTY— Brooke Whipple"s pursuit to follow her passions has actually led her throughout the world, and also she doesn"t setup on slowing down anytime soon.

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Although currently living on a farm on Meceola road in Osceola County through her husband, Dave, and children, Belle and Mickey, Whipple has actually spent the past few years participating in several survival and adventure TV shows.

Now a veteran of mirrors such as National geographic Channel"s "Yukon river Run"— i m sorry featured crews structure multi-ton log rafts to float under the Yukon River— and also "Alone," a self-documented survival present requiring attendees to last as lengthy as feasible in the wilderness developed bythe background Channel, Whipple said many of her methods have stemmed from she environment.

"What end up continue is friend start neighboring yourself through inspiring, remarkable people, and also that will acquire you noticed because you are just doing these out-of-the-box things and also living an out-of-the-box lifestyle and also it just starts come snowball into avenues you never thought existed," she said. "It"s to be an remarkable journey therefore far, and I definitely can"t wait to view what"s next."

Whipple"s adventures v TV shows started when she was working through a friend of hers, Neil Eklund, in Alaska, wherein Eklund would construct massive log in rafts to take civilization on guided tours down the Yukon River and Whipple functioned as a guide.

It to be this link that led to Whipple and also her household participating in "Yukon river Run" in 2015.

Following their go back to their Michigan home, she said the present "Alone" caught her interest and also she and her husband instantly knew they would love to be cast on a similar survival show.

After using through a casting call, the couple found us being invited to get involved in interviews and attend "boot camp" for season four of "Alone."

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This escapade would see the 2 being to reduce in the love of Vancouver Island in british Columbia with the job of enduring in the wilderness without any kind of assistance for as lengthy as possible, which came to be 49 days.

"We were really proud that what us did," Whipple said. "Seven main alone living turn off the land is really, really hard, however it was an remarkable experience."

She defined the couple ultimately was forced to leave the competition due to the quantity of weight loss she experienced.

Mere months after returning home though, Whipple discovered herself gift invited back to take part in the fifth season of "Alone," i beg your pardon would require participants to endure in Mongolia, this time there is no a partner.

Although she to be thrilled to walk to Asia and also participate in an extreme adventure once again, the intense experience of being alone in the wilderness to be still new in she mind from she previous experience.

"It is an extremely traumatic in ways. It"s an extremely rewarding, but it"s really taxing ~ above every facet of her being— your physical, her emotional, her mental. It"s yes, really tough, especially just to it is in alone," Whipple said.

Although she just lasted 28 days during her 2nd season the "Alone," Whipple said she feel no regrets about the experience.

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"Being alone is so much harder than world imagine," she said. "You"re surrounding by wilderness and also you are the anomaly. You are the thing sticking out, not everything else. Therefore you"re in her shelter and you listen noises and also they acquire in your head as soon as you sit there all by yourself in the dark because that hours and also hours and also hours."

Whipple explained component of she strategy for staying occupied throughout this isolation to be to remain as busy together possible, including using birch bark to handmade a journal, baskets, jewelry and a chain— i m sorry she would include a link to every day she it is long in the Mongolian wilderness.

"It was such a large deal for me to do a new link and watch that chain grow since it to be an accomplishment, it to be verifying my day and what ns was doing," she said.

Although Whipple has immensely enjoyed participating in these challenges, she is not interested in contending in "Alone" again, however rather is spring for brand-new opportunities.

"I have actually nothing else to prove. I understand I deserve to do it. I desire to do other challenges," she said. "I really love adventure travel. I"m huge on hiking and also camping and climbing mountains. I just want to accumulate others and also get human being excited around living the life lock were supposed to live."

As component of her initiative to accumulate others, Whipple works as a windy speaker, hosts a Youtube channeltitled "Girl in the Woods,"has written multiple books and also hosts workshops to teach people about surviving in the wilderness.

In particular, Whipple hopes to encourage youth to find what drives them and help give them the an ideas to go after their passions.

"I feeling like youngsters aren"t called they have the right to be every little thing they desire to be. It"s job-related on her grade suggest average, go to college, yet there"s yes, really no conversation of what"s her joy, what"s your actual passion—and that"s what you need to chase down," she said. "I think occasionally you must do what"s not expected."

Although Whipple said she is no sure precisely what is in store for the following stage of she life, she really hopes this method of getting to out to others through public speaking will certainly be a far-reaching part of the journey.

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To affix with Whipple about her adventures or public speaking, visit brookeanddavidwhipple.com.