Gwendolyn Brooks was a postwar poet ideal known together the first African American to victory a Pulitzer compensation for her 1949 publication \"Annie Allen.\"

Who was Gwendolyn Brooks?

Poet Gwendolyn Brooks moved to Chicago in ~ a young age. She started writing and also publishing as a teenager, ultimately achieving nationwide fame for she 1945 collection A Street in Bronzeville. In 1950 Brooks came to be the very first African American to success a Pulitzer Prize, because that her book Annie Allen. She passed away in she Chicago residence on December 3, 2000.

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Early Life

Brooks to be born ~ above June 7, 1917, in Topeka, Kansas. As soon as Brooks was 6 weeks old, her household moved come Chicago as component of the great Migration. She was well-known as \"Gwendie\" come close friends and family throughout her childhood.

Brooks attended three high schools: the prestigious, incorporated Hyde Park High School; the all-Black Wendell Phillips Academy High School; and the combined Englewood High School. The racial prejudice the she encountered at several of these institutions would form her understanding of social dynamics in the unified States and influence her writing. In 1936, Brooks i graduated from Wilson small College, having already begun to write and also publish she work.

Gwendolyn Brooks Poems

Brooks began writing at very early age. She released her an initial poem in a children's newspaper at period 13. By 16, she had published approximately 75 poems. She began submitting her work to the Chicago Defender, a top African American newspaper. She work included ballads, sonnets and cost-free verse, illustration on musical rhythms and also the content of inner-city Chicago. She would later say of this time in her life, \"I felt that I had actually to write. Also if I had never to be published, ns knew the I would go on writing, enjoying it and also experiencing the challenge.\"

Brooks worked as a secretary to assistance herself if she occurred as a poet. She took part in city workshops, including one organized by Inez Cunningham Stark, an wealthy woman through a literary background. While Stark was white, all of the entrants in her workshop to be African American. Brooks made an excellent strides during this period, garnering official recognition. In 1943, her work received an award from the Midwestern Writers' Conference.



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From 'A Street in Bronzeville' to 'Annie Allen'

Brooks released her first book of poetry, A Street in Bronzeville, in 1945. The book was an prompt success, leading to a Guggenheim Fellowship and also other honors. Her second book, Annie Allen, showed up in 1949. Brooks winner the Pulitzer prize in poetry because that Annie Allen, making her the first African American to success the coveted Pulitzer. Other honors obtained throughout her lifetime incorporate Poetry magazine's Eunice Tietjens Prize.

In the beforehand 1960s, Brooks undertook a teaching career as an instructor of creative writing. She teach at Columbia college in Chicago, Chicago State University, Northeastern Illinois University, Columbia University and also the college of Wisconsin. She additionally continued come write and also publish.

'The bean Eaters' Collection, 'We real Cool' 

In 1960 she released her third book the poetry, The bean Eaters, which had her beloved \"We real Cool,\" a city that explores themes that youth, rebellion and morality. In one interview, Brooks claimed she uncovered her motivation to compose \"We real Cool\" once she stumbled upon a pool hall of guys in her neighborhood and quietly wondered just how they felt about themselves. She likewise went on come publish her lengthy poem \"In the Mecca\" in 1968, which was nominated for a National publication Award in poetry.

Personal Life

Brooks married Henry Lowington Blakely Jr. In 1939. The pair had 2 children, Henry and also Nora.

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Gwendolyn Brooks passed away of cancer ~ above December 3, 2000, at the age of 83, at her home in Chicago, Illinois. She stayed a resident of Chicago's southern Side until her death. She is hidden at Lincoln Cemetery in Blue Island, Illinois.

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