Trials dark ~ above every hand, and we can not understand

Author: Charles Albert Tindley (1905); Alterer: B. B. McKinney (1937)Tune: BY and also BYPublished in 45 hymnalsPrintable scores: PDFAudio files: MIDI, recording

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On to greater Ground (\"When the Morning C…

On to greater Ground (\"When the Morning C…

BY and BY

1 Trials dark ~ above ev\"ry hand, and we cannot understand All the means that God would certainly lead us to that blessed Promised Land; yet He\"ll guide us v His eye, and we\"ll monitor till us die; we will recognize it far better by and also by.

Chorus:By and also by, once the morning comes, once the saints of God room gathered home, We will certainly tell the story how we\"ve overcome; we will understand it much better by and by.

2 Oft our cherished plans have actually failed, disappointments have actually prevailed, and also we\"ve wandered in the darkness, heavyhearted and also alone; however we\"re trusting in the Lord,and follow to His Word, us will understand it much better by and by.

3 Temptations, hidden snares often take us unawares, and also our hearts room made to bleed for part thoughtless indigenous or deed, and we wonder why the test once we try to perform our best, however we\"ll recognize it much better by and by. Source: Baptist Hymnal 2008 #615

Author: Charles Albert Tindley

Charles Albert Tindley was born in Berlin, Maryland, July 7, 1851; kid of Charles and Hester Tindley. His father to be a slave, and his mom was free. Hester died when that was really young; he was taken in mine his mother’s sister Caroline miller Robbins in bespeak to keep his freedom. It appears that that was intended to occupational to help the family. In his book of Sermons (1932), he speaks of gift “hired out” together a young boy, “wherever father might place me.” the married Daisy Henry as soon as he was seventeen. With each other they had eight children, some of whom would later aid him through the publication of his hymns.Tindley was mainly self-taught throughout his lifetime. He learned come read greatly on his own. ~ he and Daisy moved to Philadelphia…Go to human being page >

Alterer: B. B. McKinney

Pseudonyms-- Martha Annis (his mom maiden surname was Martha Annis Heflin) otto Nellen Gene Routh (his wife’s maiden name was Leila Irene Routh)-----Son that James Calvin McKinney and Martha Annis Heflin McKinney, B . B. Attended mountain Lebanon Academy, Louisiana; Louisiana College, Pineville, Louisiana; the Southwestern Baptist Seminary in fort Worth, Texas; the Siegel-Myers Correspondence institution of Music, Chicago, Illinois (BM.1922); and the shrub Conservatory the Music, Chicago. Oklahoma Baptist university awarded the an honorary MusD degree in 1942.McKinney offered as music editor at the Robert H. Coleman agency in Dallas, Texas (1918–35). In 1919, after several months in the army, McKinney returned to ft Wor…Go to human page >
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This revision of \"We are tossed and driven (We\"ll know it better by and by)\" was created by B.B. McKinney for Songs the Victory (1937). The reduces and also reorders Tindley\"s original 4 stanzas into three, with several of the text being heavily edited.