Workers placed the finishing touch on a new rotunda attached to the Natali Student center at California university of Pennsylvania.

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The internal of a new rotunda nears completion at the Natali Student center on the campus of California college of Pennsylvania.

CALIFORNIA – A new rotunda create a grand entrance to the renovated college student union in ~ California university of Pennsylvania.

The interior of the enhancement to Natali Student center features a sweeping stairway to an expanded dining hall in a $28.2 million job designed to ease overcrowding in the building.

The rotunda will certainly serve together a large gathering space and be named Heritage Lounge at the structure constructed in the 1970s and also remodeled in 1992 and 2000.

Construction started in the spring of 2013 under a project that was scaled earlier at a time once interim Cal U. President Geraldine Jones took office and also the university was encountering a deficit the $12 million.

While the deficit was eliminated, the college student union task is $1.8 million under budget plan when compared to construction cost estimates released in 2013.

It’s the first time since the 1960s that Cal U.’s dining services infrastructure were renovated, said Larry Sebek, a vice chairman of college student affairs at the university.

Prior come the changes, the dining room was offered by a snack bar kitchen in the college student union, one that will be changed with a state-of-the-art, full-service operation, Sebek said.

“Students don’t want to eat in a cafeteria whereby they room going down a line and also getting secret meat slapped on their plates,” Sebek said.

Student Affairs offices will relocate come the second floor this summer. The women’s center, commuter services, the career and professional advance center and the internship center additionally will occupy new space in Natali this summer, Kindl said.

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“It is totally student focused,” Kindl said. “There are numerous conference rooms whereby students have the right to hold club meetings.”

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