From ours experience, becoming a fish parent has actually its upsides and downsides. It’s never easy to decision on fish types as lot of of fish may interest you, yet not all of them deserve to live together. Therefore, many fish parents frequently struggle approximately the concern “can betta fish live with goldfish?” as these two are the persons that people care around the most.

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Yes, betta fish have the right to live v goldfish, yet it’s not advisable as result of their various habitat requirements. Moreover, castle have different dietary requirements, which provides feeding them in the exact same tank a little bit difficult. Goldfish are also known together “dirty fish” together they develop a lot of waste that results in ammonia spikes that can hurt your betta.

Betta fish room prevalent due to their looks. Your bright colors and also edgy temperament make this species quite a desirable one because that keeping. But, because of their temperament, lock don’t get in addition to lots of other fishes. Upon acquiring your very very first betta, you’ll more than likely think your brand-new pet requirements some company.

Goldfish belongs come a group of probably the most renowned fish for keeping available. However, goldfish may not be the proper friend an option for your betta. In part cases, these 2 fish can coexist, but there are countless things you need to investigate and also learn before deciding if that’s the enhance you’d want to make.

Even despite both goldfish room betta room hardy fish, maintaining them together in the very same tank may not it is in the ideal idea. We’ll help you recognize all the differences in between them. Moreover, we’ll talk about how betta and also goldfish can live together also though it’s no the best selection you have the right to make. 

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Betta Fish Vs. GoldfishIs it Worth keeping Betta Fish and Goldfish Together?FAQs

Can Betta Fish Live with Goldfish?

Yes, betta fish deserve to live through goldfish, however there are things you need to keep in mind before you decision to bring them both right into the same tank. This post will walk over every one of the points you need to know prior to deciding to save them together.

Betta Fish Vs. Goldfish

Both bettas and goldfish space friendly and enjoy interaction with your humans, and that’s the only similarity the they share. In this article, we’ll go v an detailed comparison in between goldfish and also betta fish to aid you know what renders them so different. Hopefully, you’ll concerned a conclusion if betta fish and also goldfish deserve to live together. 

Betta Fish Basics


If girlfriend think around everything we’ve discussed so far, the answer to the inquiry “can betta fish live v goldfish” should be as clear together day. Both fish have really different dietary, health, and also environmental requirements. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to put them together in the very same aquarium.

There’s a widespread belief that goldfish will grow to fit your surroundings, and also this is true come an extent. However, it’s absolutely no a good thing since this will shorten their lifespan, and they’ll become much more susceptible to assorted diseases. In conclusion, it’s not a humane method to store your pet.

Is It possible to keep Your Goldfish and also Betta with each other as a momentary Solution?

Suppose an emergency arises, favor the filtration system failure. In theory, your goldfish and betta deserve to reside with each other in the very same tank because that a day or 2 until you replace the filter. If you want to stop stress and also risky situation, you should acquire a quarantine tank and temporarily move your fish there.


Will a betta fish kill a goldfish?

No, a betta fish won’t kill a goldfish, and also they deserve to live together. However, there are countless reasons due to the fact that of i beg your pardon these 2 fish shouldn’t be in the exact same tank the you must keep in mind.

Do goldfish and also betta fish acquire along?

No, goldfish and also betta fish don’t acquire along for many reasons. It’s not around their personalities, but an ext about the various habitat atmospheres they’re used to, among other things.

Can betta fish eat goldfish food?

Yes, betta fish can eat goldfish food, and it doesn’t have actually a difficulty digesting it; however, don’t feed your betta through goldfish food as well often. Betta’s diet requires several protein, and also goldfish food won’t satisfy betta’s dietary needs.

Can you feed goldfish betta fish food?

Yes, goldfish have the right to eat betta fish found yet not frequently and not in large quantities. Even though betta fish food is a an excellent source of protein for her goldfish, it can cause kidney failure, swim bladder infection, and intestinal gas because the goldfish digestive street is very small, and also it’s not qualified of digesting large quantities the protein-rich foods.

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As you deserve to see, betta fish deserve to theoretically live through goldfish in the same tank. Still, over there are many things you should be conscious of and also too many obstacles to handle. Also if you think that you can control it all, in the end, it’ll be undoubtedly stressful come juggle in between all these things simultaneously.

More importantly, it’s rather risky for her pets together well. By every means, don’t placed betta fish and goldfish in the very same tank. Instead, get two ideal tanks and also have lock both in their perfect environments. Both that them are remarkable, and they’re fantastic pets come have. Have you made decision yet i m sorry one ideal fits your needs and also which pet fish you’ll get?