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Can\"t acquire her the end of mine mind.... Also after ns was rejected. (dating, boyfriend)
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Here\"s a inquiry for you, together I\"m certain it\"s taken place to everyone at the very least once before. The quick rundown, I provided to job-related with this girl, and she was an extremely flirtatious with me. Few of us went out one night, and everyone type of crept right into their own small areas, leaving simply us two. I tried to it is in a little an ext forward through her, and also she gave me the, \"I can\"t! We work-related together and I\"ve had troubles v that before.\" ok fine, she to be considering me as just a friend and also nothing more.Well she\"s now no longer working v me, yet we still text/chat. Us still additionally hung out, together friends, yet she started making small comments such as, \"I\"d entirely make out through you best now.\" during the time, i think she was just being comfortable v me, as A FRIEND. Around a couple weeks ago, she was drinking a small at her place, and started text massage me some really suggestive points (about having sleepovers v me, put on nothing to bed, etc.), yet none that which result in anything that night. The following morning i again talked with her, telling her that i was still very much into her, and also that she would have to be right up through me around how she felt.Got the typical, \"You\"re such a an excellent friend, and also I understand I\"m an extremely flirtatious through you. I was drinking, and also there could of been some truth to that, yet I\"m not searching for a boyfriend ideal now.\" I responded that it was fine, and I destruction at least having her together a friend. But the point is, I just can\"t it seems ~ to gain past that all she wants to be is friends, and also I\"m holding out hope against hope that maybe something will without doubt happen. We\"re supposed to hang out again this weekend perhaps (which i eagerly await), and I hate that the entire time, I\"m going to it is in sitting over there hoping something an ext could happen between us.What have you done in these species of situations, whereby you simply can\"t obtain someone out of your head.