(carries 3rd human being present) (carrying present participle) (carried past it is too dirty & previous participle )

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1  verb If you lug something, you take it v you, holding that so that it does no touch the ground. He was transporting a briefcase...  V n He lugged the plate with to the dining room...  V n prep/adv If her job requires a the majority of paperwork, you"re going to require something to lug it all in.  V n prep/adv 
2  verb 
If you carry something, you have it v you where you go. You have actually to carry a bleeper so that they can speak to you in at any type of time.  V n 
3  verb 
If something carries a person or thing somewhere, the takes them there. (=transport) Flowers are designed to tempt insects i beg your pardon then lug the pollen from plant to plant...  V n adv/prep The delivery could lug seventy passengers.  V n 
4  verb 
If a human or pet is transferring a disease, they room infected with it and can happen it on to other world or animals. Frogs eat pests which damage crops and carry diseases.  V n 
5  verb 
If an action or instance has a particular quality or consequence, you can say the it carries it. no passive, no cont Check that any type of medication you"re acquisition carries no danger for your developing baby...  V n 
6  verb 
If a top quality or advantage carries someone into a particular position or v a daunting situation, it helps them to accomplish that position or resolve that situation. He had the awful streak important to carry him into the Cabinet...  V n prep/adv 
7  verb 
If you bring an idea or a an approach to a specific extent, you use or develop it to the extent. (=take) It"s no such a new idea, but I carried it to extremes...  V n prep/adv We could carry that one step more by taking the same genes and also putting them into another crop.  V n prep/adv 
8  verb 
If a newspaper or poster dead a photo or a item of writing, it has it or displays it. Several papers lug the photograph of grandfather Anderson.  V n 
9  verb 
In a debate, if a proposal or activity is carried, a bulk of people vote in favour of it. usu passive A movement backing its financial policy was brought by 322 votes to 296.  be V-ed 
10  verb 
If a crime tote a details punishment, a person who is found guilty of that crime will receive that punishment. no cont It was a crime that espionage and also carried the fatality penalty.  V n 
11  verb 
If a sound carries, it can be heard a long way away. Even in this stillness Leaphorn doubted if the sound would lug far.  V adv, additionally V 
12  verb 
If a candidate or party dead a state or area, they win the election in that state or area.  (AM) no passive George W. Bush carried the state v 56 percent that the vote.  V n in BRIT, usually use take  
13  verb 
If you carryyourself in a details way, girlfriend walk and also move in the way. They lugged themselves with an excellent pride and also dignity.  V pron-refl prep/adv 
15 If girlfriend get brought away or are lugged away, you space so eager or excited about something the you carry out something hasty or foolish. ♦to get/be carried away 
 phrase V inflects I got fully carried away and virtually cried.  
16  → to lug the can 
 → can  → to bring conviction  → conviction  → to bring the day  → day  → to carry weight  → weight carry off 
1  phrasal verb If you bring something off, you execute it successfully. (=bring off) He"s gained the experience and the government to lug it off.  V n P, additionally V ns n (not pron) 
2  phrasal verb 
If you carry off a compensation or a trophy, you victory it. It brought off the Evening typical drama award for best play.  V ns n (not pron), also V n P carry on 
1  phrasal verb If you bring on law something, you proceed to perform it. (=continue) The assistant brought on talking...  V ns -ing Her courage has offered him the will to bring on with his life and also his work...  V P v n His eldest kid Joseph brought on his father"s traditions...  V p n (not pron) `Do girlfriend mind if I simply start through the few formal concerns please?"—`Carry on."  V P 
2  phrasal verb 
If you lug on one activity, you do it or take component in it for a period of time. (=conduct) The consulate will carry on a politics dialogue with Indonesia...  V ns n (not pron) 
3  phrasal verb 
If girlfriend say the someone is transferring on, you room irritated through them because they room talking an extremely excitedly and saying a many unnecessary things. INFORMAL, disapproval (=make a fuss) She was yelling and also screaming and carrying on...  V P He was delivering on around some stupid television series.  V P around n carry out  phrasal verb If you lug out a threat, task, or instruction, you perform it or act according to it. Police speak they think the strikes were brought out through nationalists...  V ns n (not pron) Commitments have actually been made with very small intention of moving them out.  V n P carry over  phrasal verb If something carries end or is lugged over indigenous one situation to another, it proceeds to exist or apply in the new situation. Priestley"s reasonable outlook in science brought over to religion...  V ns into/to n Springs and also wells to be decorated, a custom which was lugged over right into Christian time in Europe.  be V-ed ns into/to n carry through  phrasal verb If you lug something through, you perform it or complete it, often in spite of difficulties. We don"t have the confidence the the UN will carry through a continual program...  V p n (not pron) The state announced a clear-cut policy and set out to bring it through.  V n P 
  (cash-and-carries plural )A cash-and-carry is a large shop where you can buy items in bigger quantities and also at reduced prices 보다 in simple shops. Cash-and-carries are greatly used by people in business to buy products for your shops or companies.  n-count 

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