On tonight"s Catfish: Keeps the 100 special, Max and also Nev counted under the many devious virtual frauds of every time -- or, as Nev put it, the folks that "still make blood boil."

So what to be their optimal 10 choices? check them out, ranked indigenous those that were bad to those that were the an extremely worst, below -- and then vote up/down for which catfish made your blood boil. And also be sure to continue to be with inter-base.net News for much more Catfish updates.

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After hoodwinking Larissa (and getting her to send him about $500), Anthony was revealed as a guy named Jose native Kodiak, Alaska. And also get this: he wasn"t just a catfish -- he was a fugitive indigenous the legislation (and ~ above a no-fly list for good measure).


Why go Skylar romantic Jennifer through a large bunch the BS? "I want to brush up mine game," that said once the two finally met, admitting he had actually zero feelings because that her.


With her mother in jail, Sydney was taking care of her daughter, tiny sister and also grandmother while living in a shelter. Okay, no really: Sydney was yes, really Nae, that was making use of Luis so he"d send she money. When Max asked, "What about getting a job?", girlfriend just shrugged her shoulders. Literally.


The uber-awful Alicia wasn"t the only person Aalyiah was catfishing. "This is my job," she happy said, adding that she "absolutely" felt good about herself for defrauding a i cry of chaste folks.


Max called Zoe Cassandra a "social network bully," and also he was right: Zoe not just toyed through Craig"s heart, yet she harassed his sister and also friends online. Why? "To mess with people," she said during the big reveal. "I truthfully just did it because that fun."

Okay, so try to monitor this one: John assumed he"d met his dream girl, but Kelsey was yes, really a dude called Adam. Meanwhile, Adam was also pretending to it is in Kelsey when talking digital to a girl named Ellie -- a girl he was currently "dating," together Adam, via the internet. The reason for that deceit: together Kelsey, he might talk come Ellie as a galpal and obtain plenty of personal information, i m sorry he might later use to "seduce" her together Adam.

Poor, chaste Marvin dropped in love v Austin top top Grindr, however Austin was really three people who said they assumed their ruse was "funny" -- and, worse, that it detailed plenty of laughs.

Even though he was currently in a "happy" connection with another woman, Artis had fallen in love v Jess -- that turned out to it is in Justin, a scary MF"er who merely liked busting cheaters. His "slow clap" alone ("member that?) still haunts us.

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You thought #5 to be confusing? obtain this: A girl called Paris thought she to be texting with a pro basketball player, however all your conversations were being routed v (and orchestrated) by Shelly, who also got the two to accomplish in human (and also blackmailed the bball player because that cash). Suck to be Shelly: She invested 18 month in jail for her sins.

Single mother Jayme had obtained close v a hottie called Lucas -- and sent him plenty the X-rated image -- but Lucas was yes, really Zac, who"d been catfishing several other females. As soon as three the the victims challenged him, he was declared he"d deleted all the uber-personal pics; too negative Nev got his phone and found countless adult photos and even videos of the women.