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"Check correct or No" is a track written through Danny Wells and also Dana hunting Black, and recorded by American country music singer George Strait. It was released in September 1995 together the lead single from his box collection Strait the end of the Box. That peaked at number-one on both the U. S. Billboard country chart and also the Canadian RPM nation chart. The was likewise included together a bonus track on the UK released version of the "Blue clean Sky" album in 1996.

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It started means back in third gradeI supplied to sit beside Emmylou HayesA pink dress, a matching bow, and her ponytailShe kissed me ~ above the school bus however told me no to tellNext day ns chased she "round the playground"Cross the monkey bars come the merry-go-roundAnd Emmylou got caught passing me a noteBefore the teacher took it I read what she wrote"Do you love me, execute you desire to be my friend?And if you doWell climate don"t be fear to take it me through the handIf you desire toI think this is just how love goesCheck correctly or no"Now we"re grown up and she"s my wifeStill like two kids with stars in ours eyesAin"t lot changed, ns still chase EmmylouUp and also down the hall, about the bed in ours roomLast night ns took her the end in a white limousineTwenty years with each other she still it s okay to meCan"t think it"s to be that lengthy agoWhen we acquired started with just a small note"Do friend love me, execute you wanna it is in my friend?And if friend doWell then don"t be fear to take me by the handIf you desire toI think this is just how love goesCheck correct or no""Do friend love me, do you wanna be my friend?And if girlfriend doWell then don"t be afraid to take me by the handIf you want toI think this is just how love goesCheck correctly or no"Check correctly or noCheck yes or noCheck correctly or noCheck correctly or no

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George Strait George Harvey Strait (born might 18, 1952) is one American nation music singer, actor, and music producer. Strait is described as the "King of Country," and critics call Strait a life legend. That is recognized for his distinct style of western swing music, bar-room ballads, honky-tonk style, and fresh yet traditional Country music.

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George Strait hold the human being record for much more number-one fight singles than any kind of other artist in the history of music on any kind of chart or in any genre, having recorded 59 number-one hit singles together of 2012. An ext »