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Seol is rushed come the hospital. Meantime Jung’s father arranged In Ha to be locked into a psychological institute. When Seol to be lying unconscious in a hospital bed, Jung realized a lot of things concerning his life and he demands to number out who he really is. Jung quits his job, provides sure the In Ha is released from the mental institute therefore she might support the aftermath of she actions and also resolves his misunderstandings with In Ho.


Episode 16

While leaving his residence to accomplish Seol and go on their trip, Jung heard the ambulance. The accompanied Seol come the hospital and also stayed there till her parental arrived and also the physician said that the surgery went well. Then Jung rushed to the police station. There In Ho had just arrived after Jae Woo referred to as him. However In Ha wasn’t talking and both In Ho and also Jae Woo didn’t know any details around the accident that happened.

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When he came down on the police station, Jung to be violent and also furious through In Ho. Jae Woo and In Ho barely saved In Ha from Jung’s hands.

Jung:”I will certainly kill you!”

Hearing the the victim is Seol, In Ho ran to the hospital, bowed his head and also apologized. If In Ho went to apologize to Seol’s parents, Jung’s dad ordered In Ha to be forcefully taken and also locked in a psychological institute. Worried, In Ho go to see his sister, however it was too late and he wasn’t permitted to view her the night. In Ho slept ~ above the bench at the mental hospital and also early in the morning he was able to see and talk to In Ha. The totality time In Ho believed that the one that locked In Ha in the psychological institute was Jung, however talking to In Ha the realized the it to be Jung’s father.


Jung came to the hospital and saw his father talking to Seol’s parents. He readily available to pay for Seol’s hospital bills and every treatment Seol needs. Talking with his father, Jung uncovered out that his dad ordered In Ha to be locked in a psychological hospital. Chairman Yoo was also afraid that if In Ha would certainly be arrested, in the psychological she could cite president Yoo or Jung’s name. To protect against his name being affiliated in this trouble, chairman Yoo will transform In Ha right into a mental patient. Climate he scolded Jung for leading to trouble, instead of being cautious after what occurred with In Ho’s hand.

After his conversation v his father, Jung establish why human being were looking at him in a certain means after he to be hurting them, ~ he was stepping on your feelings. That realized the Seol was hurt due to the fact that of him and that if lock will proceed to meet, Seol will certainly be hurt again in the future. But still he wants Seol in his life in the future, he desires to have the ability to hold Seol’s hand.

Locked in the psychological institute, In Ha refuses to eat or watch In Ho. Meantime In Ho keeps continuing to be in the hospital, without moving. Jae Woo is the one the brings that coffee and also news about Seol’s condition.


The job Seol came out that the hospital, she found In Ho in prior of her house. She visited talk come In Ho and also she gave In Ho an agreement between In Ha and also herself so the In Ha i will not ~ have any problems since of the accident. Seol didn’t pardon In Ha, however she wants to move on through her life. Then Seol encouraged In Ho to participate at the compete she promised him that she will certainly go. Due to the fact that she promised him that she will go check out him play the piano, Seol will save her promise no issue what happened.

Jung requirements to figure out what kind of person he really is and also for that he needs to stay away of his father and also everything for awhile. That quit his job and announced his dad of his decision. While packing his bags, Jung uncovered the autograph he obtained for In Ho the day his father announced the intends to take on In Ho and also In Ha. Later Jung walk to watch In Ha and bid she farewell. That let she go and also asked In Ha to not be held back by your past and move on with her life.

While Jung to be leaving, In Ho got the news the In Ha will be discharged the next day. ~ above his method out, Jung stops to speak to In Ho. He told In Ho the In Ha will need to go through a trial and face the aftermath of she actions. In Ho agrees through Jung. He many thanks Jung for releasing In Ha native the mental institute and apologizes because that all the happened between them.

Jung hand In Ho the piano publication with the autograph the In Ho’s favourite pianist.

Jung:”It would’ve been nice if I’d offered it come you ago then.”


Jung go to watch Seol, however her parents no happy. Seol’s parents expected Jung to call them or to visit Seol if she remained in the hospital, but he no give any type of sign. He demands to talk to Seol for this reason they walk out. Seol heard what Jung did come In Ha and also why In Ha was so angry through her the job of the accident. She blamed Jung for a while, but Seol taken that whatever was one accident. Seol desires to store dating Jung.

Jung:”Let’s rest up!”

After break up through Jung, Seol security every day in her room. She parents and also Jun room worried around her. While In Ho come by your store. He carried them presents, he apologized for every the trouble he provided them and also thanked castle for your help. As soon as In Ho want to leave, Seol’s parents didn’t let him. They insisted the In Ho stay and eat v them.

It’s the work In Ho leaves. Seol came by come say goodbye. The day it’s likewise the job of In Ho’s competition therefore she reassured him that she will be cheering because that him.

In Ho:”Thank girlfriend for reflecting me your smiling face.”

Later In Ho found out the the debt he had actually with the gangsters was paid. Also the lawyer the paid the debt made sure that In Ho won’t be disturbed by those gangsters ever before again.


At In Ho’s competition, his old teacher and also his new teacher whereby there, In Ha and also Jae Woo to be cheering because that him too. While Seol was home eating through her family. Unexpectedly she got a message from In Ha. In that message In Ha was apologizing for the accident and also was likewise telling Seol at what hour Jung is leave the country.

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Three years later Seol acquired a project at the agency she always wanted too. There she met human being like those in university. Jae Woo and In Ha room in a relationship. In Ho was welcomed to a music university and his hand healed. He likewise works part time together a pianist in a restaurant.