Every now and also again there\"s that episode of a crime drama whereby you hate the poor guy so lot you get captured up in it. Chicago PD Season 4 episode 7 is one of those episodes. We all understand who did it, we just want the CPD knowledge Unit come prove it so we can enjoy your downfall.

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The State\"s Attorney\"s Office is certain that its current defendant, who has actually skated on many charges before, just had a witness eliminated so the he can skate again. It\"s up to knowledge - namely a really brassed-off Erin Lindsay - come prove that and make sure Oliver Tuxhorn gets what he therefore richly deserves.

If girlfriend don\"t, a serial rapist and murderer walks.


Sophia bush must have had actually a field day filming this episode. She it s okay to it is in the personality who\"s continually in the confront of the negative guy making sure they recognize that they\"re walking down. Lindsay has actually all the ideal lines in \"300,000 Likes\" and even gets to litter a drink.

And the course once Tuxhorn finally is caught Lindsay is waiting for him together he heads ago to prison, offering him the accounting of just how badly he and those close to him are around to hurt. The only method this would\"ve gotten far better is if she\"d have gained to slap him too.

enjoy your freedom, douchebag. You\"re not going to have it for long.


As there\"s no whodunit in this illustration the appeal originates from hating Tuxhorn so much (apologies to guest star Gus Halper, who more than likely cuddles puppies in genuine life) and watching to watch just how the intelligence Unit is walking to pond him down.

Eventually the shooter is figured out as Jim, one ex-cop that happens to be an old acquaintance of Olinsky. Which, could we not have let Voight have this one? critical week Olinsky\"s friend Jake kills someone accidentally...now his previous colleague claims he eliminated someone accidentally. Deja vu.

Jim also happens come be played by Jeremy Ratchford. If that looked familiar, that\"s becaue Ratchford invested years playing Det. Nick Vera on CBS\"s Cold Case. Prior to that, the was banshee in FOX\"s Generation X TV-movie two decades ago. Dude, Lilly sirloin is for this reason disappointed ideal now.

The state can\"t do its case due to the fact that the defendant may have arranged to have a witness killed.


The other fifty percent of the episode is devoted to Antonio Dawson\"s decision come leave knowledge for the State\"s Attorney\"s Office. Fans likely heard around this a few months earlier when Jon Seda\"s move from Chicago PD come Chicago Justice was publicized, therefore it\"s no a surprise but it\"s a hell of a sendoff.

This is a herbal progression for Antonio to acquire a opportunity to be the man in charge, and also spend more time through his family. The doesn\"t feel like a forced leave just to do the off-screen idea work.

And Seda\"s last scene as a PD constant in part two of the finale, v his goodbye decided in front of the corridor at Molly\"s, is perfect. Besides, his departure is made less complicated by the truth that us all recognize he\"ll be earlier as soon as the justice crossovers start.


Speaking that Justice, a to mark in this illustration is the appearance of Philip Winchester reprising his function as Assistant State\"s lawyer Peter Stone. Stone is already a yes, really cool character and even simply a couple of minutes the him builds up the anticipation for Chicago Justice.

It\"s pretty that rock is component of the story and also being there to assist facilitate Antonio\"s exit, due to the fact that then Winchester gets part real display time, after ~ being reduced out that the PD season premiere.

Just together he did once he confirmed up in the backdoor pilot last year Winchester adds some pop to the episode and we\"re already excited because that the dynamic he and Seda will have on Justice.

Of course, friend may have actually missed his co-star Monica Barbaro - who provides her very first appearance together AUSA Anna Valdez in one courtroom scene with no dialogue. Might we have provided her one line?


\"300,000 Likes\" is one entertaining illustration that succeeds because of the actors just being so fun to watch every the means around. It has no huge mystery yet you recognize you were smiling once Lindsay was gloating in Tuxhorn\"s face.

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The just thing that falls totally flat is the Burgess and Sorensen storyline but due to the fact that that gets tackled in the next episode, us can give that component a pass. Otherwise, this is an hour that\"s a worthwhile watch just to watch the good guys win.

You deserve to rewatch \"300,000 Likes\" or all of Season 4 to date when you watch Chicago PD online. Yet let us know your thoughts on the an initial half that the two-hour loss finale below. Exactly how much fun were girlfriend having?