Some TV episodes are just meant to be enjoyed. Chicago PD Season 4 episode 11 is just one of those episodes. We can only imagine just how NBC censors must have actually reacted come this one: "Does she have to cut off his penis?" "How countless times have the right to they speak penis?" "Do there have to be so numerous penis jokes?"

Olinsky: What"s v the gauze and plastic wrap?Burgess: His cock was severed.

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Let"s it is in clear, "You Wish" isn"t suggesting that sexual assault and murder space funny, but it"s pretty lot living in the humor of the situation. It"s memory of the subplot in the "Law & Order" episode "Mayhem," whereby an angry housewife also chops turn off that particular body part, and Logan cringes. Other than now it"s whole episode.

Whether it"s Rixton trying to show Atwater the grisly crime step photos, or Atwater refusing to let the medical examiner reveal the whole corpse, or simply the means that every the guys in the room sort of take two steps ago during the whole discussion, there space plenty that laugh the end loud moments yielded perfectly by the cast.

It"s uncomfortable and also it"s gross but it"s funny, and the show doesn"t ~ pretend that we wouldn"t every be making these jokes anyway. It just goes because that them.

Jimmy: I"m below to view Erin Lindsay.Platt: Regarding?Jimmy: I"m her father.Platt: go she understand this?

Having said that, the script may have gone because that such an amusing case as a blatant offset for all of Erin Lindsay"s really heavy family drama. If you had "Jimmy is not the father" in the betting pool, give yourself a cookie. It to be pretty clear critical week that something was no on the level, but it seemed favor he"d be playing the game, not the one gift played.

Chicago PD then screws v the audience by having Lindsay"s mom Bunny imply to Voight that he can be Erin"s organic dad not simply her adoptive one. That"s some real Darth Vader form stuff there. Or at the very least Maury Povich.

"You wish," he speak her, dropping the mic, yet now you understand we"re all thinking it anyway.


It"s no surprised to anyone the the personal police pressure ends up being guilty the the sex offender"s murder and that the head honcho the said pressure comes forward to admit that he offered the order. Chicago PD provides no effort to disguise the these an excellent guys aren"t really the good.

We don"t have actually time for the while Lindsay"s bring about a step at the diner and also Halstead is doing his "I totally screwed increase didn"t I" face while calling her continuously until she ultimately texts that back, and also Burgess is trying to aid troubled murder suspects.

There"s a brief discussion below of ends justifying the means, as if the truth that the victim was a complete piece of work method that the was more of a public business that he"s dead, yet really this plot is around commanding officers and also their subordinates. And daddy issues.

Halstead: Erin, he"s not your dad. I"m for this reason sorry.Lindsay: room you happy?

If you"re a constant flier ~ above the NBC network it"s precious comparing this illustration of Chicago PD come tonight"s Blindspot. Both were episodes whereby the plot of the week was really secondary to the drama in between the key characters. The reason why Chicago PD works, and Blindspot didn"t, is two-fold.

For one Chicago PD has much more entertainment value many thanks to those cock jokes and awkward moments. And also its personal drama is more relevant. We want to understand if Jimmy Sanguinetti is Lindsay"s father and also what she"ll do if he"s not. And we really don"t desire to think about Voight hooking up with Bunny, but we are. These room things the genuinely relocate the story along.


But wherein does it walk from here? room we walk to find out who Lindsay"s dad is or will this be one more Sterling Archer situation? Is citizen going to always try and save everyone? (Yeah, probably.) and also is over there a way we have the right to keep Kenny Rixton on after ~ Ruzek comes back? since Nick Wechsler is two episodes in and he"s already scene-stealing.

After the heaviness of Chicago PD Season 4 illustration 10, it"s lot appreciated to have actually an episode that"s at least fifty percent on the lighter side, to add that additionally gives us at least component of solution to the season"s burning question.

Yet we still can"t stop wondering: however where"s the penis?!

Rixton: I"ve got a girlfriend, we"re talking about moving in together.Halstead: (laughs)Rixton: What?Halstead: Oh, you"ll find out.

Chicago PD returns next week with Season 4 episode 12 referred to as "Sanctuary." and also with a couple of personalities looking for a safe ar after this week"s illustration it should be interesting. Examine it out following Wednesday, January 18 at 10/9c ~ above NBC.

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Until climate if you want to re-watch "You Wish" or capture up with any of Season 4 so far, you can watch Chicago PD online. Yet don"t go away without giving us her thoughts top top this episode. Did girlfriend laugh as much as us did? were you surprised by the DNA test results? Tell united state what you think and tune ago in following week.