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Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with one all-new Wednesday, February 7, 2018, season 5 illustration 14 called, “Anthem,” and we have actually your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “When a basketball star is found murdered after ~ an anti-police rally, intelligence navigates a politics charged setting to track down the killer. Come complicate problem further, Woods’ daughter Brianna is tangled increase in the case.”

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A peaceful demonstration descended right into a brawl on tonight’s all-new illustration of “Chicago P.D” yet it what the police uncovered afterward the turned the whole matter right into a crime scene.

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The demonstration had been around police brutality. The human being that were there to be advocating against those police policemans that abused your power and chose come shoot to kill as their first response in instances often involving black men also women. However, one more group arrived no long right into the demonstration and they came searching for trouble. The group that was mainly Neo-Nazis members had believed that the demonstration was disrespectful and also that the countless ethnic teams that were present were the actual problems. So they came v anger in your heart and an ext than a few arrived with weapons come forcefully rest up the demonstration.

All castle did, however, was reason a riot. There to be chaos everywhere and no one knew wherein to run or wherein to hide till finally, the police arrived. They revived peace in ~ the demonstration and also were checking the adjacent scene as soon as they found the body of kris Taylor. Taylor was a young basketball player that had gained to college on a basketball scholarship and also had been doing well because that himself till he started protesting the anthem. That’s when the fans, boosters, and also even his own school turned against him since they no like just how he protested unjust so the one point that the police knew they had actually to perform was close this situation quickly.

The truth the victim had been so popular meant it to be going to it is in publicized and also that news would certainly get around that the was more than likely one that the neo-Nazis the did it. So Voight was told come hurry up and also close this case prior to a race war started out top top the roads through the human being that to be behind the demonstration the day happened and happened to understand the victim very well simply happened to be a cop’s kid. The kid, if the young woman could be referred to as that, to be Brianna Woods and also she was a daughter of a friend of Vought. Therefore, Voight didn’t know how to broach such a breakable subject with his friend’s daughter and he knew the she had actually information she wasn’t telling him about.

Brianna had thought like everyone else that the human being that shot Taylor to be a white, but there had actually been a witness that day that claimed the shooter had been black and that reaffirmed once the shooter later on tried to death Brianna. Brianna had been walking residence when a valve drove by and also started shooting. She was thankfully ok after that and the police to be able to trace the vehicle ago to a recognized gangbanger therefore they retained stumbling over why walk these people go ~ Brianna. Brianna to be supposedly a an excellent kid native a an excellent neighborhood and also so, while they might understand why Taylor can have gained into some trouble, they couldn’t understand why would certainly Brianna?

Voight had actually asked Brianna to come earlier in and also he was trying to gain her to open up up come him when her father stormed in. She dad stated she wasn’t enabled to run from the police or speak to lock without she lawyer present and the fact no one had actually bothered to contact him was just one much more thing to hold against Voight. Voight had tried to factor with him by informing him that he had to speak to Brianna because she was combined up through someone named Kendrick Gaines and so that reasoned that it was far better Brianna speak to them before she could get hurt. And so her father agreed come let she talk.

The one condition he had was that she speak to him. He then went ago into the interview and also demanded that Brianna be honest with him because he doubt the mess she to be in affiliated her boyfriend Jamal. Jamal had been another young basketball player protesting and also it transforms out he had been involved. He and also Taylor had gained approached by Gaines the agreed to pay them if threw a pair of gamings for him and also so gift strapped because that a instance they agreed. They threw a couple of games and were doing fine till they obtained benched. Your coach had chose to bench them because that protesting and had replaced two jar players v freshmen.

The two naturally still thought they would have actually been fine because they were the stars the the team and so they would certainly never have actually suspected the the freshmen that had replaced them would go on to score thirty-six clues in one game. That was virtually a miracle and also caught anyone by surprise including Gaines who shed a lot of money he had actually riding on that game. For this reason Gaines killed Taylor and he had tried to death Brianna because he blamed she the loss as well. She had been the one to create the story about the guys and also that’s what attracted national attention to them. And so the following thing the police walk was bring in Jamal.

Jamal hadn’t expected anyone would gain hurt and so the police to be able to use his conscience to push him into wearing a wire. He just needed to accomplish with Gaines and get Gaines to confess to Taylor’s murder then he would certainly be in the clear. Yet Brianna’s dad knew Jamal was never ever going to play sphere again and he additionally told Voight the Jamal no deserve a deal. He said Jamal was a negative influence and so he want Jamal out of Brianna’s life. For this reason Brianna hadn’t well-known that the transaction wasn’t going come pan out until her father told her the it to be time to relocate on and that Jamal can still gain jail time.

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That’s as soon as she rushed to Jamal’s side and interrupted him once he was talking to Gaines. Gaines naturally wanted to know why Brianna to be there and also when the police make the efforts to relocate her to safety – Gaines ended up taking her in addition to a bar full of people hostage. He identified Jamal had betrayed him and also so he to be going to use Brianna to get a getaway car though she ongoing to be a problem. She to be told to simply do as Gaines said and also not run other than she experienced an opportunity and tried to run anyways. Therefore Brianna was shot trying to flee and, while they later got Gaines, the didn’t change the truth that Brianna to be dying top top tonight’s episode due to the fact that she thought what she had actually with Jamal to be love.