The intelligence team, in addition to viewers, said goodbye to Olinksy on Chicago PD Season 5 illustration 22. Sadly, that did no make it out alive after being stabbed repeatedly throughout his quick stint in prison. 

Ugh, there space no native to explain the heaviness i felt when the medical professional nonchalantly told Voight that his best friend, his companion in crime, didn"t make it. 


Every time i remember that Al"s last memory was of that looking up in ~ Voight"s concerned face, i tear up. What a an effective scene. 

The only method I can explain my emotions would be to say they to be a mix that anguish and also rage, both for and directed at Voight. 

When he lashed the end at Osha and accused him of "burying" Al, I uncovered myself screaming, "You go too!" 

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Understandably, Voight is gutted and infuriated with how everyone taken on the situation, but he"s just as lot to blame. He might have done something sooner, but instead, he allowed it to get dragged on till his friend eventually passed away for his sins.

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Lashing out at those roughly him to be his way of punishing himself. 

But prior to he could let the emotions fully take over, Voight broke the news to his team and also then told castle that prior to they grieved their friend, they had to acquire justice by finding "the boy of a bitch" the did this come him. 

And so, with heavy hearts, castle did just that for much of the episode.

Voight: let’s say, hypothetically, ns confessed to death the kid of a bitch who murdered mine son. I’d tell girlfriend I hunted Kevin Bingham favor a dog, do him destruction his very own grave and also then shot the in the face. Ns say that on the record, would that be sufficient to drop all charges versus Olinsky?Woods: ns think that would.

There"s more than likely nothing worse than Voight out because that blood. Man, I would not to mess v him or be the guy responsible for killing his ideal friend.

And one-by-one, Voight got them all, and also he didn"t even flinch as he delivered what to be coming.

First up to be the defense guard the was originally trying to "help" Al. It turns out, he turned a blind-eye and also stood by idly as he got murdered just so he might make five thousand dollars. Pathetic.


That appropriate there is the reason this dude never became an ext than a correction officer. And if he was so set on pulling that off, why didn"t he account for cameras? You"d think he"d recognize the prison prefer the ago of his hand. 

When it was revealed that it was a paid hit, i was specific that Woods would certainly be revealed together the mastermind who paid turn off the correction officer to "roughen up" Al come corner Voight into informing the truth. 

I was slightly disappointed when it turned out to be some random dude that had a grudge against Al for killing his son during a instance that wasn"t even featured top top the show. 

Al has lived through so countless situations, and this is what acquired him killed? some punk v a grudge? A punk who withered in ~ the mere sight of Voight?

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I"m not also surprised that Voight shot the guy who ordered the hit, point-blank, without also checking for witnesses. He was probably irritated that it was a cheap backstory, too. 

But even though Voight"s reaction was expected, it to be careless considering Kevin Bingham"s murder was still looming over him.

If they can prove the shoot wasn"t justified, it would certainly likely affect the various other case against him. Why provide them much more ammo?

And there"s other to it is in said about handling a male who killed your ideal friend the same way you tackled the man that killed your son, which is why your in this chaos in the very first place. 

Voight: i interrogated the prisoner. The was not cooperative. I am encouraged he’s involved. Antonio: because that God"s sake, Hank. Voight: that tried to choke me through his handcuffs.

Of course, the only human being that was near/around as soon as the shooting taken place was Antonio, the only human being in Intelligence having a moral dilemma when it come to Voight"s extreme violence to get things handled.

Bless Ruzek for offering up some comedic relief during this it is too dirty episode. I was laughing so difficult when I observed him standing by and calmy peeling his orange while Voight "took care of business."


Anyway, pan were no happy with me as soon as I said that Antonio would rotate on Voight in a heartbeat on my Chicago PD Season 5 episode 21 review, yet here us are, at a crossroads; will Antonio market out his boss?

He do the efforts to pull a "diplomatic" answer turn off by speak he didn"t view what happened yet that"s usually an join of guilt. 

Antonio is trying to walk the straight and also narrow, however man, he could not have picked a worse time. Currently is not the time to go "by the book" or "do the right thing." They deserve to attempt every one of that after Olinsky"s killer is eliminated and also his memory honored! 

We more than likely won"t understand what Antonio stated in his statement, but I think Ruzek knocked some sense right into him so because that Hank"s sake, i hope he maintained his mouth shut.

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However, would certainly Hank scoring a "W" throughout the plank be as well easy?

If he"s cleared of Bingham"s murder and also shooting Olinsky"s killer in addition to obtaining rid of Woods, top top what will the next season focus?

Still, it to be time for Woods to acquire what to be coming. 

you don’t give a damn about Chicago, you never ever did. Friend care about you, Denny Woods.


A substantial smile spread across my challenge when Woods walked into Voight"s trap blindly. Deserve to I get a "finally"?

Woods could have figured this the end -- he questioned why a witness unexpectedly came forward, why she was willing come tell she side of the story, and why she want money -- but his ego acquired in the way. 

He to be so desperate that he ignored every the warning signs; that didn"t even flinch once the girl agreed come lie around what she saw that night. 


Yes, world will do a lot for some money, yet after month of plotting and hitting dead-ends, why would someone appear and also give him specifically what that wanted?

I"ve been so conflicted on this case; Voight has excellent unspeakable things, however now, i realize he"s no the villain. Not completely, anyway. 

His decided right prior to Woods as arrested persuaded me that every little thing he"s done has actually been for the greater an excellent and necessary. 

He only kills those that don’t worthy to rubbish taxpayer money. On part level, I deserve to appreciate it. 

His team gets points done; they regain order come Chicago. Those "goody" street cops aren"t qualified of going the extra mile favor they are.


And it"s why Voight never shows any remorse -- he honestly believes the he"s law the appropriate thing. 

Thank god he confirm his phone prior to confessing everything, top top the record, come Woods and Osha! have the right to you imagine how damaging it would have actually been if Olinsky died and Voight still finished up acquiring locked up?

Seeing Wood"s challenge when the realized Voight played him in ~ his own video game was glorious. 

Voight may have actually been withholding the truth around a murder, but what Woods to be doing -- lied under oath and framing a cop -- is, in mine eyes, lot worse. He"s the actual dirty cop! How can he perhaps stand there and also judge anyone?

Voight: friend don’t obtain it, execute you? After all this time. Woods: obtain what?Voight: The difference between dirty and also necessary. Choose it or not, you and all your self-righteous girlfriend in the ivory tower, girlfriend need human being like me out on the streets. Act the things continual cops aren’t willing come do. Walk the extra mile come make certain the important evil, the important dangerous, go away. Ns thin the herd for the higher good.

But also though that technically came out ~ above top, Voight is fully broken. 

It was challenging to watch him failure at the end; he"ll have to live v it the remainder of his life. Did anyone else think he to be going to jump turn off the building? It was a little too close for comfort! 

On Chicago PD Season 5 illustration 21, ns mentioned how random it was to have Al"s estranged wife, Meredith, suddenly earlier in the picture after she hadn"t been around and also didn"t make much of an effort to it is in in his life before the arrest. 

You"d think that the woman who declared to "still love him" would certainly be waiting through his unit in ~ the hospital to watch if that made it out of surgery. 

But, alas, she was i do not have anything to be found! The authors didn"t even care to bring her come the hospital for continuity sake, and that"s frustrating on so many levels.

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If I check out her at the funeral, i beg your pardon I"m certain will it is in the emphasis of the Chicago PD Season 4 premiere (it was renewed tonight!!), I might throw a fit. 

Random Guy: i can’t, he’ll kill me.Voight: What perform you think ns gonna do?

Burgess obtained a short moment come shine as soon as she slapped the woman who was withholding she husband"s location. Although, that was probably simply a make-good for forcing her to clean off Al"s desk. Also soon. 

Overall, this was one of the best-written episodes of Chicago PD to date even despite it hurt like hell. 

Good news native NBC come just before this airing that we have the right to expect a lot an ext from the Chicago universe. Every one of the Chicago series have to be renewed as well as Law & Order: SVU.

So while there was some much-needed closure on this finale, we"ll it is in starting new adventures top top Chicago PD Season 6, Chicago Fire Season 7, Chicago Med Season 4 and Law & Order: SVU Season 20. Wow!!