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Chris Brown determined to drop a brand brand-new mixtape in participation with OHB and also Section Boyz which is a increasing rap cumulative out the the UK. This hot new Chris Brown Attack The Block mixtape functions a complete of 16 brand-new tracks for you to inspect out. The mixtape likewise has a few notable attributes on that such together Ray J and French Montana. Check out the full track list listed below to see who else provides an appearance on the project.

1.) Dont Fuck through Us ft. Chris Brown2.) Everybody ft. Chris Brown & Young Lo3.) Kriss Kross ft. Chris Brown, TJ Luva Boy & Young Blacc4.) Cherry Red ft. Chris Brown, Ray J & TJ Luva Boy5.) Scared ft. Section Boyz & OHB6.) Trappin ft. Chris Brown, Flawkoe & Young Lo7.) Dolce ft. Chris Brown & Young Blacc8.) Dash ft. Section Boyz & OHB9.) Marathon Man ft. Chris Brown, Hoody Baby & TJ Luva Boy10.) I have the right to Tell ft. Chris Brown, Hoody Baby & Young Lo11.) I already Love Her ft. Chris Brown & Ray J12.) New Gang ft. Chris Brown, Ray J & TJ Luva Boy13.) In Love through The Bitches ft. Chris Brown, Young Lo & Young Blacc14.) Other Side ft. Section Boyz & OHB15.) Erday ft. Chris Brown & French Montana16.) Section One hundred Billion ft. Section Boyz & OHB

You deserve to listen come Chris Brown, OHB and also Section Boyz brand-new Attack The Block mixtape in it’s entirety down below. As soon as you’re done listening come it you deserve to slide over right here to download a copy of the project.

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