>> IF YOU contact D.C. HOME, you MAY know THE name MAURA SULLIVAN. >> and YOU MAY understand THE famous SONG the SHE CO-WROTE. u266bu266b tonight SHEu2019S back HOME AFTER 2 WEEKS IN THE HOSPITAL but AS SHE tells OUR DAVID CULVER, THIS CHRISTMAS night IN WASHINGTON will certainly BE among THE MOST challenging OF she LIFE. >> ITu2019S A STORY YOUu2019LL only SEE ~ above NEWS4. >> CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS IN northern VIRGINIA MEDICAL facility IN WOODBRIDGE. LAUGHTER GREETS GUESTS. >> ns FEEL above ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD, ns FEEL HOPEFUL. u266bu266b u266b CHRISTMAS eve IN WASHINGTON, AMERICAu2019S HOMETOWN u266b >> Reporter: 35 YEARS ago SHE CO-WROTE THE SONG. IT has actually A complying with FROM THOSE connected TO D.C. >> WHEN human being HAVE LEFT THIS AREA, we ARE obtaining SOME REQUESTS. >> Reporter: part DEAR girlfriend OF MINE WHO are DEEJAYS SAY, GOD, I dislike THAT SONG. And I SAY, WELL, girlfriend HEAR IT the MUCH, i GO, DONu2019T LISTEN. >> Reporter: THE track RESONATES DEEPLY because that MAURA. Physicians TOLD she A few WEEKS earlier THAT -- >> I have actually STAGE 4 COLON CANCER and also ITu2019S infect MY LIVER and IT to be -- whatever SLOWS and also BECAME SURREAL. >> Reporter: including TO THE CHALLENGE, HER health INSURANCE freshly LAPSED. Her FRIENDS putting TOGETHER THIS GOFUNDME TO help HER OUT. >> you KNOW, ITu2019S very HUMBLING. >> Reporter: SHEu2019S thankful FOR THE LOVE and also YOUR PRAYERS together SHE HEADS residence THIS CHRISTMAS eve IN WASHINGTON. She WISH for THOSE watching -- u266b LOVE TO critical A totality YEAR","video_id":"1121133123662_650","video_length":"146446","video_provider":"","short_video_excerpt":"","mpx_download_pid_mobile_low":"","pid_streaming_web_mobile_low":"","mpx_download_pid_mobile_standard":"","pid_streaming_mobile_standard":"","alleypack_schedule_unpublish":"","feed_remote_id":"","feed_thumbnail_url":""}"data-livestream="false"data-title="‘Christmas night in Washington' Singer Fights Cancer"data-vidcid="1:14:34708"data-vidurl="https://www.inter-base.net/news/local/christmas-eve-in-washington-singer-fights-cancer_washington-dc/34708/"data-islead="true"data-catnames=""223863":"News","569":"Local""data-tagnames=""9237":"10-169-228-7","378":"AMERICA","408":"Christmas","1351":"Christmas Eve","60":"David Culver","275":"NBC universal Inc","208":"Northern Virginia","348":"NORTHERN VIRGINIA BUREAU","4":"Reporter","675":"Singer","14":"VMS","132":"WASHINGTON""data-customdata=""data-autoplay="true"data-cplay="true">
The mrs responsible for a distinctively regional Christmas track is spending this vacation season fighting cancer.

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Northern Virginia office Reporter David Culver spoke through Maura Sullivan."data-ellipsis="false">

The mrs responsible for a distinctively local Christmas song is spending this vacation season fighting cancer.

“Christmas night in Washington” singer Maura Sullivan went residence to her dog Jack Wednesday.

“I feel good. I feel above anything in this civilization I feel hopeful.”

She invested the past two weeks experience treatment and surgery in ~ Sentara north Virginia clinical Center.