The CITY BLUE printing CO., a total reproduction print firm, was established in 1895 by john G. Sharp and John F. Schwanfelder and also ownership continued to remain in the Sharp family members through the 1990s. The company began when John F. Schwanfelder (1851-1913) and two employees set up shop as a manufacturer and importer that blueprint records at 451 Pearl Rd. By 1902 the service moved come the Williamson Bldg. Top top Euclid Ave. At Public Square and the following year that was incorporated as the City Blue printing Co. The organization expanded to the Swetland Bldg. At 1010 Euclid in 1919. By 1909 man G. Sharp had end up being manager that the agency and was prospered by his son Trevelyan (1893?-1965) in 1920. By 1922, the firm available commercial blueprinting, photographic reproductions, duplicate tracings, drawing materials, and also a messenger organization from its places at 1900 and also 4300 Euclid Ave, as well as, native its plant at the Swetland Building. By 1930, the firm added a 4th branch in the Terminal Tower and by 1947 employed 180 people. In 1968, City Blue consolidated its work by moving its key plant come 1937 possibility Ave. And also closing that branch at 4300 Euclid Ave. Return the company continued to update its equipment, by 1980 it asserted to be one of the few firms in the U.S. That ongoing to make \"the original blue prints.\"

J. Gordon spicy (1925-1996), who had actually lost his eight in a auto accident in 1950, took over the operation from his father in 1965 and also established a plan that urged hiring disabled workers. In 1975, the City Blue to press Co. Received nationwide recognition from the Presidential Committee on employment of the Handicapped because that these initiatives by winning an employer of the Year Award. In 1991, J. Gordon Sharp got in semi-retirement and also was replaced by his daughter Nancy Bonfoey Sharp. By 1995, the company employed a full of 60 workers at its key plant on prospect Ave. And its an additional one in ~ 23322 Mercantile Rd.

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