Call that Duty: black Ops 3 is the following installment in the contact of Duty collection and is being developed by Treyarch. The game will be exit on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, playstations 3, playstation 4 and PC top top Friday, November 6, 2015 - unofficially called as the new "Black Friday".

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The game"s single player campaign is a sequel to black Ops 2, if the multiplayer and zombies space their own distinctive game modes. Treyarch is calling black color ops 3"s multiplayer the deepest and most ambitious contact of Duty MP endure ever. Progressed Warfare players must feel appropriate at home in black color Ops 3 through the new power slides, boost jumps and wall surface running. Several of the energy-based weapons have been eliminated from the complete black ops 3 tools list in donate of much more traditional assault Rifles and also LMGs.

The boost jumps in black Ops 3 function similarly to progressed Warfare"s, yet they space smoother and can be chained more easily. The chain-based motion system can be magnified with the wide selection of black ops 3 perks favor Afterburner and also Blast Suppressor. The Scorestreaks in the video game don"t have modules prefer in COD: AW, instead some black color ops 3 scorestreaks have features like the "Wingman" module, which enables teammates to aid out through taking regulate of an additional turrets.

The pan favorite Nuketown 2025 has returned and it"s to be redesigned native the ground up to use the new momentum-based activity system. Like its predecessor, friend can discover nuk3town in your black ops 3 maps perform by pre-ordering the game for the PS4, Xbox One or PC. When NUK3TOWN has actually received a much needed face-lift, the Zombies setting is also back with a fresh take it on the zombie apocalypse, special its own story and XP-based development system. Players can uncover all your favorite perk-a-cola devices in black color ops 3 zombies, through each drink giving players exclusive right to assist them survive and fend off the zombie hordes.

October 21, 2014


Advanced Warfare"s official steam page has been updated through the minimum mechanism requirements required to run the game. Contrasted to last year"s Ghosts, the demands haven"t changed that much, but the quality of the graphics certain have.

Minimum device Requirements:


Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 64-bit (32-bit not supported)


Intel main point i3 2.90 GHz / AMD Phenom X4 810 2.60 GHz or better.




NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 1GB / AMD Radeon HD 5870 1GB or better.


Version 11

The computer version additionally comes v an alternative to adjust the FOV (field that vision) native 65 to 90. Ironically, this would certainly be the very same in-game alternative that took almost 3 month to be added to COD: Ghosts via a patch.

October 18, 2014


With only a little over 2 weeks left prior to the game hits the stores, activision has finally released the official launch trailer because that the game. The trailer attributes a mixture that singleplayer and also multiplayer clip accompanied v a single by The Raconteurs.

Check it the end below.

October 14, 2014


During an interview with 3 News NZ, Sledgehammer Games" co-founder Michael Condrey evidenced that they have actually made the Sniper class in the game an ext balanced, when compared to previous title in the series.

Although sniper rifles can one-shot one enemy, Condrey stated that they are not walk to it is in overpowered. Mastering a sniper rifle in COD: AW requires the very same dedication and skill just like other weapon classes. Condrey greatly emphasized that they have actually removed attachments that permit sniper rifles to it is in quick-drawn, which hints that quick-scoping has actually been somewhat gotten rid of from the game.

And to do things an ext balanced, the brand-new Exo Abilities, like an increase jumping and also dodging, permit players to move faster than ever before, which need to put pressure on also the most proficient sniper.

October 14, 2014


Advanced Warfare"s latest Xbox achievement update has accidently revealed the Treyarch"s zombies will be guest starring in the game"s Exo survive co-op mode. Together you deserve to see native the picture above, few of the zombies room wearing exosuits.

Exo Survivor Achievement: "Successfully complete the Exo survive Bonus Wave."

It must be listed that the zombies are a bonus tide on the lytic multiplayer map and will most most likely not be checked out in a separate game mode. Treyarch"s next speak to of Duty game on the other hand...

October 10, 2014


Microsoft has actually revealed now that COD: AW because that the Xbox One deserve to now it is in pre-ordered and also pre-downloaded ahead of the games release. Preloading the game, as the name suggests, download a majority of the game"s files beforehand, which then permits you to jump straight right into the activity once the video game is released.

As a friendly warning, if you space going to purchase the digital copy, begin preloading the game as soon as feasible - the clocks in at 45.84 GB. That would certainly take nearly 3 days to download on a normal 2 Mbit connection.


October 8, 2014


Activision has actually officially announced the all Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the game, that are bought digitally, will get a totally free upgrade come the next-gen version. The market is valid till March 31, 2015 and also works only on the exact same console family, i.e. Xbox 360 to Xbox One and also PS3 come PS4.

All her multiplayer stats, gear, Season Pass and also in-game DLC"s space transferred / common once you move to the next-gen version. You deserve to read much more about the update plans here.

Sony is also throwing in an included bonus because that PlayStation users through their cross-buy program: Buy either the PS3 or PS4 version of progressed Warfare top top the playstations Store and you will obtain the various other version for free. Usually you will get both duplicates of the game regardless which version you buy, as long as the video game is bought native the game stations Store before March 31, 2015.

October 5, 2014


The speak to of Duty website has been update with new content, which in turn has revealed four brand-new unlisted videos top top the game"s main Youtube channel. 2 of the videos present how to knife the "Death native Above" and "Terminated" multiplayer medals, while the last two videos function some the the different modules the far Turret can be fitted with.

Check the end the videos by clicking on the links below.

MP Medals:

Death indigenous Above


Scorestreak Modules:

Remote Turret: command Energy

Remote Turret: Rippable + Rockets + Sentry

October 3, 2014


IGN has released a new video featuring an to exclude, look at the "Traffic" singleplayer mission, that"s talked with by valley Schofield. The 3 minute video below shows off a high-speed follow on the Lagos Highway whereby you jump from automobile to vehicle to interact KVA terrorists.

October 3, 2014


Michael Condrey has confirmed on Twitter the the game will ship through 14 maps. Among the maps, Atlas Gorge, is a Collector"s version pre-order bonus, but it"s now likewise confirmed to be contained in the Season Pass.

AW_FanPage 13 maps add to Atlas alleyways via the collectors execution or season pass at launch."

Condrey also revealed that items deserve from supply Drops carry over once you Prestige, however custom weapons require to have their base weapon unlocked before they have the right to be used. For example, if you have actually the SAC3 "Misery & Company" submachine gun and Prestige after reaching rank 50, you will should unlock the conventional SAC3 prior to the practice "Misery & Company" have the right to be used.

Cullacita and unlock your base weapons again prior to you have the right to use your weapon loot after prestiging."

Speaking of it is provided Drops, check out IGN"s montage listed below to see few of the random gear you deserve to earn in the game.

September 27, 2014


Sledgehammer gamings has officially confirmed that the Emblem Editor is returning in progressed Warfare. Her Emblem will appear on her exoskeleton, virtual Lobby and in multiplayer matches for everyone to gaze at.

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Michael Condrey additionally confirmed top top Twitter, after being asked by a fan, that you will be able to add your custom Emblem to your weapon too.