Coit Tower and Telegraph Hill

Enjoy panoramic views of the mountain Francisco skyline from the heights the Coit Tower! at the lofty elevation of 210 feet (64 meters), Coit Tower offers unobstructed see of the gold Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, point of view Island, the just Bridge, and also the financial district of san Francisco.

NOTE: on our happy Tuk Tuk Night tour (due come time constraints) guests execute not drive the elevator to the optimal of Coit Tower. Great views are easily accessible from the viewing areas on telegraph hill in ~ the basic of the tower.

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coit tower happy tuk tuk night tour
coit tower lucky tuk tuk night tour


Built in respect of wealthy socialite Lillie Hitchcock Coit, Coit Tower is made of unpainted, reinforced concrete. The tower was developed in her honor after she specified that one-third of she fortune go to beautifying the city she loved. Building on the tower started after her fatality in 1929 and also finished in 1933.

Lillie spent her life help volunteer san Francisco firefighters. From the period of 15, as soon as the teenage Lillie experienced a fire engine crew in need and sprang into action, Lillie was a fervent supporter the the volunteer fire engine crews of san Francisco till her death in 1929.

In she will, Lillie collection aside one entire third of her fortune come go towards the beautification of the city of mountain Francisco that she loved. Two memorials were developed in honor of her contribution to the city: Coit Tower and the firefighter sculpture in phibìc Beach’s Washington Square. Coit Tower is the an ext famous of the two, nestled among the trees on the optimal of Telegraph Hill.

The Tower

The form of Coit Tower each other the nozzle that a fire hose, yet the developers Arthur Brown Jr. And also Henry Howard described that the resemblance was no intentional; the similarities in between the tower and also a fire nozzle to be purely coincidental. Today, numerous tour guides have noted the resemblance and also mistakenly passed on the popular lore as fact.

The interior of the tower has been painted v murals by 26 various artists that the Depression era. The massive project was funded by the public Works job under the new Deal, designed to develop positive public social attractions. These fresco murals depict working-class citizens in the middle of everyday life and also criticize the national politics and culture of the time. As with many imaginative creations, the contents of details murals resulted in a publicly outcry. The tower was closed in ~ one allude to eliminate the Communist hammer and also sickle in among the murals, which to be originally consisted of to depict the selection of American philosophies.

Coit tower lucky tuk tuk sunset night mountain francisco tour
Coit tower lucky tuk tuk sunset night san francisco tour
Stairs within of the tower provided to enable visitors to rise up the tower under their own power, however time has taken their toll and the stairs room closed. Instead, take it a short elevator ride to the top for a fees of $8.00/person. The price is worth it because that first-time visitors and for seasoned tourists who have actually never seen the city indigenous the heights. Visitors must be aware that there is no panoramic observation platform, so the view is appreciated v the little cut-out windows. The home window size walk not issue when you’re enjoy it the view, however, for this reason hop ~ above the elevator for a ride come the top!

Note: If $8.00/person is also steep a price for her group, you deserve to still enjoy the see from Pioneer Park for free. Mental to bring quarters for the city hall machines, i m sorry afford close-ups the the city minus the crowding one might experience inside of the tower itself. Accessibility to the floor floor the Coit Tower and to the Gift Shop is free, enabling a finish experience without having to salary the entry fee. Here, visitors have the right to purchase postcards, figurines, pencils, and an ext while castle wait to ascend the tower.


Night view of Coit Tower and Oakland Bay leg from Lombard Street
Night see of Coit Tower and Oakland Bay leg from Lombard StreetPhoto Snehal Adalinge


Coit Tower is situated on Telegraph Hill in Pioneer Park. If you room feeling adventurous or desire some exercise along with your view, take it the Filbert actions from Sansome Street approximately Coit Tower. The stairs space steep and also pass through a series of sculpted gardens and also past very beautiful homes. The stairs end near the base of Coit Tower in Pioneer Park. The steps on Greenwich Street are likewise on the backside the Telegraph Hill, closest come the water. These measures afford beautiful see of the city native a perspective few will see on your visit to san Francisco. The actions are well-maintained, and also benches sit in nooks to the next for world to pause and also take in the view.

Other Information

To get a look at the levels inside of the tower not usually open up to the public, authorize up because that a free City Guides tourism of the tower (tips evaluate at the end of every tour.) these tours operate on appointments only, so be certain to research tour times and sign up prior to your visit.

Coit Tower might soon face indefinite closure come revitalize the fading, not correct murals on its interior, for this reason be certain to visit as shortly as girlfriend can. The distinctive historical experience may only be accessible to the public for a quick time, and this is an endure you do not want to miss.

Nearby points of Interest

Chinatown and North Beach / tiny Italy space a 15-minute go away.

Embarcadero Street is a ten-minute walk down the steep side of Telegraph Hill, where travellers can catch the F line to take trip up and down the street to with Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, or the Ferry Building.

Crooked Street/Lombard Street is a quick jaunt indigenous Coit Tower. This world-famous street is a must-see because that every visitor!

From the Crooked Street, Fisherman’s Wharf and also Pier 39 are only a short walk away.

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NOTE: top top our lucky Tuk Tuk Night tour (due to time constraints) guests perform not ride the elevator come the optimal of Coit Tower. Great views are accessible from the viewing locations on telegraph hill at the basic of the tower.