A. If a memory recommendation takes 100 nanoseconds, how long does apaged memory reference take?

B. If we include TLBs, and also 75 percent of all page-table referrals arefound in the TLBs, what is the effective memoryreference time? (Assume the finding a page-table entry because that theTLBs take away 20 nanoseconds.)

C. The takes 750 milliseconds to organization a page fault. The pagefault rate is .001. What is the EAT? include the TLB hitand miss out on portions the the equation. D. What is the objective of a TLB?

E. What is the purpose of paging?

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the physical page framework -for this s have to acces the page tabl additionally accemig requi recl-Frame ahi ch;另ak0 tooons. Therefore ク 57. T-B verrai ning asx memory F O.FS 20 + 100)+ o. A 20+ 2*100) 0,75 (I 20) -t 0-25 (220) to + 55 e) Ebbective tcces time CEAT) PX (Page fault time) (1-P) (meno ry ACUA) t age Praent in memory →The mm page not prerent in storage Sb frem bausshion) 7t (I-P)(M5ng ec) P* チ50,000,000 + 1-DOO) (145) +(0.001)未(150,000,000 0.999(th5) 750 , 000
Purpose that TAB:- ece is memoy cache that Stoves translations of online memory o physical addremes foy quicker yetvievel the is supplied -for fasttr accers to data tohen a program requirements a pagct i easily accessible in tthe moin memory as the OS copies a Certain, number pages -from storage menmary to main memory
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