Jupiter Jazz pt.1

Faye's abandoned the Bebop...and bring away the cash! Meanwhile, Spike sets turn off on his very own to find his long-lost love, Julia, yet only ~ a huge fight through Jet. Elsewhere, Faye finds firm with a strange man named Gren in the town of Blue Crow, a ar without women.

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EP 1 Asteroid Blues

Jet and also Spike must track under a dealer the "Red Eyes," a dangerous, addictive medicine that cause berserker rages in that users. Can also Jet's toughness stand up to the strength of the drug? and has Spike been swayed by the charms of a mother-to-be?

EP 2 Stray Dog Strut

Spike and Jet room hired to recuperate an inexplicable item that has actually been stolen from a study laboratory. Spike is led top top a wild chase, very first by the thief...and then by the article itself!

EP 3 Honkey Tonk Women

Spike and Jet stumble across Faye Valentine, a want criminal, in a casino top top Mars. Faye is much more than a handful, holding she own against them and also the rather who are after her together well. Faye is affiliated in a shady deal including a secret microchip. Whose side is she really on?

EP 4 Gateway Shuffle

Spike and also Jet come up versus an eco-terrorist team known as the "Space Warriors." your leader is worth a cool 25 million, miscellaneous Spike and Jet can't resist. But the group's leader has actually plans of she own, and if the government of Ganymede doesn't agree to her demands, she'll usage an speculative virus on lock all!

EP 5 Ballad of please Angels

Spike's past comes ago to haunt him as he goes after a member of the Red Dragon Syndicate. But, together Jet shortly learns, it's a setup. And also in order because that Spike to make it through - and rescue the impetuous Faye as well - that will have to challenge his old friend and also comrade, Vicious, alone.

EP 6 Sympathy because that the Devil

While chasing another bounty, Spike and Jet fulfill Wen, a musical kid prodigy. Yet there is miscellaneous strange about him. Is over there a connection in between this kid and the stone a male handed to Spike through his dying breath?

EP 7 hefty Metal Queen

While chasing his recent prey, Spike meets up through a room trucker named VT. A strong, live independence woman, she and also Spike come to be fast friends till VT learns that Spike's a bounty hunter and decides to blow him off. However, Spike and VT's routes cross again, and they'll have to work together if they desire to gain out alive.

EP 8 Waltz for Venus

Now that it's to be terraformed, Venus is a beautiful planet. Unfortunately, the floating plants offered to keep the atmosphere make some human being sick. The Bebop's crew is pursuing another bounty here, and also Spike has reluctantly accepted a young guy named Roco as a pupil.

EP 9 Jamming with Edward

The crew that the Bebop conference the genius hacker known as Ed. Bored with hacking, Ed desires to sign up with the Bebop's crew, yet they really don't desire a boy tagging along and getting in the way. For this reason Ed sets the end to readjust their minds....

EP 10 Ganymede Elegy

The Bebop return to Ganymede, Jet's home, come drop off a criminal the they've captured. But this trip house for Jet only brings earlier painful memories. Together he tries to answer inquiries from his past, Spike it s okay a command on a brand-new bounty from the local cops.

EP 11 playthings in the Attic

There's one intruder on the Bebop! A strange organism roams the ship and its touch causes good illness. One by one, the members that the crew loss prey come it. Is it an alien invader? A disease? Soon, only Spike and Ed space left to resolve this danger creature.

EP 12 Jupiter Jazz pt.1

Faye's abandoned the Bebop...and take away the cash! Meanwhile, Spike sets turn off on his own to uncover his long-lost love, Julia, however only after a large fight v Jet. Elsewhere, Faye finds agency with a strange guy named Gren in the city of Blue Crow, a place without women.

EP 13 Jupiter Jazz pt.2

All roads bring about Vicious as Spike searches for Julia, Jet tracks down Faye and also Faye confronts Gren. However as Spike looks desperately because that clues, Julia is i do not have anything to it is in found. Gren may have actually some answers, yet Spike will have to acquire to him prior to it is too late.

EP 14 Bohemian Rhapsody

Tollbooths in ~ the interstellar travel entrances have come to be the step of high-tech robberies, and also there's a large bounty because that the culprit. The Bebop's crew pools that information and tries to track under the mastermind behind all this, however their only clue is a seemingly worthless chess piece.

EP 15 my Funny Valentine

Faye is brash, reckless and sometimes uncouth. But who is Faye Valentine, really? also she doesn't know. All she knows is that her story started over fifty year ago.

EP 16 black color Dog Serenade

A lytic on a jail ship reunites Jet v a companion from his days v the ISSP. The sinner in charge is the one responsible for the damage to Jet's arm. Currently Jet--the black color Dog--has a score to settle. And also once the black Dog bites, the doesn't allow go.

EP 17 Mushroom Samba

The Bebop is out of fuel, the crew is out of cash and also now...they're the end of food. Driven by hunger, Ed and Ein collection off top top a find for food and wind increase in the center of the strangest bounty hunt yet. What have the right to a thirteen-year-old genius and a data dog do against their adversaries? Plenty.

EP 18 Speak choose a Child

A parcel comes for Faye - C.O.D., the course. Since she's not approximately to open it, Spike and also Jet take the liberty of seeing what's inside. The contents of the package command them to the damages of the Earth... And ago into Faye's past.

EP 19 Wild Horses

While Spike's away getting his ship overhauled, Jet and the others pursue a team of criminals referred to as the "Starship Pirates," recognized for stealing anything and everything. It need to be basic job, however it transforms out the they're a group of hackers. Will certainly Spike arrive over time to loan a hand?

EP 20 Pierrot Le Fou

The gang is top top the trace of a killer called Mad Pierrot. But things aren't going your way, and Spike is injured in the early confrontation. Things get more and more bizarre, and also soon the Bebop's crewmates find themselves make a stand in a futuristic amusement park.

EP 21 Boogie Woogie Feng Shui

Rescued through Jet, a young girl expose a strange machine that eventually leads to a meeting in hyperspace. Jet is determined to aid this girl, also if it method risking the Bebop to perform it. But why is Jet for this reason interested to start with?

EP 22 Cowboy Funk

Teddy Bomber is blowing increase buildings, so the crew the the Bebop decides come cash in top top the reward. Yet wait, there's another cowboy in the photo this time--a real cowboy! has Spike ultimately met his match? will Faye be swayed through the handsome stranger's charms? and will anyone remember to prevent Teddy Bomber?

EP 23 brain Scratch

Faye, in an effort to flee from her debts, joins a cult called Scratch. That members forsake your bodies, encouraging the transmutation that the person soul into digital form. Turns out, Scratch's leader is want by the police after a number of his pendant commit suicide. Now the Bebop's crew needs to rescue Faye before more people die.

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EP 24 hard Luck Woman

Still haunted by her past, Faye searches for more clues to she identity. However it seems that one of her crewmates is having more luck: Ed is rejoined with she father. However the identity of this strange man is suspect. What will Ed do if she has really uncovered her dad?

EP 25 The Real folk Blues Pt.1

Faye, tho trying to gain over the shock that recovering she memory, is out on her own. She meets Julia, the woman from Spike's past, that tells Faye to relay a blog post to Spike. Will Faye comply?

EP 26 The Real folk Blues Pt.2

Spike convinces Julia to escape v him. But Vicious has actually seized manage of the Syndicate and also is on their trail. Gone after by their former friend, will Spike and Julia live happily ever after?


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