Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 illustration 16 Review: I have a day Tonight

During Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 episode 16, Rebecca has actually her three dates and it feels favor everyone and also their mommy wants come get associated in that they think will certainly win every one of this.

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Rebecca"s day with Josh i do not care perfect and her day with Nathaniel feels prefer heaven to her. All of that end up confuse Rebecca more, making her realize the she demands to release on Greg due to the fact that it is too much.

But faith brings lock together, and also they finish up at a vehicle repair place simply being themselves. That is once Greg randomly lets her recognize that she is the love the his life, the perfect end to one episode and a lead-in of sorts come a finale.


The love square in that entirety reaches a solve conclusion in that the class of love gift a game backtracks in favor of what the present protagonist actually requirements from all this, i m sorry is simply someone that she have the right to spend her time with and it doesn"t need to be an over the peak date.

"I have a date Tonight," written by Erin Ehrlich introduce the perfect finishing to a concern that has been in the making since Crazy Ex-Girlfriend began to air. Rebecca"s selection was always present in the show, even if it is it was a healthy or subconscious choice or also one based in a coincidence.

The episode did a spectacular project in lastly giving solution without actually making it about the winner due to the fact that at the finish of the job it isn"t a game, that is Rebecca"s heart the is affiliated here. 

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The Dates and also The Pressure

For an episode with such a big payout, having all the other personalities mostly revolve around Rebecca, Greg, Nathaniel, and Josh was a smart way to not have actually too lot going on.

There was an noticeable investment in that Rebecca would choose, very similar to basic ship wars that happen amongst the fans. There space sparse opinions on an individual connections come the characters, without Rebecca"s feelings play a large role in all this.

Nathaniel: God, i hope I victory though. Josh: i really expect you lose.Nathaniel: I additionally hope Greg dies.

Which then defines why she is acquiring lost in Josh and also Nathaniel and Greg when some options seem favor they room outdated at this point.

It also builds increase the pressure around who she will ultimately choose.

But as much as it has felt prefer Rebecca"s love life to be a substantial storyline till it to be time for that decision to be made, and also then it was a private matter that was just for her.


She didn"t re-superstructure with any type of other personalities or the audience what she decided, since this was almost a stand about her future and her decision to keep this to herself.

Looking forward to the series finale, this to be a fitting means to tho intrigue the audience around what is come come while solving the biggest question in a realistic way.

There to be no other way to manage this that felt perfect because that Rebecca and also for the relationships that she shares with all of these guys, no issue who she is or isn"t v at the end. 

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The Greg and also Rebecca of it All

It was the simple.

There may be part definite bias here, however the "date" between Greg and Rebecca made that all decision clear.

It wasn"t around how romantic or just how perfect the day was, in fact, it might be something far from it. Greg to be right when he referenced the means he feels for Rebecca, that is in ~ the heart what problem most.

Greg: You"re the love of my life. You recognize that, right?Rebecca: Well, I perform now.

Because pulling the end all the stops during the day is almost taking component in the game part of it, and also that isn"t a view right into what they can be past that.

It to be sweet that Greg to shot to go all out as soon as he began to doubt his very own theory, and also yet it to be the ending that shown exactly what he to be thinking.

It wasn"t around where they to be or what they to be doing, the felt so an easy for the two of them to invest time together and also enjoy the other"s company.

It felt therefore easy because it was, and also nothing vast had to happen to cement the they operated on every single level.


They even wanted to cancel in ~ the very same time because there is a connection where they recognize each other in a method that the rather don"t.

It clearly isn"t announced that Greg wins, which is exactly why it feels favor those 2 will be together. That isn"t around winning, it becomes that Rebecca desires to spend her time with.

There was so much focus on the actual making a an option thing whereby Rebecca announces it and everyone reacts, for this reason dialing it ago to Rebecca finding peace where it isn"t even on her mind is when it feels like the selection has to be made.

And if not, the was tho a beautiful moment where Greg called Rebecca the love that his life. It was so easy since it come off together if the is miscellaneous Greg always knew and didn"t require to discover from your dates.

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It just makes sense and also this to be the perfect method to both wrap-up and move right into the series finale.