Crazy Ex-Girlfrifinish Seakid 4 Episode 16 Review: I Have a Date Tonight

During Crazy Ex-Girlfrifinish Seaboy 4 Episode 16, Rebecca has her 3 dates and also it feels choose everyone and their mommy desires to get associated in that they think will certainly win all of this.

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Rebecca"s date with Josh becomes perfect and also her day via Nathaniel feels like heaven to her. All of that ends up confmaking use of Rebeccan extra, making her realize that she demands to cancel on Greg bereason it is as well a lot.

But faith brings them together, and also they finish up at a auto repair location just being themselves. That is as soon as Greg randomly lets her know that she is the love of his life, the perfect finish to an episode and a lead-in of sorts to a finale.


The love square in its entirety reaches a satisfying conclusion in that the lesson of love being a game backtracks in favor of what the show protagonist actually needs from all this, which is simply someone that she can spend her time through and it doesn"t need to be an over the optimal date.

"I Have a Date Tonight," written by Erin Ehrlich introduces the perfect finishing to a question that has actually remained in the making because Crazy Ex-Girlfriend began to air. Rebecca"s alternative was constantly existing in the show, whether it was a healthy and balanced or subconscious choice or even one based in a coincidence.

The episode did a spectacular task in ultimately providing an answer without actually making it about the winner because at the finish of the day it isn"t a game, it is Rebecca"s heart that is connected here. 

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The Dates and The Pressure

For an episode through such a huge payout, having all the other personalities mainly revolve around Rebecca, Greg, Nathaniel, and Josh was a smart means to not have also much going on.

Tbelow was an obvious investment in who Rebecca would pick, exceptionally equivalent to basic ship wars that occur amongst the fans. There are sporadic opinions on personal connections to the personalities, without Rebecca"s feelings playing a large role in all this.

Nathaniel: God, I hope I win though. Josh: I really hope you lose.Nathaniel: I also hope Greg dies.

Which then describes why she is getting lost in Josh and also Nathaniel and Greg once some options seem prefer they are outdated at this allude.

It also builds up the push about that she will certainly eventually select.

But as a lot as it has actually felt like Rebecca"s love life was a vast storyline till it was time for that decision to be made, and also then it was a private matter that was only for her.


She didn"t share via any type of various other personalities or the audience what she decided, bereason this was virtually a stand also around her future and her decision to save this to herself.

Looking forward to the series finale, this was a fitting method to still intrigue the audience around what is to come while resolving the greatest question in a realistic means.

Tright here was no various other method to manage this that felt perfect for Rebecca and also for the relationships that she shares via all of these men, no issue that she is or isn"t via at the end. 

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The Greg and also Rebecca of It All

It was that easy.

There may be some definite bias right here, yet the "date" in between Greg and also Rebecca made it all crystal clear.

It wasn"t around exactly how romantic or how perfect the date was, in reality, it could be something much from it. Greg was best as soon as he referenced the method he feels for Rebecca, that is at the heart what matters the majority of.

Greg: You"re the love of my life. You recognize that, right?Rebecca: Well, I carry out currently.

Since pulling out all the stops throughout the date is nearly taking component in the game portion of it, and that isn"t a watch right into what they could be past that.

It was sweet of Greg to try to go all out as soon as he started to doubt his own theory, and yet it was the finishing that evidenced precisely what he was reasoning.

It wasn"t around wbelow they were or what they were doing, it felt so straightforward for the two of them to spfinish time together and also reap the other"s company.

It felt so simple because it was, and nopoint astronomical had to occur to cement that they functioned on eextremely single level.


They even wanted to cancel at the same time because tright here is a link wright here they understand each other in a means that the others do not.

It obviously isn"t announced that Greg wins, which is specifically why it feels prefer those 2 will certainly be together. It isn"t around winning, it becomes who Rebecca wants to spend her time via.

There was so a lot emphasis on the actual making an option thing where Rebecca announces it and also everyone reacts, so dialing it back to Rebecca finding peace wright here it isn"t also on her mind is when it feels choose the alternative has been made.

And if not, that was still a beautiful moment wbelow Greg referred to as Rebecca the love of his life. It was so easy because it comes off as if that is something Greg always knew and also didn"t have to learn from their days.

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It simply renders sense and also this was the perfect way to both wrap-up and relocate into the series finale.