If girlfriend were applying for a loan online, and also you gone into your social protection number with just 8 digits instead of 9, girlfriend would got an error message. This is since the field _______ building was collection for 9 characters.

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If girlfriend were using for a loan online and also forgot to get in your address, girlfriend would obtain an error post “you must get in a value.” The deal with field building was probably collection asA compelled LIST
When city hall a table in design view, the bottom fifty percent of the Table window is dubbed the ar ____ pane.PROPERTIES
If you are entering data because that customers and every one of your customers live in Texas, you might want to go into Texas as the _____________ value home the the State field.DEFAULT
If a row selector for an ID field has a(n) ____ prize in it, it shows that the field is the table’s major key.KEY
To develop a database, start Access. ~ above the ____ tab in Backstage view, click the theme you desire to use.NEW
A primary vital should be distinctive for every record. Every one of these values are great candidates to usage as a table’s primary crucial field except ____.BIRTHDATES
When you develop a blank database, access creates the an initial table in the database because that you and also names that ____.TABLE1
A database is a arsenal of ____.OBJECTS
If friend make changes to the layout of a datasheet and shot to near the table, accessibility will ____.PROMPT girlfriend TO save YOUR CHANGES
In ____, you have the right to rearrange the stimulate of the areas in a datasheet by dragging them to a brand-new location.DATASHEET VIEW
A computerized DBMS is ____ 보다 using paper folders.MUCH FASTER, FLEXIBLE and ACCURATE
In Datasheet view, the table display screens its data in rows and columns in a ____.DATASHEET
When you adjust the row elevation of a datasheet, the adjust ____.AFFECTS all ROWS IN A DATASHEET
Access opens in ____ view.BACKSTAGE
____ is a program known as a database management system (DBMS).ACCESS
When you open up a ask object, you ____ the query.RUN
An easy method to change the way data is sorted is come click any type of field value in the field you want to sort, and also then click the Ascending or to decrease buttons in the ____ group on the residence tab.SORT and FILTER
After applying any kind of filter come a field, click the ____ button in the kind & Filter team on the residence tab gets rid of it and also displays all records again.TOGGLE FILTER
A query deserve to contain ____ of the fields in the table.ONE, SOME, and ALL
When you must sort data very first based top top the values in one field, and then by the worths in a 2nd field, friend can collection the kind orders for the two fields using the ____ in the style grid.SORT BOXES
You have the right to run the questions by click the Run switch in the ____ team on the ask Tools architecture tab.RESULTS
In a one-to-many relationship, one record in the an initial table (called the ____ table) can match many records in the 2nd table (called the related table).PRIMARY
When girlfriend relate tables, accessibility uses a set of rule to ensure that there are matching values in the typical field offered to kind the relationship, both at the moment you create the relationship and also as you get in data in the tables after you create the relationship. This collection of rule is called ____.REFERENTIAL INTEGRITY
The ____ symbol alongside a ar name in a field list shows the table’s major key.KEY
The ____ operator selects records that complement at least one of two or much more conditions in a query.OR
The ____ operator selects records that match all of two or an ext conditions in a query.AND
Accepts field values comprise letters, numbers, spaces, and specific symbols.TEXT
Stores lengthy passages that text.MEMO
Stores Yes/No, True/False, or On/Off values.YES/NO
Accepts financial values and displays them v a disagreement sign and decimal point.CURRENCY
Stores dates, times, or a combination of both.DATE/TIME
The data gotten in into a field.FIELD VALUE
Used to identify the fields.FIELD NAME
Appears in ~ the peak of each tower in a table and contains the field name.FIELD SELECTOR
Each record is comprised of one or an ext of these.FIELDS
A complete collection of data.RECORD
You can create a new table in a database by click the ____________________ tab on the Ribbon, and also then clicking the Table button in the Tables group.CREATE
When you create a empty database, the table that accessibility creates because that you includes one ar named ID. Accessibility sets the ID field as the table’s _____.PRIMARY KEY
Sorting a field in ____________________ stimulate arranges records from A come Z, or the smallest to largest.ASCENDING
In _______________ view, you have the right to add, delete, and make transforms to the means that fields store data.DESIGN
A(n) ____________________ is a repertoire of objects.DATABASE
A(n) ____________________ is offered to search for and retrieve data indigenous tables making use of conditions.QUERY
To add a condition to a field, click in the field’s _____________ box, and then form the condition.CRITERIA
Data in the database is save in a ______________ i m sorry is similar to a worksheet in Excel.TABLE
A mix of numbers and text is also called _______________ data.ALPHANUMERIC
Sorting a ar in __________________ stimulate arranges native Z to A, or biggest to smallest.DESCENDING
If friend were creating a query that matches a variety of values, friend would require to include a relational ____________ in the condition. Instance of these are >, <, =, >=, <=, <>OPERATOR
The ___________ property specifies how you want access to display screen numbers, dates, times, and also text.FORMAT
When you enter a new record in the table, you execute not require to type a value in the ID ar if it has an ______________ data kind for the field.AUTONUMBER
The ______________ home specifies even if it is you must enter a ar value in a record.REQUIRED
The ___________ residential property enters the same field value in a field every time a brand-new record is included to the table.DEFAULT
Queries that room based on much more than one table are described as ________.MULTIPLE QUERIES
To create a(n) ____________________ between two tables, friend must style the tables therefore they save a common field.RELATIONSHIP
Each object in the navigating pane has a different ____________________ to recognize its function.ICON
A field’s ____________________ determines the kind of data the you can enter in the field, such together numbers or text.DATA TYPE
A(n) ____________________ is a repertoire of objects.

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Rows have to all have actually the very same height, yet ________________ have the right to have different widths.COLUMNS