Light CrossbowArbalestHeavy Crossbow
Bolt66.5 / 8377.5 / 11360.8 / 69
Dull bolt59 / 5968 / 7954 / 49
Heavy bolt76.1 / 6086.5 / 7768 / 47

Quality crossbows: ~90Quality bolts: ~85

Crossbow Mastery: ~90Strength: ~50Agility: ~30

Every shot entered a hare torso.

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The reason heavy Crossbow appears to be sucking may have to do v the 'Required Stats' mechanic that's listed in the tools datafiles.

According come the datafiles, girlfriend don't have actually the forced strength to use the heavy Crossbow, yet you perform for the irradiate version and the Arbalest.

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Here's the values offered in the datafiles for compelled stats:

Light Crossbow: Agi-30 Str-30

Arbalest: Agi-30 Str-40

Heavy Crossbow: Agi-30 str 60

Simple Bow: Agi-10 Str-10

Short Bow: Agi-30 Str-30

Long Bow: Agi- 60 Str-60

Composite Bow: Agi-40 Str-40

Hope this help you in her testing.

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Created Oct 28, 2013


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