Covid19 BannerDel Valle ISD has actually thorough Covid-19 protocols in location for the 2021-2022 college Year.Information

Classroom photoWelcome to the 2021-2022 institution Year. College student registration remains open! Click for information

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For the second year in a row, the Texas Art education and learning Association (TAEA) announced that Del Valle ISD is amongst the 2021 ar of difference Award winners.

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You may have heard top top the news the the Texas Legislature pass Senate bill 15, i beg your pardon is concerned virtual learning. Return the governor signed this bill, that is crucial to share the the bill consists of many eligibility needs for student wanting to enroll in any public school’s online academy.

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We are at this time re-optimizing our routes as new families enroll and extr students are included to routes.

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We room excited come welcome your child earlier to institution for the 2021-2022 school year! While us again find ourselves encountering an unusual begin to a college year, I understand that it will certainly be a exorbitant year with outstanding student achievement.

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Del Valle ISD is monitoring the Texas supreme Court's decision about mask mandates in Dallas and also Bexar counties.At this time, the Texas supreme Court decision walk not influence Travis county or Del Valle ISD.

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On Thursday, august 12, 2021 the Del Valle ISD board of Trustees unanimously authorized a resolution requiring masks at all ar campuses and also buildings. Reliable Friday, august 13, 2021, every students, staff, and also visitors are compelled to undertake a mask once at a property.