Danny - Aleks Paunovic (twitter.com/alekspaun)Roberta - Lori Triolo (twitter.com/loritriolo)

Produced & command by Jason R. Goodetwitter.com/JasonRGoode

2012 manufacturing Nominated because that 2 Jessie Awards (jessies.ca/A2011_12.htm)Best power by a lead Actor - little TheatreBest Direction - small Theatre

Lighting architecture - Jin KimTechnical director - Jessica Howel

Shot through Dino Antonioudinoantoniou.com

SynopsisIn a summary bar in the Bronx, two strangers fulfill at the finish of your ropes. Haunted by the past and trapped in the violence that the present, Danny and Roberta start the ruthless action of revealing us – a brutal exposure that threatens to readjust everything. Explosively funny and also surprisingly tender, a deeply affecting study of alienation and the redemptive power of love.

Performed august 28, 2010

Special many thanks to: Ron Reed & the Pacific Theatre team

Thanks to: Ruth Benna, john Cassini, Andrea Heald, Dennys Ilic, and also Sophie Ann Rooney

2012 PRODUCTIONAlso play at Pacific Theatre January 20 - Feb 4, 2012


Reviews native the 2012 production:

"Brutal and also tender, Danny and also the Deep Blue Sea is riveting theatre do even an ext so by Triolo and also Paunovic’s an effective performances." | Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Crourier


"Watching the present is a relentless emotionally experience. Just as girlfriend think her heart is walking to break you acquire sucker punched v humour. ... The win of both performances to be in the tiny things: the set of Roberta’s jaw as she speaks of she past, Danny’s clenched fists together he tries come rein in his anger, the soft caresses, flying spittle and sexual energy that flies between the two actors." | Natasha Irvine, Converge Magazine


"Danny and also the Deep Blue Sea is a thrill ride of play. In 80 intermission-less minutes, director Jason Goode and his actors take the audience top top an emotionally journey the slingshots between guffawing humour, bleeding pity, wrenching tenderness, and also outright terror." | Brian Paterson, Laura Murray PR


"Paunovic and Triolo attack Shanley’s words with such strength and also understanding that like any type of train destructive you simply can’t look away, no matter how hard you want to.

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At time these 2 are quite literally pets as Triolo beats her chest like a baboon complicated a predator and Paunovic the splint croc that belies that strength and speed. Together the tables revolve though, Paunovic’s change into Danny’s gentler side is as heart-wrenching together his portrayal the Danny’s violent self." | mark Robins, GayVancouver.net