i dont recognize where i am supposed to put buildings and also other stuff. Deserve to someone assist me. I put down the chinese stand and ferdinand. I put a church and sgt bruno. What else am i an alleged to placed down and also where? likewise where space the bridges? just how do you get those? and also oh mine goodness i would rather take a gun and shoot blinkhorn than proceed to try to to win his 2 minute time- it is close to impossible.

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actually to get 100% and get the serpent sword you do.To gain blinkhorn in a home put a gate infront the his residence then put a fence approximately the remainder of his house then he"ll move in
What go he to speak his finest time is anyway?Remember to push "X" when you acquire to the boat. Otherwise that won"t count and Bilkhorn will think you are cheating.
his time is favor 2 minutes and 1 second.For much easier beating recruit fabio prior to you ger Blinkhorn it do it simpler to acquire to the boat
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Someone aid me please. I can"t acquire Priest Bruno to move in a church. I don"t understand what is compelled for a church.
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If you"ve acquired the Geostone that has the Church in it then there isn"t anything unique that you have to do. Just move the in.
Geomara chapter 3- (3) Brick House- (1) Chinese Stand- (1) Church House- (13) stole Fence- (1) iron Gate- (4) Pot Torch- (1) Star Lamp- (15) mandrel TreeVery easy to do this one. I will tell friend what to placed on every valley. On the first, put 3 trees, a pot torch, and a house. Roughly the residence put the fence and gate. Then move Sheriff Blinkhorn in. On the second put 3 trees, 1 pot torch and also a house.Make the residence purple and put a star lamp on it. Then relocate Parn in. ~ above the third valley, put 5 trees, a pot torch, a brick house, and also the chinese stand. Placed Fernard in the stand and also Steward in the house. ~ above the 4th valley placed 4 tree , a pot torch and a church. Move the Preist in and also then you are finished building. Because that 100% you should defeat Gespard and save Lin. As for a prize you will gain a serpent sword.
You more than likely just have to go earlier to whereby the dungeon route splits in two directions and also take the course that walk up. I"m pretty certain it"s the Moon exit. The Church piece need to be a couple of floors in.

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I watched mine cousin a week ago so i know an ext specifically. On the north route go up twice and also you will discover the church.