-------------- I. Intro --------------Welcome come my can be fried fish guide. I made decision to do this guide after noticing that there"s not anything rather to do a overview on other than fishing, add to I want to aid people. Expect you reap the guide and also if friend want usage some info ask me what part first, for this reason I recognize if that is mine or not. If not I"ll phone call you that to ask because that permission.Email - humdedelala

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hotmail.com-------------------- II. Exactly how to Fish --------------------Well that pretty straight forward right, wrong. I preserved trying and also it failed to work and also I establish what an idiot i am. Fine you start by opened the menu and also going come the article section. You climate equipt the fishing stick on MAX and also then choose it as you were in search of the develop up and also select " placed bait on" or something choose that, then pick your bait. Now go up to water of part sort and press X. Climate move around with L3 ( The left joystick), to determine where to throw the bait. When thrown i recomend to change the view with L2. Currently you deserve to see this red ball. Wait till it completly walk under water ( It need to start vibrating if you have actually that function on )then pull L3 back, do not push X like me. The will result in an anoying red exclamation mark over her head and no fish. When you acquired the fish hooked, time to reel it in by pushing X. Currently don"t reel that in an ext than your rod can handle. Be sure to clock the meter at the ideal if the pink/purple bar goes to the end your line snaps. Not an excellent at all. So gradually follow a sample of pressing X and also waiting for it to walk down. After ~ awhile the bar won"t go under all the method resulting in less reeling in time. The bar at the bottom right will phone call you how close the fish is and the thing that claims ___ meters and also goes down as girlfriend reel in more. At about 1-1.5 meter the fish have to be caught. Now you know how to acually fish, time for the next step.------------------------- III. Types Of Bait -------------------------Well you might want to recruitment Faibo ( the firbit ) that sells girlfriend bait. To carry out so talk to that in Palm Brinks Lake top top the dock close to the boat. He demands you catch a 60cm Nonky, i beg your pardon in mine opinion is a little demanding. Still head under to the swamp in Sindain dungeon, since it is the ideal place to record one. Use a mimi, don"t obtain frustrated ( you most likely will unless your lucky ^-^ ), and you should have actually one. Fabio demands to live close to river clear so place him in a home in Sindain.Here"s the perform of bait and also what the doesPrickly - Raises fish"s tentacityMimi - Raises fish"s enduranceCarrot - Raises fish"s boost. Changes fish genderBattan - Raises fish"s tentacityEvy - Raises fish"s staminaMinion - Raises fish"s boostPetite Fish - Raises fish"s endurancePotato Cake - Raises fish"s stamina.Strength - well this is how an excellent a fish will fight othersEndurance - The fishes defence ( why don"t castle jus speak to it defense?)Boost - Fishes speedStamina - Endurance lol. Basically how long the fish have the right to withstand a raceTentacity - This will certainly determine just how a fish fights. The fish have actually personalities believe it or not and also here they areClownish - Fools approximately a lot.Moody - Behaves in various ways depending upon mood...Sore loser - Doesn"t care around winning in ~ all.Reckless - lacking in caution. Blows all energy out then is tired.--------------- IV. Tempt Rod ---------------The tempt rod is a unique rod that supplies lures instead of bait. The best component is lures never ever run out. To get it you have to win finny frenzy ( view contests ), and also buy win I mean first place. Then speak to Olivia ( a girl firbit ) and also she will sign up with you. She selling the entice rob for favor 1400 or 1600 and each tempt for 300. The lures are as follows:Frog - relocate the analog rod left 3 times and right 2, the reel in a bit.Minnow - for every 2 left/right movements, reel in a little bit with X button. Repeat the process. Crackhead - just cast and reel the in instantly once a fish got stuck v it. However, you will certainly be making use of it prefer the Minnow.Fork - usage it prefer you are using the Frog Lure----------------------- V. Upgrading her Rod -----------------------Well her rod has actually 5 stats and also they deserve to be upgraded through one, because that every 100 fishing points girlfriend get, i beg your pardon are derived from capturing fish. The bigger and better ( meaning rarer ) the fis the an ext points obtained. Here"s the stats:Flight - How much it goes, kinda pointless to update it, however if you feel like casting to the moon go ahead.Resilience - How rapid you can carry the fish in .Strength - The stamin of her lineGrip - me explanitory, don"t waste too much time top top thisLuck - This will assist you in acually seeing these fish.------------------------------------------ VI. Species of Fish and also Where to discover Them ------------------------------------------Under Construnction------------------------- VII. Elevating Fish -------------------------To raise their stats you"ll should feed them. (see baits ) You can only feed them once in awhile, don"t questioning when just once in awhile. Strength yet can just be raised by putting 2 fish in the battle tank and also doing something for awhile, such as a deogeon floor. Make certain to usage the exact same fish or one can die and all your job-related would go to waste.----------------- VIII. Contests -----------------There room 2 contests "Fishing Contest" and "Finny Frenzy". They will be indicated on the menu in a green banner form. This will tell you just how much time you have to enter, when it get zero also bad. They show up once every ten game days. To participait talk to the owl top top the stick. When you leaving its over. Keep in mind you have the right to only win when for every fish in finny frenzy which i find an extremely stupid.Fishing challenge - You can have 10 fish participait, however oly 3 have the right to win. Usually its a weighing contest, the best fish wins. Prize a attract rod, wow. ( the was sarcastic by the way. )Finny Frenzy - This is a fish 3 consist of of 3 heats, 1st, 2nd, and Final. To development you need second or better. There space 6 preperation tanks i m sorry determine exactly how your fish races:Tank 1 - save A steady Pace - The fish will usage the exact same speed throughout the race.Tank 2 - v All Your might - The fish go as quick as feasible but gets tired.Tank 3- Come the end Fighting - at the beginning of race, the fish speeds up fast climate goes in ~ a secure pace.Tank 4 - The last Shall Be an initial - The fish starts the race through a steady pace and boosts its rate upon reaching the fishing line.Tank 5- work out It In The Ring - Fish will certainly bump other fishes a lot of to slow-moving them down. Toughness is aspect here... Tank 6- Go v The center - to get second or third placing easily, choose this...I personally choose tank 4 but its as much as you. The prizes room as follows:1st - begginer - Mardan sword x1 second - begginer - damage Crystal x3 third - beginner - Protector decision x1 first - small - Garayan knife x1 second - small - Mighty healing x1 third - small - Lighting crystal x1 first - senior - Mardan Garayan x1 2nd - an elderly - drainpipe Seeker x1 3rd - senior - Kitchen Knife x1 1st - understand - Sun stone x1 2nd - grasp - Moon rock x1 3rd - grasp - Diamond x2 The prizes might be arbitrarily after the an initial time.--------------- IX. Reproduction ---------------You have the right to breed 2 fish a male and female obviosly. As soon as the baby is born the parents die. Bummer huh? quiet this is the reproduction list.Baku Baku + Bobo = Gobbler Baku Baku + Bon = PriscleenBaku Baku + Den = TartonBaku Baku + Gummy = NilerBaku Baku + Hama Hama = KajiBaku Baku + Negie = NilerBaku Baku + Nonky = GobblerBaku Baku + Priscleen = HeelaBaku Baku + Tarton = BoboBaku Baku + Heela = GummyBaku Baku + Gobbler = KajiBaku Baku + Niler = NonkyBaku Baku + Kaji = PriscleenBaku Baku + Piccoly = NegieBaku Baku + Umadakara = DenBaku Baku + Mardon Garayan = PiccolyBaku Baku + Baron Garayan = BoboBaron Garayan + Bobo = TartonBaron Garayan + Bon = HeelaBaron Garayan + Den = PiccolyBaron Garayan + Gobbler = PiccolyBaron Garayan + Gummy = Hama HamaBaron Garayan + Hama Hama = GobblerBaron Garayan + Heela = Baku BakuBaron Garayan + Kaji = NegieBaron Garayan + Marden Garayan = UmadakaraBaron Garayan + Negie = DenBaron Garayan + Niler = BonBaron Garayan + Nonky = NilerBaron Garayan + Piccoly = GummyBaron Garayan + Priscleen = PriscleenBaron Garayan + Tarton = NonkyBaron Garayan + Umadakara = KajiBobo + Bon = NonkyBobo + Den = Hama HamaBobo + Negie = HeelaBobo + Hama Hama = GummyBobo + Tarton = Baku BakuBobo + Priscleen = NonkyBobo + Nonky = NilerBobo + Gummy = DenBobo + Heela = GobblerBobo + Niler = TartonBobo + Gobbler = Baku BakuBobo + Mardan Garayan = BoboBobo + Kaji = UmadakaraBobo + Piccoly = Baku BakuBobo + Umadakara = BoboBon + Den = KajiBon + Negie = NilerBon + Priscleen = Hama HamaBon + Tarton = PriscleenBon + Nonky = BoboBon + Gummy = TartonBon + Heela = Baku BakuBon + Gobbler = PriscleenBon + Niler = GobblerBon + Kaji = BoboBon + Umadakara = NonkyBon + Mardan Garayan = TartonBon + Piccoly = TartonDen + Negie = KajiDen + Priscleen = NegieDen + Hama Hama = NegieDen + Tarton = GobblerDen + Nonky = TartonDen + Gummy = Baku bakuDen + Heela = PiccolyDen + Gobbler = NonkyDen + Niler = GummyDen + Kaji = NonkyDen + Piccoly = HeelaDen + Umadakara = Baku BakuDen + Mardan Garayan = NegieGobbler + Gummy = NonkyGobbler + Hama Hama = KajiGobbler + Heela = NegieGobbler + Negie = PriscleenGobbler + Nonky = BoboGobbler + Priscleen = Baku BakuGobbler + Tarton = BonGobbler + Niler = Baku BakuGobbler + Kaji = NegieGobbler + Piccoly = NilerGobbler + Umadakara = Hama HamaGobbler + Marden Garayan = NilerGummy + Hama Hama = PiccolyGummy + Negie = GobblerGummy + Nonky = TartonGummy + Priscleen = HeelaGummy + Tarton = DenGummy + Heela = NegieGummy + Niler = NonkyGummy + Kaji = HeelaGummy + Piccoly = HeelaGummy + Umadakara = NegieGummy + Mardan Garayan = BonHama Hama + Priscleen = BonHama Hama + Niler = PriscleenHama Hama + Nonky = PriscleenHama Hama + Heela = BoboHama Hama + Niler = PriscleenHama Hama + Kaji = BonHama Hama + Piccoly = KajiHama Hama + Umadakara = TartonHama Hama + Mardon Garayan = DenHeela + Negie = Hama HamaHeela + Nonky = DenHeela + Priscleen = NonkyHeela + Tarton = GummyHeela + Niler = DenHeela + Kaji = GobblerHeela + Piccoly = BonHeela + Umadakara = KajiHeela + Mardan Garayan = PiccolyKaji + Negie = GummyKaji + Niler = PriscleenKaji + Nonky = Baku BakuKaji + Priscleen = Hama HamaKaji + Tarton = NilerKaji + Piccoly = Hama HamaKaji + Umadakara = DenKaji + Mardan Garayan = Hama HamaMardan Garayan + Negie = HeelaMardan Garayan + Nonky = GummyMardan Garayan + Piccoly = PiccolyMardan Garayan + Priscleen = PriscleenMardon Garayan + Tarton = PriscleenMardon Garayan + Umadakara = Baron GarayanNegie + Tarton = Hama HamaNegie + priscleen = GummyNegie + Nonky = GummyNegie + Niler = Baka BakuNegie + Piccoly = BoboNegie + Umadakara = PiccolyNiler + Nonky = KajiNiler + Priscleen = PiccolyNiler + Tarton = GobblerNiler + Piccoly = Mardan GarayanNiler + Umadakara = PiccolyNonky + Priscleen = BoboNonky + Tarton = BonNonky + Piccoly = PriscleenNonky + Umadakara = BonPiccoly + Priscleen = GobblerPiccoly + Tarton = DenPiccoly + Umadakara = NilerPriscleen + Tarton = NilerPriscleen + Umadakara = TartonTarton + Umadakara = Bobo------------------------------- X. Record the ultimate Fish -------------------------------So you want the ultimate fish eh? Or not, why is it due to the fact that it only offers you 300 fishing clues for even the smallest? I thought so. The very first one I captured was 80cm and worth 345 fishing points. Its referred to as the Baron Garyan. In stimulate to record it you need a entice rod through the fork lure. Go to Heim Rada and also fish in ~ the hot spring on her left, take it the route down. At 4-9 pm and also throw the end your lure and also you"ll an alert you can"t adjust your view, hard huh? well after for bit you"ll an alert a red exclamation over your head and its time to pull ago L3. Currently carefull if her rod sucks because the bar skyrockets v a tap.

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You can uncover one around once every try, the best of fortune! ^-^-------------- XI. Credits --------------Leo C (diabloDAB) - eldiablo2662