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ImageItem No.Descriptionsw0283 (Inv)Anakin Skywalker, fight Damaged through Darth Vader HelmetCatalog: Minifigures:Star Wars:Star battles Episode 3
sw0413 (Inv)Darth MalgusCatalog: Minifigures:Star Wars:Star wars Old Republic
sw0003 (Inv)Darth MaulCatalog: Minifigures:Star Wars:Star battles Episode 1
sw0394 (Inv)Darth Maul (Silver Neck Clasp Torso)Catalog: Minifigures:Star Wars:Star wars Episode 1
sw0686 (Inv)Darth Maul (Waist Sash v Pocket Torso)Catalog: Minifigures:Star Wars:Star battles Episode 1
sw1155 (Inv)Darth Maul - printed Legs with Silver ArmorCatalog: Minifigures:Star Wars:Star battles The Clone Wars

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sw1091 (Inv)Darth Maul - printed Mechanical legs (Crimson Dawn Crime Lord)Catalog: Minifigures:Star Wars:Star battles Solo