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Origin is just one of the best alternatives to steam that offers its own in-game overlay options. Unfortunately, the video game overlay function can sometimes current itself through issues, and that is what we will be stating in the post below.

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4. Clean boots Windows

Clean-booting home windows will remove third-party software and services native the mechanism startup to ensure there aren’t any programs conflicting through Origin’s in-game overlay.Click the Selective startup radio button to choose the Load device services and also Use original boot configuration options.Deselect the Load startup items check box if that option is checked.Press the Disable all button to deselect all the continuing to be third-party solutions listed.Select the Apply alternative to conserve the new settings.Press the OK button to leave MSConfig.Click Restart ~ above the mechanism Configuration dialog crate that pops up.Then shot playing a video game with Origin’s overlay ~ clean-booting Windows.

5. Reinstall Origin

Some individuals have additionally confirmed the reinstalling Origin deserve to fix the overlay.First, press the Windows an essential + R secrets at the same time.Select beginning within the Uninstall or readjust a regimen list.Click the Uninstall option.If motivated for further confirmation, click the Yes button.Restart Windows prior to reinstalling Origin.Then open the downloaded origin setup magician to download the really latest version.

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The above resolutions have actually fixed Origin’s in-game overlay for countless users. So, there’s a great chance they’ll solve the overlay.