THIS IS an ANIME ONLY conversation POST. Execute NOT talk about THE MANGA beyond THIS EPISODE.----------------------------------------LOL, Hikari and also her white cape while trying come act choose a vampire is hilarious.Cute to watch the girls play in the swimming pool together. The short moment between Sakie wand Tetsuo was also amusing. The details dump about Dullahans is interesting. Ns like just how this show constantly explores demi-humans in some means related to culture or ideas from the actual world.Pretty fun present overall. I preferred the bulk of the characters and also the show did a decent project at selling its comedy.

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A nice peaceful episode too finish this anime with.Tho i have to say Saki's bikini was an extremely sexy the looked quite an her and also created some funny moments.The remainder of the girls appeared to have actually fun as well.Hikari's eye shinning in the dark just like a nocturnal pet was nice as well see as well and also i learned something brand-new from it.I knew the eyes of nocturnal pets shin in the dark room at least reflect light yet i didn't understand the factor behind it.

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Takahashi sensei what space you law in a pool full of girl ??there was a lack of top quality in this one but nothing disturbinganyway, that was a great ride, each episode was incredibly peaceful and funny, + perfect? character development10/10 top1 or top2 this season imo

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Man it suck to watch this series endIn regards come the finale, I'm glad that we finally got one episode like this because I needed to view Satou in a bikini or other lolBut except that, this to be a yes, really cute episode and I really enjoyed every one of the subtle points like how Takahashi inquiry Machi's dad for permission to allow him come take her underwater, and then the genuine look of surprise and also joyfulness native Machi once she went underI also liked how they took the chance to add an ext to the lore behind vampires and dullahans as well xD....And speak of Takahashi, mine GOD THIS male IS RIPPED AF O_O as whole though, this finale was an excellent and I especially loved the last scene since it to be a culmination of whatever that has emerged over the course of the season and also I really hope the we gain a second season one day, because I'm gonna require my Satou x Takahashi ship to collection sailI was going to offer this an 8/10, but after critical week's episode and just this season in general, in which method this collection has regulated to develop and also characterize each and every character sufficiently and in a fun way all the while throw in essential bits of info, comedy and a bit of cute and also fanservice moments in between and also I extensively enjoyed all of the emotions the this collection brought both literally and figuratively IRL and also in the showAnd so because that that, I'm going to happily provide this a 9/10