It’s official the many wonderful time that the year. Sure the vacation season could be over and also the monotony of daily life resumes after having so tiny to do, however even the gift dread the comes v the start of a new year can’t damage this event. It’s time for Awesome games Done Quick, a mainly of speedrunning that is weird satisfying, and also this year there’s one strange run that can quite possible steal the show: a guitar Hero clone aptly called Clone Hero.

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This may not it is in your timeless AGDQ run, and also its location as among the final games of the weeknext Saturday (January 11) about 10AM PT (1PM ET/6PM GMT) puts it in the firm of few of the biggest and most renowned runs the the week, but this will be something special. Every the operation from the event will obviously display off impressive skill, however Clone Hero may just top lock all with a screen of hand eye coordination the is absolutely fitting because that the greatest speedrunning event out there.

“Getting Clone Hero welcomed into AGDQ was a substantial shot in the dark,” Frosted, the person who will certainly be running Clone Hero at AGDQ, tells me. “I watched a Stepmania showcase a while earlier on YouTube, so i knew the event would in ~ least think about a rate game. Once I placed the submission forward, ns was wholeheartedly expecting to gain denied. Turns out, fate has actually its means and I got accepted, which is likely the ideal thing that’s occurred to me in the past five years.”

The Clone Hero session won’t precisely be a speedrun, as the songs room played at a set speed, so this is an ext of a technical showcase 보다 anything else. But that doesn’t median this isn’t worth tuning in for. Frosted is a etc Hero veteran who has actually been playing because 2006 and also focuses on play the hardest songs out there. For this event, he has chosen a an option of songs the will show just what the Clone Hero neighborhood has rotate the 5 fret rhythm activity genre into over the past couple of years.

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“I desire my showcase to it is in what the Clone Hero ar is make of, fairly than a full-on look in ~ me touch buttons for a while,” states Frosted. “While I will still be pushing a the majority of buttons, I’ve cherry-picked details songs that showcase the community. Ns picked these songs and in this order to show off the game’s mechanics, display off community creations, and also show turn off a bunch of various skill aspects. Soulless 4 is a crowd-favourite and also probably the most well-known song in Clone Hero – it’s up over there with v the Fire and also Flames because that sure. I was additionally able to talk to Herman Li, the guitarist native Dragonforce, to acquire permission to use Highway come Oblivion and Through the Fire and Flames for the event, therefore that’s fantastic.”


The setlist because that the run contains Dragonforce – Highway to Oblivion (Overchart), AXS – Cataclysm, Soinhumane – crisis City, Jarvis9999 – Prevail, Steve Oimette (Cover that The Charlie Daniels Band) – The adversary Went under to Georgia (175% Speed) and also Exilelord – Soulless 4. However a donation catalyst could include another fan favourite come the end of the collection – Frosted has promised to play Dragonforce’s through the Fire and Flames one handed if it’s met.

For those that aren’t Clone Hero aficionados, every one of the above may sound prefer gibberish, however outside of with The Fire and Flames, The adversary Went down to Georgia will probably ring some bells because that those the played etc Hero 3. The track is notorious for that difficulty, and Frosted will be playing it in ~ 175% speed.

“The track that’ll be the toughest for me is likely The devil Went under to Georgia ~ above 175% speed,” claims Frosted. “It’s hailed together the hardest tune from etc Hero 3 and for a great reason – it took me a man amount of effort to get 100% that the tune on 165% speed.No one’s even attempted 175%.”

Frosted admits that the possibilities of him obtaining a full combo (hitting 100% the the notes without overstrumming) will be near difficult for this song, and also probably for most of the list. Yet even if the does miss out on some note on the day because of nerves, you will still it is in amazed in ~ what he have the right to pull off.

“I am fairly nervous,” Frosted adds. “I’ve quiet not determined whether or not I’ll also have a microphone on for the event – I might just allow couch commentary execute all the hefty lifting. I understand I won’t carry out at a level so disastrous it can’t it is in shown, but I do have actually days where I just play worse and I hope my showcase job isn’t one of those.”


Clone Hero may not be one of the more traditional operation in AGDQ history, however that can be what renders this among the finest runs of the week. After days of clock watching this will certainly be a refreshing adjust that will challenge what girlfriend think around Guitar Hero. On file it may not sound as interesting as a speedrun of manage or Untitled Goose Game, but when the week is over, I can guarantee this will be a run that rod in your mind.

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Just be warned that as soon as the stream draws to a close, you’ll it is in heading as much as the loft to try and uncover your old plastic guitar prefer its 2009 almost everywhere again.

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