This has most definitely been request before, however I couldn't it seems to be ~ to discover anything. I recognize they to be separated by 1000 years, but were they the ancestors to the Mongols, one entirely different culture, or execute we also know because that sure because they were negative at keeping written records?


The Huns were a different society to the Mongols.

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The beginnings of the Huns room still discussed today, in the 18th century the French scholar de Guignes proposed that the Huns were regarded the Xiongnu, a nomadic human being who emigrated out of north China in the first century CE. However, the evidence for this theory is no definitive, and also so that is no universally accepted.

Due come poor historical records, and an absence of a composed language, the is very challenging to create where the Huns came from. Nowadays civilization tend come lean more towards the idea the they came from the steppes of central Asia, though the an accurate location is unknown.

They an initial appear in written records by Tacitus, who states that they live near the Caspian Sea in 91CE. However they don't do their way into Europe until the 4th century.

On the other hand, we have the Mongols, whose empire started in 1206CE, through the Mongol clans joined under Genghis Khan. Their homeland to be Mongolia, however upon Ghengis' fatality in 1227, the empire stretched native the Pacific to the Caspian sea.

Their forays into Europe started in 1237CE, as soon as Ghengis' grandson Batu led an attack on Kievan Rus (a federation of people centred in east Europe). Castle would proceed to press westward, through contemporary day Ukraine, Poland and Germany till they reached Albania and Austria. However, in 1241CE, Ghengis' follower Ögedei died, and also as was customary, the princes of Ghengis' line had to return to Mongolia to elect his successor.

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It must also be mentioned, that whilst the Huns maintained no composed records, the Mongols did. We are an extremely fortunate that a job-related from c.1227CE referred to as The Secret background of the Mongols survives come this day. The is made up of 12 chapters and deals with the life the Ghengis, and elements the Mongolian folklore and also practices. The survived due to it being analyzed into Chinese (Ghengis' grandson Kublai Khan developed a dynasty in China dubbed the Yuan dynasty). Whilst no the most reliable resource in state of historic accuracy, it is however incredibly essential as a primary source for Ghengis' life, and for Mongolian poetry.