Adam to win off competitors from 40 nations to win one of the world’s toughest races

Adam is the tallest contender taking component in The Wheel at 6’3″, and weighs in at 185lbs. However despite his muscular physique, the 29-year-old is exceptionally light ~ above his feet — which has actually led that to becoming a successful ultra-runner.

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Described together a “Real Life Forrest Gump”, he ran across the United says in 2016 native the West to eastern coasts. He additionally triumphed over rivals from 40 different countries to win the gruelling 250km, six-stage Gobi march race throughout the Gobi Desert in China in 2015, among the world’s toughest footraces.

Along with his ultra-running, that is additionally a motivational speaker, passing on his endurance specialization to others. However, regardless of being incredibly mentally and also physically tough, he hasn’t had much survivalist suffer in the past.

Lindsay Phenix — Fitness model

Shon Joyner invested eight years in the Marines after being bullied together a boy

Shon, 33, is a former Marine, but at just 5’4″ and weighing in at simply 140lbs his start in life wasn’t straightforward after gift bullied together a youngster because that being little in the tough neighborhood where he prospered up in Indianapolis, IN.

However, after ~ joining the Marines he turned the abuse he gained from higher drill sergeants right into a new-found thick-skin and also served with them because that eight years including in George W. Bush’s presidential guard.

He served in Iraq where he often had to hike substantial distances with fifty percent his body-weight ~ above his back.

Shon remains very fit through miscellaneous sports favor skiing, dancing and also long-distance running. When he has actually only basic survivalist skills, he has actually previously prepared pets for eating in the wild.

His significant weaknesses space that he has never travelled alone, and also he does not deal well through the cold.

Kat Dellinger — Nurse

Luke Soderling beat phase 3 thyroid cancer back in 2013

Luke 35, is 6′ tall and also weighs 190lbs. That is a plumber and firearms instructor, but has constantly been who who has actually lived the outdoors life after cultivation up in Minnesota’s stole Range.

His drive for showing up on The Wheel comes after that beat phase 3 thyroid cancer earlier in 2013, and he wants to prove come his sons that if he have the right to defeat that, then he have the right to beat the difficulties of life alone in wild as well.

Luke is extremely proficient through firearms, and also can quickly hit targets native 1,000 yards. He likewise has plenty of hunting experience and has excellent dog-sledding in the past so is able come cope with the cold.

However, if pets are hard to find and other food resources are no obvious, he has small survivalist experience to suggest him in the appropriate direction.

Josh Morin — Former wrestler

Josh Morin was headed because that a wrestling career before suffering a ago injury

Josh, 23, is a previous college wrestler and was destined for the united state Olympic wrestling team before his desires were not correct by a earlier injury that put an finish to his career.

He currently runs a humanitarian company called conscious Connections, and likewise works act marketing and also social media for a wellness business, however spends much of his free time backpacking and also camping alone in the wild.

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He has quite a little of survivalist experience, and also is fine versed at fishing and also hunting v a bow. However, his ability to recognize edible plants is limited, and he has actually no endure in marshland and tundra — two atmospheres which can well be forced upon the contestants in The Wheel.