Did the developers ever before give a reason for why it's only three powers, in both the initial campaign and also the game + mode? Or why they chose to offer us Blink, Dark Vision, and also Domino? DotO has very small replayability because of the small powers. Play the game with every one of the D2 powers would have been amazing.

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Some that the side missions in OG+ are literally impossible to do, due to the fact that you don't have the appropriate powers. It feels choose such a slapped with each other mode and also it mildly pisses me off. New game+ was one of my favourite things about DH2. Having actually a mode where you gain to usage the DH2 powers together with Billie's can have to be awesome.

I assumed you'd have actually all the D2 powers to pick from too, and also was disappointed only to have 3. I assume it's a lack of time or they just didn't care to put them in. Blink and also Dark Vision are an extremely like 2 that the original powers for this reason they'd be an easy addition ns guess.

It's problem (I'm playing it best now) as some parts of the maps, along with some that the objectives, space extremely an overwhelming if not impossible without semblance or Foresight.

I would've love to chain-possess my method through the bank job. I know semblance is similar, yet with sembleance you have actually to attend to the human body first, while through possession you can guide the body into a closet or something. I've played the very first and second game a half dozen times each, yet DotO feeling boring and same after the second playthrough.

I always thought DotO was changed during development. I have no proof of this yet I reckon in ~ some point it to be intended the you would be able to swap out piece of equipment prior to each mission, giving access to various powers.

There is a whole half of among the menu display screens that display screens your eye, arm, sword and also rat thing but its completely non interactive and doesn't execute anything. That and the reality that you execute actually change you sword towards the end makes me think, in ~ one allude at least, lock considered permitting you to collect devices to change what you had for different powers.

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Further evidence is that one black market obj wherein you steal the trinket point from the apartment through a million tripwires. Its gained a distinctive model and also everything so I suspect this could have when been a replacement because that the rat charm. Specifically when the rat charm doesn't yes, really seem far-ranging enough to it is in the only 'special skill' the you can get.