In 2015, DJ Khaled started his one-man war versus "they." in ~ the time, no one really knew that he to be referring to when he stated "they," yet according to Khaled, "they" didn't desire you come have, or do, a damn thing. While celebrate the success the his 2014 single "Hold girlfriend Down," Khaled damaged it down basic and plain: "They don't want you to win. They don't desire you to have actually the No. 1 document in the country. They don't desire you gain healthy. They don't want you to exercise. And they don't desire you to have that view." Hell, based upon this repertoire of videos he post on Snapchat, "they" don't even want girlfriend to have actually breakfast.

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Khaled's cook Dee Hodges told Bon Appetit in 2015 that she think "'they' are whoever is bringing an adverse energy to optimistic vibes." Khaled to express a comparable sentiment while explaining "they" top top Ellen the following year: "'They' room the world that don't believe in you, the say the you won't succeed. We remain away native 'they.'"

With the release of stack Ross' "Idols come to be Rivals," native his new album Rather You 보다 Me, there's a new meaning of the word—let Twitter tell it. Every a joke circulating social media—one that needs some creative connecting of dots—"they" has meant Birdman all along.

Now the timeline outlined above is crucial. In 2015, Khaled released his eighth studio album, I readjusted a Lot. The project significant the finish of a wire of releases v We the Best/Cash Money; the 3 prior albums—2011's We the ideal Forever, 2012's Kiss the Ring, and also 2013's Suffering from Success—were every joint releases through Cash Money. And also what was the lead single for I readjusted a Lot? The smash hit "They Don't Love you No More," i beg your pardon not only featured Jay Z but likewise had MMG capo rick Ross and Meek Mill follow me for the ride. The French Montana-laced hook went "ever because a nigga fight the top/pussy niggas wanna check out me in a box" and also "should be your favorite, now you just hatin'."

At the time, Khaled preserved it cool. Throughout a might 2015 visit come The Breakfast Club, he stated that he'd no been on Cash Money "for a minute," speak he's "with us the Best. Ns promote lock every day. I’m no signed come Cash Money in ~ all… Lil Wayne and Birdman, that’s family members to me. The human being know that." in other places in the interview, once asked around Wayne and also Birdman's beef, Khaled to be neutral: "Lil Wayne is mine brother. Birdman, it is family. It’s no my business. Ns pray because that greatness. Those two world know who I am; i don't get involved. Ns feel like civilization who comment, it’s no their business."

Khaled said two real things there: "I don't get involved" and also "everything is beautiful." as soon as Khaled talks about success, he's a true motivational speaker—there's a reason we had actually him and Tony Robbins together on a cover. He's not one to each other negativity top top his social networks or v his in its entirety message. In October 2015, as soon as asked through The Breakfast Club if he to be going to choose a side in the Drake/Meek Mill beef, Khaled broadened on his optimistic stance: "From the start of me coming in the game, i’ve always supported unity by mine records. If it becomes a situation where it gets a many of warm involved, I’ll it is in the man trying to deal with it. You’ll never ever hear me top top both political parties diss somebody."

Since going viral, Khaled has actually been the male who desires you to take the door turn off the hinges, rip the hinges off, and also put them in the fuckboy's hand if they shot to stop your progress. Take the fight to "they" by showing and proving, if friend will. Does that manifest itself in, hypothetically speaking, Khaled and Birdman having a difference of opinions the leads come Khaled cutting ties through Cash Money, and going ~ above a "they" campaign? Maybe. Can Ross have actually hit Khaled like, "I'm walk to placed xyz in a rhyme around you and Baby, you cool with that?" Maybe. Did Khaled yes it? that knows.

Ultimately, this "they"-defining business is just the ingredient of lab conversations. Twitter's having fun running v this concept (because rap Twitter can't withstand an chance to joke with DJ Khaled), come the point where unraveling this story has actually pushed enjoying Ross' latest to the sidelines.

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We got to out to a rep for Khaled because that comment. But if Khaled's not below to speak negatively about anyone, especially human being he considers family, we'll likely never know.