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This album is hot! i just gained this album two days ago, and also I didn"t suppose it to it is in that good (because of some of the reviews), yet I am not one little bit disapointed v this album.It start off substantially with "Change The Game" special Mausberg, this song has a good beat which simply gets friend bouncing. "Did Ya"ll feeling Dat" special Mausberg & Skaboobie is a pretty great song through a quite beat and also an alright chorus. "We come 2 Play" featuring AMG & El Debarge is a good song through a an excellent beat, the chorus is a bit annoying though. "Pitch that On A Party" is so catchy its simply not funny, i love this track, the chorus is terrific and the win is so an excellent you"ll have actually it stuck in her head for hours after listening come it. "I Don"t want To Party with You" isn"t quite as an excellent as the other songs top top this album, but the to win is alright. "Moteh records 1 (Interlude)" is a pointless, lengthy skit. "Sexuality" is an awesome track with an great beat and a yes, really catchy hook & chorus. "How Come?" is a pretty great song, v a an innovative beat (water dripping native a tap), the chorus is pretty median though. "U Ain"t Fresh!" special Erick Sermon & Ham is a an excellent song v a good beat, the chorus is nice boring though. "Roger"s Groove" is a track specialized to i get it Troutman (R.I.P), it has actually a nice beat however gets also repetetive. "Moteh records II (Interlude)" is an additional pointless skit. "Quikker said Than Dunn" is a copy the Eazy-E"s classic "Eazyer claimed Than Dunn", "Quikker claimed Than Dunn" is not quite as good as "Eazyer said Than Dunn" but is still hot, in ~ the end of the track he walk a dedication to Eazy-E (R.I.P). "Straight turn off The roadways (Interlude)" is one more pointless skit. "Speak on It" special Mausberg & AMG, is an typical song with a pretty an excellent beat and also average rapping. "Do Whutcha Want" featuring Digital secret & AMG is a great song through a attractive chorus and also a pretty an excellent beat. "Well" featuring Rapael Saadiq & Mausberg is a an excellent song, v an typical beat and a pretty an excellent chorus. "Quik"s Groove V" is good, yet probably the worst "Quik"s Groove" ever. "Do i Love Her" featuring Suga totally free is a an excellent song through a good old-school hip hop win and great rapping, this song has actually a pretty average chorus, though. "Tha Divorce Song" special El Debarge is one alright song with a great beat, however there"s no DJ Quik in it, the whole song is simply by El Debarge which is annoying due to the fact that he"s a singer, no a rapper.

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"Balance & options (Outro)" is a nice, tiny outro come the album, but could be better.Anyway, this album is certainly worth getting.