Ankama, the French entertainment agency best recognized for the MMORPGs (massively multiplayer digital role-playing games), has released its an initial feature film, Dofus—Book 1: Julith, in the United says onto the heavy steam game distribution platform. The film was released theatrically in France critical February.

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Produced through Ankama Animations in co-production through France 3 Cinema, the film is based upon the that company Dofus MMORPG, i beg your pardon was additionally released this month on heavy steam for English-speaking audiences in the unified States and Canada. The game, initially released in 2004, at this time has over 2.5 million energetic players worldwide.

Here is the trailer for the function directed by Anthony Roux and Jean-Jacques Denis:


The theatrical Dofus is deep rooted in the mythology that the video game universe, and also though it can be understood by all audiences, will likely have an ext appeal come those who are already familiar v the game’s characters and universe. This is the official synopsis that the film:

In the majestic city that Bonta, 10 year old Joris leads a happy sheltered life in the magic shop the his embraced father, Kerub Crepin. Yet the day Joris defies Kerub and seeks out his idol, the good athlete cannes Karkass, a Gobbowl superstar, everything changes for the worst! Unfortunately, the terrifying vengeful witch Julith has returned to Bonta vowing to damage the city, and she quickly seizes the opportunity to kidnap Joris. Just Julith knows the Joris has actually a black color Dragon soul hidden deep within of him, also as mystery powers the will help her attain all her angry desires.

The concept of using vapor as an animation distribution platform will take time come establish but it holds an excellent promise, opened up the platform’s popular music culture-savvy user base of end 125 million world to animated movies that would certainly otherwise no find wide distribution in the U.S.

Dofus is no the very first animated feature to be released on Steam. Game an equipment Valve, which own Steams, started making films obtainable on the platform in 2015, and also while the majority of those titles have actually been live-action to date, that has actually been transforming recently, v some anime titles added, and the 2012 korean CG function Padak.

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Dofus—Book 1: Julith can right now be rented or purchase on the heavy steam web site.