I want a place I could look up the best possible choices for battle Table operations, due to the fact that as we all know choosing the not correct one deserve to have dire aftermath (sorry Lavellans).

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I hope this helps others also :) I have actually no doubts, I’m probably missing some operations. However I’m pretty sure I acquired all the necessary ones. I did leave the end the source Operations, mount Operations and Gathering Operations due to the fact that it doesn’t matter which adviser you usage for those (But you gain the best results using Josephine through the resources Operations and throne upgrades in some areas).

The perform is LONG. Psychic if you’re looking for a specific operation all you need to do is ctrl + f and search the web page with the location of the operation. Or if you’re feather this up via phone or tablet, you deserve to hit the‘Search on Page’ choice to open up at search box

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Character gyeongju Operations


TheCarta gets Its CutHow to Unlock: it is in a draft InquisitorRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

Businesswith the CartaHow come Unlock: execute not take it Cullen’s option throughout ‘The Carta gets Its Cut’Rewards: Bladed Greatsword GripPreferred Specialist: Secrets

TheDasherHow come Unlock: complete ‘Business with the Carta’ and also ‘Wicked Eyes and WickedHearts’Rewards: Dwarven Longsword GripPreferred Specialist: any type of Specialist


ContactClan LavellanHow come Unlock: You should be an Elf InquisitorRewards: Blood Lotus and InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

ProtectClan LavellanHow to Unlock: complete ‘Contact Clan Lavellan’ using Leliana or JosephineRewards: GoldPreferred Specialist: Secrets

InvestigateDuke Antoine that WycomeHow to Unlock: finish ‘Protect Clan Lavellan’Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Connections

StopPurge of Wycome’s ElvesHow to Unlock: complete ‘Investigate fight it out Antoine of Wycome’ v JosephineRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

Break Venatori hold on WycomeHow to Unlock: complete ‘Protect Clan Lavellan’ using CullenRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

RestoreOrder in WycomeHow come Unlock: complete ‘Break Venatori Hold’ on WycomeRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

ProtectClan Lavellan and WycomeHow to Unlock: complete ‘Restore bespeak in Wycome’ or ‘Stop Purge of Wycome’sElves’, ‘Here Lies the Abyss’, and ‘Wicked Eyes and also Wicked Hearts’Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces


AJob because that the Valo-kas MercenariesHow to Unlock: reached SkyholdRewards: Blightwasp VitaarPreferred Specialist: Forces

TheMissing chisels of the Valo-KasHow come Unlock: finish ‘A project for the Valo-kas Mercenaries’, ‘Wicked eyes andWicked Hearts’ or ‘Here Lies the Abyss’Rewards: Unlocks ‘Freeing the Valo-Kas Mercenaries’Preferred Specialist: Connections

Freeingthe Valo-Kas MercenariesHow come Unlock: complete ‘The lacking Blades the the Valo-kas’Rewards: Qunari Slasher GripPreferred Specialist: Forces


Dealwith relatives of the TrevelyansHow to Unlock: You should be a human InquisitorRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: any Specialist

MediateBetween Ostwick Noble FamiliesHow to Unlock: complete ‘Deal with loved ones of the Trevelyans’ usingJosephine, finish Your love Shall Burn, and have Inquisition rank 4Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

Dealwith an unexpected GiftHow to Unlock: finish ‘Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts’ or ‘Here Lies the Abyss’,‘Deal with loved ones of the Trevelyans’, and also ‘Mediate in between Ostwick NobleFamilies’Rewards:Preferred Specialist: N/A

Protectthe Inquisition’s ReputationHow to Unlock: complete ‘Deal with family members of the Trevelyans’ using Leliana, ‘InYour love Shall Burn’, and have Inquisition location 4Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: keys

StopBann Dorner native SpyingHow come Unlock: finish ‘Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts’ or ‘Here Lies the Abyss’,‘Deal with family members of the Trevelyans’, and ‘Protect the Inquisition’sReputation’Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

StopAlbrecht Harassing MessengersHow to Unlock: finish ‘Deal with family members of the Trevelyans’ utilizing Cullen, ‘InYour heart Shall Burn’, and have Inquisition rank 4Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

BeatLord Albrecht in grand TourneyHow to Unlock: finish ‘Wicked Eyes and also Wicked Hearts’ or ‘Here Lies the Abyss’,‘Deal with family members of the Trevelyans’, and also ‘Stop Albrecht HarassingMessengers’Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

Class expertise Operations

Specializationsfor the InquisitorHow to Unlock: easily accessible at Skyhold, open to mage InquisitorsRewards: Unlock field of expertise TrainersPreferred Specialist: Connections

Specializationsfor the InquisitorHow to Unlock: accessible at Skyhold, open to warrior InquisitorsRewards: Unlock expertise TrainersPreferred Specialist: Forces

Specializationsfor the InquisitorHow to Unlock: available at Skyhold, open to rogue InquisitorsRewards: Unlock specialization TrainersPreferred Specialist: Secrets

EndHow come Unlock: obtainable to rogue Inquisitors through the Assassin specializationand at least Level 8Rewards: GoldPreferred Specialist: Connections

MakeHow come Unlock: easily accessible to rogue Inquisitors with the Artificer specializationat Inquisition location of 8 or higherRewards: Masterwork Jagged Longbow Grip and Masterwork firm Dagger GripPreferred Specialist: Forces

SmashHow to Unlock: available to rogue Inquisitors with the tempest specializationat Inquisition rank of 8 or higherRewards: Alchemical RiggingPreferred Specialist: Forces

EndureHow come Unlock: accessible to warrior Inquisitors v the Templar specializationat Inquisition location of 8 or higherRewards: Influence and also Bownammer PlatePreferred Specialist: Forces

InspireHow come Unlock: obtainable to warrior Inquisitors v the Championspecialization in ~ Inquisition rank of 8 or higherRewards: Influence and BrandPreferred Specialist: Forces

BreakHow come Unlock: available to warrior Inquisitors v the Reaver specializationat Inquisition rank of 8 or higherRewards: Lazurite and Disciple ArmorPreferred Specialist: Secrets

RevereHow come Unlock: obtainable to mage Inquisitors with the Necromancerspecialization in ~ Inquisition location of 8 or higherRewards: Magister employee BladePreferred Specialist: Secrets

TrustHow come Unlock: available to mage Inquisitors with the Knight-Enchanterspecialization at Inquisition rank of 8 or higherRewards: Influence and Enchanted staff GripPreferred Specialist: Secrets

TrainHow to Unlock: a Rift Mage specialization with inquisition rank 8Rewards: remarkable Enchanted employee BladePreferred Specialist: Forces

Cullen Operations

Aidthose affected by the polite WarHow to Unlock: finish Wicked Eyes and Wicked HeartsRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

AnOffer native the royal ArmyHow to Unlock: complete help those influenced by the polite War making use of CullenRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

DivertingSoldiers in the FrostbacksHow come Unlock: claim the store in Crestwood and also invest point out in the forces perktreeRewards: Influence, and Maker’s Bride CameoPreferred Specialist: Connections

Pursuitthrough the MountainsHow to Unlock: finish Diverting Soldiers in the Frostbacks using CullenRewards: Influence, Masterwork inscriptions One-Handed Haft desired Specialist: Secrets

Thanksfrom a Chantry SisterHow to Unlock: finish Diverting Soldiers in the Frostbacks making use of JosephineRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Connections

TrackDown SamsonHow to Unlock: Samson nemesis plot, talked with Cullen around MaddoxRewards: Progresses ‘Before the Dawn’ questPreferred Specialist: Forces

Josephine an individual Operation Chain

Finda Sponsor for the Du ParaquettesHow to Unlock: Josephine personal PlotRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

Gettinga Judge’s FavorHow come Unlock: Josephine an individual PlotRewards: Progresses Josephine’s personal PlotPreferred Specialist: Connections

Speakwith Minister Bellise at PartyHow come Unlock: Josephine personal PlotRewards: Progresses Josephine’s an individual PlotPreferred Specialist: Connections


DestroyingHouse the Repose’s ContractHow come Unlock: Unlocked as part of Josephine an individual Plot and a suggest in‘Underwold’ perkRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

Josephine Romance procedure Chain

GatherInformation on mr OtrantoHow come Unlock: Josephine romantic PlotRewards: Unlocks “You’re a family members of backstabbers.” conversation line during theduelPreferred Specialist: Secrets

ChallengeJosephine’s Fiancé come a DuelHow to Unlock: Josephine romance plot, difficulty her Fiance come a duelRewards: Unlocks envoy to begin duelPreferred Specialist: Forces

Findthe Old Montilyet family CrestHow come Unlock: Josephine Gift/Romance PlotRewards: Progresses ‘Heraldry indigenous a Herald’ questPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Josephine Operations

Strikea bargain with seller PrincesHow to Unlock: complete In your Heart chandelier BurnRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Connections

StopWar between Nevarra and TevinterHow to Unlock: finish Strike a bargain with seller PrincesRewards: Influence and also Blade the Tidarion Schematic (Trespasser DLC required)Preferred Specialist: Connections

Cassandra Operations

Locatethe lacking SeekersHow come Unlock: Cassandra personal PlotRewards: Influence and also unlocks ‘Promise that Destruction”Preferred Specialist: Secrets

Varric Operations

Hardin Hightown 3: Varric’s RevengeHow to Unlock: finish ‘Scout the Hinterlands’Rewards: Amulet of power (Varric), and also Varric ApprovalPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Hardin Hightown: The find for the Hack WriterHow come Unlock: complete ‘Hard in Hightown 3: Varric’s Revenge’ and relocatingto SkyholdRewards: Varric ApprovalPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Hardin Hightown: Unsavory ParallelsHow come Unlock: finish ‘Hard in Hightown: The search for the Hack Writer’Rewards: Amulet of strength (Varric), Varrical ApprovalPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Hardin Hightown: trouble in SkyholdHow come Unlock: finish ‘Hard in Hightown: Unsavory Parallels’ and either‘Wicked Eyes and also Wicked Hearts’, or ‘Here Lies the Abyss’Rewards: Varric Approval and also Sigil that the better Minstral (Trespasser DLCRequired)Preferred Specialist: Secrets

Hardin Hightown: Revenge that the vendors GuildHow come Unlock: complete ‘Hard in Hightown: problem in Skyhold’ with LelianaRewards: Varric ApprovalPreferred Specialist: Connections

Hardin Hightown: A Dagger in the BackHow to Unlock: finish ‘Hard in Hightown: trouble in Skyhold’ and also takeCullen’s pathRewards: Varric ApprovalPreferred Specialist: Forces

Hardin Hightown: A Worthy DwarfHow come Unlock: finish ‘Hard in Hightown: Revenge that the merchant Guild’Rewards: Ornate Bianca grip SchematicPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Hardin Hightown: No Dwarf much less WorthyHow to Unlock: complete ‘Hard in Hightown: A Dagger in the Back’Rewards: firm Bianca tight SchematicPreferred Specialist: Secrets

APresent because that BiancaHow to Unlock: available obtaining the ‘Eagle-Eyed’ perks in the tricks categoryRewards: Aiming module IIPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Blackwall Operations

Utilizethe Grey Warden TreatiesHow to Unlock: recruit BlackwallRewards: IronPreferred Specialist: Connections

Conscriptfor the InquisitionHow come Unlock: after ~ Haven is destroyed and Blackwall is recruitedRewards: round PommelPreferred Specialist: any type of Specialist (I choose Forces)

Blackwall’s an individual Plot

Rainier’sRelease: an AlternativeHow to Unlock: allude in ‘Underworld Knowledge’ in perks Rewards: Blackwall because that judgmentPreferred Specialist: Secrets

ThomRainier’s FateHow to Unlock: obtainable after speaking to Cullen in Val Royeaux during ‘Blackwall’sRevelations’ inner circle questRewards: her ChoicePreferred Specialist: your Choice

Blackwall Misc. Operations

TheConsequences the Blackwall’s LieHow come Unlock: check out Blackwallon the gallows in Val RoyeauxRewards: GoldPreferred Specialist: Forces

Sera operations (all provide SeraApproval)

ABattalion because that Sera and also VerchielHow come Unlock: Speak come Sera in SkyholdRewards: Influence and progresses ‘The Verchiel March’ questPreferred Specialist: Forces

RedJenny: Inquisition demands Beeees!How to Unlock: recruit SeraRewards: jug of Bees Grenade RecipePreferred Specialist: Forces

RedJenny states “Drop and Grab”How to Unlock: speak come Sera in ~ Haven (this mission becomes unavailable onceyou move to Skyhold)Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Connections

RedJenny Attends a PartyHow come Unlock: complete ‘The Verchiel March’Rewards: Unlocks ‘Red Jenny and the poor Goods’Preferred Specialist: Connections

RedJenny and the negative GoodsHow come Unlock: finish ‘Red Jenny Attends a Party’ and also claim one of CaerBronach, Griffon wing Keep, or Suledin KeepRewards: Amulet of strength (Sera)Preferred Specialist: Connections

ATrouble that Red JenniesHow come Unlock: complete Red Jenny and the negative GoodsRewards: Secrets: Unlocks ‘Red Jenny and also the Imposters’ or ‘Red Jenny and also theTantervale Charade’Preferred Specialist: any Specialist

RedJenny and the ImpostersHow come Unlock: finish ‘A trouble of Red Jennies’ making use of JosephineRewards: GoldPreferred Specialist: Secrets

RedJenny and also the trail (Nevarra)How come Unlock: finish ‘Red Jenny and also the Imposters’Rewards: Sera ApprovalPreferred Specialist: Forces

RedJenny and also the Tantervale CharadeHow to Unlock: complete ‘A trouble of Red Jennies’ using LelianaRewards: Sera ApprovalPreferred Specialist: Forces

RedJenny and also the trace (Tantervale)How to Unlock: finish ‘Red Jenny and the Tantervale Charade’Rewards: Noble Dueling SwordPreferred Specialist: Forces

RedJennies In/On the HuntHow come Unlock: complete ‘Red Jenny and also the Trail’Rewards: Sera ApprovalPreferred Specialist: Connections

The stole Bull Operations

ChooseSuccessor in LydesHow come Unlock: recruit Iron BullRewards: influence (All Specialists), Spindleweed(Secrets)Preferred Specialist: any type of Specialist

Inthis collection of operations, you can manipulate the events determining whobecomes the next fight it out of Lydes. There is no failing these operations.

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ChooseSuccessor in Lydes (Part II)How to Unlock:Complete ‘Choose follower in Lydes (Part I)’Rewards: affect (Connections), ancestral Shield that Lydes (Secrets),Ancestral blade of Lydes (Forces)Preferred Specialist: any Specialist

The steel Bull: Hunter fell OperationChain

InvestigateHunter FellHow to Unlock: recruit the stole Bull and relocate to SkyholdRewards: GoldPreferred Specialist: Secrets

ContinueInvestigationHow to Unlock: complete ‘Investigate Hunter Fell’Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

IdentifyVenatori AgentHow to Unlock: finish ‘Continue Investigation’Rewards: Influence and also Elfsnake VitaarPreferred Specialist: Secrets

The steel Bull: Venatori Fire ShipOperation Chain

FailedAssassination attempt InquiryHow to Unlock: complete ‘Demands the the Qun’ and also choosing come ally v theQunari, and completing ‘Here Lies theAbyss’ or ‘Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts’Rewards: firm Pommel SchematicPreferred Specialist: Secrets

FollowVenatori AssassinsHow to Unlock: finish ‘Failed Assassination attempt Inquiry’Rewards: Influence and Magister Fire StaffPreferred Specialist: Secrets

StopVenatori Fire ShipHow come Unlock: complete ‘Follow Venatori Assassins’Rewards: Influence and Templar command ArmorPreferred Specialist: Forces

The steel Bull: Venatori SpymasterOperation Chain

FindSpies in SkyholdHow to Unlock: finish ‘Stop Venatori Fire Ship’Rewards: Influence and Sigil of the huge (Trespasser DLC Required)Preferred Specialist: Secrets

TrackSpies in Val RoyeauxHow to Unlock: finish ‘Find Spies in Skyhold’Rewards: heavy Orlesian army ArmorPreferred Specialist: Forces

TrackSpies in Val ChevinHow to Unlock: finish ‘Track Spies in Val Royeaux’Rewards: Reinforced Bow SchematicPreferred Specialist: Secrets

TrackSpies in NevarraHow come Unlock: finish ‘Track Spies in Val Chevin’Rewards: Amulet of power (Dorian)Preferred Specialist: Secrets

TrackSpies in VyrantiumHow to Unlock: finish ‘Track Spies in Nevarra’Rewards: Masterwork Archon staff SchematicPreferred Specialist: Connections

DestroyVenatori Spy NetworkHow come Unlock: complete ‘Track Spies in Vyrantium’Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

The Bull’s Chargers procedure Chain

InvestigateRedcliffe CastleHow to Unlock: finish ‘Champions that the Just’, recruited iron Bull and also spokento KremRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

Dealwith Venatori AllyHow to Unlock: finish ‘Investigate Redcliffe Castle’ making use of LelianaRewards: Influence and also Belt of the Storm Pact (Trespasser DLC Requires)Preferred Specialist: Connections

InvestigateTherinfal RedoubtHow to Unlock: obtainable after ‘In Hushed Whispers’, recruited iron Bull andspoken come KremRewards: Red Lyrium, Amulets of strength (Iron Bull)Preferred Specialist: Secrets

HuntTherinfal Redoubt DemonHow come Unlock: complete ‘Investigate Therinfal Redoubt’ using LelianaRewards: Influence and also Intense heart EssencePreferred Specialist: Connections

ScoutHaven RuinsHow to Unlock: available after ‘From the Ashes’, recruited iron Bull and spokento KremRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Connections

LocateHeretic SisterHow come Unlock: finish ‘Scout Haven Ruins’ utilizing JosephineRewards: Influence, Diamond and The Bosun’s tongue (Trespasser DLC Required)Preferred Specialist: Connections

DestroyAdamant FortressHow come Unlock: accessible after ‘Here Lies the Abyss’, recruited iron Bull andspoken come KremRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

ClaimGrey Warden CacheHow to Unlock: finish ‘Destroy Adamant Fortress’ utilizing CullenRewards: Grey Warden Shield SchematicPreferred Specialist: Forces

MeetOrlesian MercenariesHow to Unlock: obtainable after ‘Wicked Eyes and also Wicked Hearts’, recruited IronBull and spoken to KremRewards: GoldPreferred Specialist: Connections

PressOrlesian NoblesHow to Unlock: finish ‘Meet Orlesian Mercenaries’ utilizing JosephineRewards: Gold, Sigil of the Deepstalker (Trespasser DLC Required)Preferred Specialist: Connections

InflateInquisition NumbersHow to Unlock: obtainable after ‘What Pride had actually Wrought’, recruited stole Bulland spoken to KremRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

FollowVenatori MapHow to Unlock: finish ‘Inflate Inquisition Numbers’ using LelianaRewards: Sentinel staff SchematicPreferred Specialist: Forces

Vivienne Operations

Truthor Dare: The royal CourtHow to Unlock: recruitment Vivienne prior to ‘Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts’Rewards: Influence and also Vivienne ApprovalPreferred Specialist: Connections

Truthor Dare: Lake CelestineHow to Unlock: complete ‘Truth or Dare: The imperial Court’ and also either ‘InHushed Whispers’ or ‘Champions of the Just’Rewards: Influence and also Vivienne ApprovalPreferred Specialist: Connections

Truthor Dare: See and Be SeenHow come Unlock: complete ‘Truth or Dare: Lake Celestine’ making use of Josephine’s pathRewards: Gold and Vivienne ApprovalPreferred Specialist: Connections

Truthor Dare: A danger GameHow to Unlock: finish ‘Truth or Dare: Lake Celestine’ using Leliana’s pathRewards: Influence and Vivienne ApprovalPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Truthor Dare: The EndgameHow to Unlock: finish ‘Truth or Dare: See and also Be Seen’ and ‘Wicked eyes andWicked Hearts’Rewards: Amulet of power (Vivienne) and Vivienne ApprovalPreferred Specialist: Connections

Dorian Operations

Dorian’sRequestHow come Unlock: accessible after strike on Haven, presume Dorian has beenrecruited and also the Inquisition is location 4 or higherRewards: Influence and Unlocks ‘One less Venatori’ companion questPreferred Specialist: Secrets

HelpPonchard de LieuxHow come Unlock: Dorian Romance/Gift PlotRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Connections

AFriend in QarinusHow to Unlock: recruitment DorianRewards: Apostate staff Blade SchematicPreferred Specialist: Connections

TheTevinter ResistanceHow come Unlock: inquisition location 6 or higherRewards: intensified Chain Lightning RingPreferred Specialist: Forces

Cole Operations

LocateRhys and also EvangelineHow to Unlock: speak come Cole about Rhys and also Evangeline in ~ SkyholdRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

DeployRhys and also EvangelineHow come Unlock: finish Locate Rhys and also EvangelineRewards: Influence, and also Spirit EssencePreferred Specialist: Forces

ObtainAmulet for ColeHow come Unlock: get an amulet for Cole as component of his personal plotRewards: AmuletPreferred Specialist: Connections

Dagna Missions

Acquirethe ArcanistHow come Unlock: accessible after arrival at SkyholdRewards: recruit DagnaPreferred Specialist: Secrets

TheArcanist and also the FadeHow to Unlock: completed “Into the Abyss” and spoken with DagnaRewards: Bianca Aiming II (Enhanced) SchematicPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Dagna: Overdue PenaltiesHow come Unlock: completing ‘The Arcanist and the Fade’ missionRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

Dagna:Mind your MentorHow come Unlock: perfect ‘The Arcanist and the Fade’ missionRewards: Influence and also Sigil of the Chevalier (Trespasser DLC Required)Preferred Specialist: Forces

Michel de Chevin operation Group

AssigningMichel de ChevinHow come Unlock: assisted Michel in Emprise du Lion and also gained him together an agentRewards: Enchanter staff SchematicPreferred Specialist: any type of Specialist (I favor Forces)

Reconciliationfor Celene and also MichelHow come Unlock: completed Assigning Michel de Chevin, perfect ‘Wicked eyes andWicked Hearts’ v Celene retaining the throne that OrlaisRewards: GoldPreferred Specialist: Forces

RestoringMichel de Chevin’s HonorHow to Unlock: completed Assigning Michel de Chevin, perfect ‘Wicked eye andWicked Hearts’ with Gaspard on the throne that OrlaisRewards: affect or Sigil that the Revenant (Trespasser DLC Required)Preferred Specialist: Forces

The Crew procedure Chain

Newto the Crew: A Young HopefulHow to Unlock: Speak come Sutherland in the 2nd floor that the Inn atSkyholdPreferred Specialist: Forces

APatrol for the CrewHow come Unlock: Complete brand-new to the Crew: A Young optimistic with Cullen. Speak toSutherland in ~ Skyhold and tell that to store training. Telling Sutherland to return the equipment will end the procedure chain.Preferred Specialist: Forces

Outfittingthe CrewHow to Unlock: finish A Patrol for the Crew. Speak to Sutherland at SkyholdRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

ATest that Mettle and also the CrewHow come Unlock: finish Outfitting the Crew. Speak to Sutherland and his crewat SkyholdRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

ACrew of AmbassadorsHow to Unlock: complete A check of Mettle and also the Crew, and also used Leliana. Speakto Sutherland and also his crew in ~ SkyholdRewards: Notched Longbow GripPreferred Specialist: Secrets

ACrew that AdventurersHow come Unlock: Storm coast open. Complete A Crew that Ambassadors. Speak toSutherland and also his crew in ~ SkyholdRewards: for sure Two-Handed HaftPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Sutherlandand agency MissingHow to Unlock: complete A Crew that Adventurers. Walk to speak come Sutherland, butfind Rat in your placeRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

ACompany that HeroesHow come Unlock: finish Sutherland and also Company missing and properly rescuethe team ~ above the Storm CoastRewards: heavy ShieldPreferred Specialist: any kind of Specialist

Mage Allies operation Chain

Reclaimingthe Mage RebellionHow to Unlock: complete ‘In Hushed Whispers’ and also allying through magesRewards: enhanced Amulet of MagicPreferred Specialist: any Specialist

Reparationsfor RedcliffeHow come Unlock: finish reclaiming the Mage Rebellion and also either ‘Here Lies theAbyss’ or ‘Wicked Eyes and also Wicked Hearts’Rewards: GoldPreferred Specialist: Forces

TheArl’s InvitationHow to Unlock: finish Reparations because that RedcliffeRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

Mage Prisoners procedure Chain

Informationfrom the grand EnchanterHow to Unlock: finish ‘In Hushed Whispers’ and also take mages together prisonersRewards: Amulet of strength (Solas)Preferred Specialist: Secrets

TheExtremistsHow to Unlock: finish Information from the grand Enchanter and also ‘Here Lies theAbyss’Rewards: GoldPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Misc Mage Missions

Answera request from HasmalHow come Unlock: completed ‘In Hushed Whispers’Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

Templar prisoner Operations

Negotiatewith Hasmal’s TemplarsHow to Unlock: complete ‘Champions of Just’ by acquisition Templars as prisonersRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

Templar allied Operations

TheOrder’s ObligationsHow to Unlock: finish ‘Champions that Just’ and ally v the TemplarsRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

Templar Misc. Missions

Rumorsof MaleficarumHow come Unlock: completing ‘Champions of the Just’ and also relocating come SkyholdRewards: Corrupting RunePreferred Specialist: Forces

FalseAccusationsHow to Unlock:Completing ‘Rumors of Maleficarum’Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Connections

Confrontthe Mages in the Wending WoodHow to Unlock:Complete ‘False Accusations’Rewards: Templar Shield SchematicPreferred Specialist: Forces

Ser Barris procedure Chain

SaveVal Colline indigenous the VenatoriHow to Unlock: Make sure Ser Barris survives ‘Champions that the Just’ andrelocating to SkyholdRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

HaveSer Barris Lead against DemonsHow to Unlock: complete ‘Val Colline native the Venatori’Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

InvestigateMan Accused the AbominationHow to Unlock: complete ‘Have Ser Barris Lead versus Demons’Rewards: Influence and unlocks ‘Promoting Barris’Preferred Specialist: Connections

Samson Operations

FindingSamson’s WeaknessHow to Unlock: Unlocked Dagna, component of Samsons nemesis plotRewards: Influence, progresses ‘Before the Dawn’Preferred Specialist: Connections

BringSamson to Skyhold because that JudgmentHow come Unlock: completed ‘What Pride had actually Wrough’ through Samson as NemesisRewards: Samson for JudgmentPreferred Specialist: Forces

Calpernia Operations

PlantCrystal in Venatori HeadquartersHow to Unlock: ar a memory decision in Venatori Headquarters as component ofCalpernia nemesis quest, ‘Under her Skin’Rewards: Progresses ‘Under she Skin’Preferred Specialist: Secrets

Grey Warden allied Operations

Protect Val Gamord indigenous DarkspawnHow to Unlock: Recruiting the Grey WardensRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

FindSource that Darkspawn AttacksHow to Unlock: finish ‘Protect Val Gamord indigenous Darkspawn’Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

PursueMarquise BouffonHow to Unlock: complete ‘Find resources of Darkspawn Attacks’Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

DefeatMarquise BouffonHow come Unlock: complete ‘Pursue Marquise Bouffon’Rewards: track of the MarshesPreferred Specialist: Connections

DestroyDarkspawn OutbreakHow to Unlock: complete ‘Defeat Marquise Bouffon’Rewards: Master-Demon Slaying Rune and also Griffon Robes Schematic (Trespasser DLCRequired)Preferred Specialist: Forces

Grey Wardens Exiled

InvestigateVal GamordHow come Unlock: Exile Grey Wardens in ‘Here Lies the Abyss’Rewards: Influence and also Darkspawn Alpha GreataxePreferred Specialist: Forces

DriveDarkspawn from Val GamordHow come Unlock: complete ‘Investigate Val Gamord’Rewards: Influence and also Masterwork Etched Greatsword grip SchematicPreferred Specialist: Connections

SearchMines in Gamordan PeaksHow come Unlock: finish ‘Drive Darkspawn from Val Gamord’ making use of JosephineRewards: Influence and Battlemage employee SchematicPreferred Specialist: Secrets

From the imperial Palace

AFavor ReturnedHow come Unlock: Make sure Empress Celene survives in Halamshiral and also remainsruler the Orlais without reconciling withBriala or blackmail to cooperate v GaspardRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Connections

AGift indigenous the imperial PalaceHow to Unlock: Empress Celene and Briala reconcileRewards: Amulet or power (Inquisitor)Preferred Specialist: Connections

AWhisper from Behind the ThroneHow come Unlock: perfect Halamshiral through siding with Briala blackmailingGaspardRewards: Miniature MaskPreferred Specialist: Secrets

AnInvitation native the EmperorHow come Unlock: perfect Halamshiral and also siding with GaspardRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

DelicateNegotiationsHow to Unlock: completing Wicked Eyes, evil HeartsRewards: Influence and AvengerPreferred Specialist: Connections

Kirkwall operation Group

AnAlly native StarkhavenHow to Unlock: perfect ‘In Hushed Whispers’ or ‘Champions that the Just’, if aworld state whereby Sebastian to be recruited was importedRewards: GoldPreferred Specialist: Connections

AidingKirkwallHow come Unlock: perfect ‘An ally from Starkhaven’ mission, perfect ‘Intothe Abyss’ and also ‘Wicked Eyes and also Wicked Hearts’ quests , a people state whereAnders to be executed to be importedRewards: Influence and also Andruil’s Gift (Trespasser DLC Required)Preferred Specialist: Connections

AnnexingKirkwallHow to Unlock: completing ‘An allied from Starkhaven’ mission, completing ‘Intothe Abyss’ and also ‘Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts’ quests, a civilization state whereAnders resides was importedRewards: The Knight’s 2nd (Trespasser DLC Required)Preferred Specialist: Forces

Serault operation Chain

InvestigateSeraultHow come Unlock: investigate Serault and Hinterlands area openedRewards: GoldPreferred Specialist: any type of Specialist

Searchfor the lost in SeraultHow come Unlock:Haven destroyed, Josephine’s emissary sent to make contact in ‘InvestigateSerault’Rewards: Prophet’s Laurel and Serault GlassPreferred Specialist: Secrets

QuellUnrest in SeraultHow come Unlock:Haven destroyed, Leliana’s spies sent to make call in ‘Investigate Serault’Rewards: Gold and also Serault GlassPreferred Specialist: Forces

Kal-Sharok procedure Chain

DwarvenSlaves in Venatori HandsHow to Unlock: ‘Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts’ or ‘Here Lies the Abyss’,Inquisition rank 4Rewards: GoldPreferred Specialist: Secrets

AnOffer the Help, on their TermsHow come Unlock: ‘Dwarven servants in the hands of Venatori’, Inquisition rank 6Rewards: Aiming Module IIIPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Executors operation Chain

Investigatethe strange Chalk MarkingsHow to Unlock: plenty of perks in SecretsRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

Unmask“Those throughout the Sea”How come Unlock: completed Investigate the strange Chalk MarkingsRewards: grasp Demon-Slaying RunePreferred Specialist: Forces

Crows procedure Chain

InvestigateLord Enzo the AntivaHow come Unlock: complete either ‘Wicked Eyes and also Wicked Hearts’ or ‘Here Lies theAbyss’Rewards: Masterwork Imbued employee GripPreferred Specialist: Secrets

AnOffer native the CrowsHow to Unlock: complete ‘Investigate mr Enzo of Antiva’Rewards: Masterwork Mabari GripPreferred Specialist: Secrets

AMissing AssassinHow come Unlock: completed ‘An sell from the Crows’. Zevran to be recruited inDragon Age: Origins, is quiet alive and was no romancing the WardenRewards: wooden Crow FigurinePreferred Specialist: Secrets

Wordfrom the CrowsHow to Unlock: made decision Cullen in ‘An offer from the Crows’ or walk not have therequirements because that ‘A lacking Assassin’ because Zevran is no alive or is turn off withthe Hero of FereldenRewards: break-up PommelPreferred Specialist: Secrets

ALead indigenous the CrowsHow to Unlock: completed ‘Word native the Crows’Rewards: Glass Fox, and InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

Wordfrom Zevran ArainaiHow to Unlock: decided Leliana in ‘A absent Assassin’Rewards: break-up Pommel, and InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

Evadingthe CrowsHow to Unlock: completed ‘Word native Zevran Arainai’Rewards: crow TotemPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Skyhold peaceful Operations

ContinuingHer Predecessor’s WorkHow come Unlock: Speak v the calm researcher in SkyholdRewards: Corrupting RunePreferred Specialist: Secrets

ContinuingResearchHow come Unlock: complete ‘Continuing she Predecessor’s Work’ and speak through theTranquil researcher in SkyholdRewards: grasp Corrupting RunePreferred Specialist: Connections

Skyhold update Missions

Titheof the FaithfulHow to Unlock: Chantry upgraded in SkyholdRewards:Preferred Specialist: N/A

TheArchives of MontfortHow come Unlock: Chantry upgraded in SkyholdRewards: Masterwork well balanced Pommel Schematic and Cassandra ApprovalPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Eyesof the MakerHow to Unlock: Chantry upgraded in SkyholdRewards: yellow Bracelet and Cassandra ApprovalPreferred Specialist: Forces

Harvestof HistoryHow come Unlock: Speak Elan Ve"malin the top courtyardRewards: Garnet, Sigil of the Arcane fear (Trespasser DLC required)Preferred Specialist: Connections

Wedding partnerships Operation Chain

Alliances:Observing the DeadlockHow to Unlock: Relocate come Skyhold (if that doesn’t appear yet, quick travel toanother area and also then ago to Skyhold)Rewards: GoldPreferred Specialist: any type of Specialist (I choose Connections)

Alliances:Getting points MovingHow to Unlock: ‘Alliances: Observing the Deadlock’ complete. Perfect ‘WickedEyes and Wicked Hearts’ or ‘Here Lies the Abyss’Rewards: Influence and also Sigil of the Gamordan Stormride (Trespasser DLCRequired)Preferred Specialist: Connections

Alliances:The Old security ForwardHow come Unlock: complete ‘Alliances: gaining Things Moving’ with CullenRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

Alliances:Falling into PlaceHow to Unlock: complete ‘Alliances: The Old safety Forward’Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

Alliances:With Impassioned PleasHow come ‘Unlock: finish Alliances: Falling into Place’ with Cullen. Perfect ‘WickedEyes and Wicked Hearts’ and also ‘Here Lies the Abyss’Rewards: Ornamented BroochPreferred Specialist: Connections

Alliances:Forging a method ForwardHow come Unlock: complete ‘Alliances: getting Things Moving’ through JosephineRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

Alliances:Reaching ever UpwardHow come Unlock: complete ‘Alliances: Forging a way Forward’Rewards: Amulet of strength (Vivienne)Preferred Specialist: Connections

Alliances:From the HeartHow come Unlock: ‘Complete Alliances: Falling right into Place with Josephine’ or ‘Alliances:Reaching ever Upward’ through Josephine. Completed ‘Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts’and ‘Here Lies the Abyss’Rewards: Ornamented BroochPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Alliances:With upset EyesHow come Unlock: complete ‘Alliances: Reaching ever before Upward’ v Leliana.Completed ‘Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts’ and also ‘Here Lies the Abyss’Rewards: Ornamented BroochPreferred Specialist: Connections

Regional Operations

LocateWeapon of Tyrdda Bright-AxeHow come Unlock: locate all the Landmarks in all Wildernesses of the HinterlandsRewards: Tyrdda’s StaffPreferred Specialist: Forces

BuildWatchtowersHow come Unlock: obtainable in the Hinterlands ~ scouting places forwatchtowers in the Farmland security questRewards: Progresses ‘Farmland Security’Preferred Specialist: Forces

RedTemplars on the Storm CoastHow come Unlock: Unlocked Stormcoast and also at least level 16Rewards: Unlocks new area on the StormcoastPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Reportsof Darkspawn ActivityHow come Unlock: Bandits cleared the end of StormcoastRewards: start ‘Keeping the Darkspawn Down’Preferred Specialist: Forces

AnOffer native the chisels of HessarianHow to Unlock: encouraged the bandits in the storm coast to ally v theinquisitionRewards: Engraved PommelPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Restorethe harbor on the Storm CoastHow come Unlock: asserted the port landmark in the StormcoastRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: any type of Specialist (I favor Forces)

Securea path through the FrostbacksHow to Unlock: killed the Avvar chief in the Fallow MireRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

EscapeRoutes for Agents in CrestwoodHow come Unlock:Capture the store in CrestwoodRewards: GoldPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Exposethe dual AgentHow to Unlock: perfect “High Stakes” pursuit in CrestwoodRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

Rescuethe SpyHow come Unlock: record Caer Bronach and also speak through the two spies at thecampfireRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

ToServe any type of MasterHow come Unlock: Crestwood unlockedRewards: yellow Necklace and also Sigil of Lyrium (Trespasser DLC Required)Preferred Specialist: Connections

FindCrestwood’s MayorHow to Unlock: accessible after completing ‘Still Waters’ in CrestwoodRewards: market Dedrick because that judgmentPreferred Specialist: Forces

Securea resource of Water because that OutpostHow come Unlock: insurance claim Griffon soup fortress in the west ApproachRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

Dealwith the upset VarghestsHow come Unlock: certain a source of Water for station completedRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

ImprovingMoraleHow to Unlock: case Griffon wing fortressRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

AllThat GlittersHow come Unlock: declared Griffon soup fortressRewards: wide Greatsword SchematicPreferred Specialist: Forces

Translatethe Dragon TextHow come Unlock: Western strategy Laboratory dungeon completeRewards: new Area Unlocked in the western ApproachPreferred Specialist: Connections

Findthe source of DarkspawnHow to Unlock: found the slave PitsRewards: Grants accessibility to Coracavus in the western ApproachPreferred Specialist: Forces

Crossingthe Sulphur PitsHow come Unlock: Locate and also mark the Sulphur Pits in the west ApproachRewards: accessibility through the Sulphur PitsPreferred Specialist: Forces

GainAccess to Ghilan’nain’s GroveHow to Unlock: case Ghilan’nain’s Landmark in Emerald GravesRewards: Unlocks Ghilan’nain’s GrovePreferred Specialist: Forces

ManageStolen Freemen PropertyHow to Unlock: Fairbanks relocated to Argons Lodge, Presented proof to FairbanksRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Connections

Capitalizeon Alliance v FairbanksHow to Unlock: completed Halamshiral, Fairbanks has moved come Argons Lodge, Presentedevidence come ClaraRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

DrawOut the Red Templar LieutenantHow to Unlock: Fairbanks relocated to Argons LodgeRewards: Unlocks ‘A Puppet Master’ questPreferred Specialist: Forces

RepairPont AgurHow come Unlock: asserted the Pont Agur Landmark in the Exalted PlainsRewards: Unlocks ‘For the Empire’ questPreferred Specialist: Forces

AGolden OpportunityHow come Unlock: asserted Suledin KeepRewards: Anderfels Cleaver SchematicPreferred Specialist: Connections

Dealwith mr Basile MaronHow come Unlock: claimed Suledin KeepRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Connections

Rumorsof the Sulevin BladeHow to Unlock: finish ‘Ruined Blade’ side quest in Emprise du LionRewards: Unlocks The Cradle that Sulevin ~ above the world MapPreferred Specialist: Secrets

RestoreJudicael’s CrossingHow come Unlock: claimed the Judicael’s cross landmark in Emprise du LionRewards: opens up up area in Emprise du LionPreferred Specialist: Forces

HireFormer slaves as paid WorkersHow come Unlock: Helped totally free the slaves in Hissing WastesRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

Researchthe fine of SorrowsHow to Unlock: perfect the temple of Mythal and also have the ‘Arcane Knowledge’perkRewards: Influence and also Sentinel plate (Trespasser DLC Required)Preferred Specialist: any Specialist

Other Operations

Addressa Nobleman’s ConcernsHow come Unlock: Hinterlands open. This operation is only available if you have not completed In your Heart candlestick BurnRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Connections

TheCult of AndrasteHow to Unlock: accessible at HavenRewards: Lifeward AmuletPreferred Specialist: Secrets

TheSecrets the AndrasteHow to Unlock: perfect ‘The Cult of Andraste’ missionRewards: Gold and also opens ‘Upon the Waking Sea’Preferred Specialist: Connections

Uponthe Waking SeaHow come Unlock: completing ‘The keys of Andraste’ mission and also Influence Levelof at the very least 4Rewards: Figurine of Armored AndrastePreferred Specialist: Forces

TheTeyrn the HigheverHow come Unlock: reconnaissance the HinterlandsRewards: Ferelden Captain LongswordPreferred Specialist: Forces

TheChantry RemainsHow to Unlock: accessible after perfect ‘The danger Remains’Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Connections

TheUniversity of OrlaisHow to Unlock: finish ‘The Chantry Remains’(successful), and ‘In HushedWhispers’ or ‘Champions of the Just’Rewards: Orlesian military Warrior Armor SchematicPreferred Specialist: Connections

GrandCleric IonaHow come Unlock: complete ‘The Chantry Remains’(unsuccessful) and also ‘In HushedWhispers’ or ‘Champions that the Just’Rewards: Influence and also Amulet that Power(Cassandra)Preferred Specialist: Forces

TheArl that RedcliffeHow come Unlock: ‘Champions of the Just’ and ‘In her Heart shall Burn’ completeRewards: ObsidianPreferred Specialist: Forces

SecureMore Lyrium for the TemplarsHow to Unlock: choose the dialogue alternative “Not now. They require lyrium” duringthe final dialogue in the Haven Chantry at the finish of ‘Champions that the Just’.Requires ‘Underworld Knowledge’ perk.Rewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

Nobilityand CasualtyHow come Unlock: completed ‘Champions of the Just’Rewards: Amulet of power (Blackwall) and also InfluencePreferred Specialist: any kind of Specialist (I prefer Connections)

Powerfor a PriceHow come Unlock: Relocated come Skyhold and also Influence level 6 or higherRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

AMemorial for HavenHow to Unlock: Relocated to Skyhold and also Influence Level at the very least 5Rewards: Edgy Dagger GripPreferred Specialist: Forces

TheSerpent that NevarraHow come Unlock: Inquisition location 5, At least 3 tricks perksRewards: Magisterial ice Staff and also InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

GainOrzammar’s FriendshipHow to Unlock: have a keep import where Harrowmont is king, and relocated toSkyholdRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Connections

Shadowsover DenerimHow come Unlock: affect of Level 5 or greater and has relocated to SkyholdRewards: Fereldan Medallion of Service and also InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

Celebratethe DragonslayingHow to Unlock: easily accessible after death your an initial dragonRewards: Superb Amulet of WillpowerPreferred Specialist: Connections

LearnMore about DragonsHow come Unlock: death the 3 High dragon in Emprise du Lion and also recruit Fredericof Serault together an AgentRewards: Diamond and Prismatic Greataxe Schematic (Requires Trespasser DLC)Preferred Specialist: Secrets

ImprovedStabilityHow to Unlock: closed ¼th of all fade riftsRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

Supportfrom NevarraHow come Unlock: ¾ths of all Fade rifts closedRewards: Nevarran Toy SoldierPreferred Specialist: Connections

MeasureVeil StrengthHow to Unlock: triggered at least 15 ancient elven artifactsRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Forces

JusticeOverflowingHow come Unlock: fill the jail in SkyholdRewards: InfluencePreferred Specialist: Secrets

ContactHero of FereldenHow to Unlock: income a human being state in i m sorry The Warden survivedRewards: intensified Belt that HealthPreferred Specialist: Secrets

TheName of our EnemyHow come Unlock: Relocated to SkyholdRewards: tide Blade SchematicPreferred Specialist: Connections

HouseAmladarisHow to Unlock: complete ‘The name of our Enemy’ and also ‘Wicked Eyes and WickedHearts’Rewards: understand Spirit RunePreferred Specialist: Connections

Watcherin the WingsHow to Unlock: completing ‘Wicked Eyes and also Wicked Hearts’Rewards: crow Dual-bladePreferred Specialist: Secrets

Negotiatea transaction for Weapon PlansHow come Unlock: perfect ‘Wicked Eyes and also Wicked Hearts’Rewards: Masterwork Sentinel Shield Schematic (Connections), Anderfels CleaverSchematic (Secrets)Preferred Specialist: Leliana has actually a far better outcome, however it really relies onwhich schematic you want (I choose Secrets)

TheCollege of MagiHow to Unlock: Inquisition rank 7, ‘Into the Abyss’ or ‘Wicked Eyes and WickedHearts’ completeRewards: affect and intensified Lifeward AmuletPreferred Specialist: Secrets

Stopthe RumorsHow to Unlock: Completd ‘Here Lies the Abyss’ and also ‘Wicked Eyes and also WickedHearts’, and speak come MarydenRewards: Influence and Greatest hits (requires Trespasser DLC)Preferred Specialist: Secrets

Openingthe RoadsHow to Unlock: capture all 3 key KeepsRewards: Royale Sea Silk, Stormheart, Wyvern Scales, and also Arbor BlessingPreferred Specialist: any Specialist (I choose Secrets)

NotSo Bonny SimsHow come Unlock: Unlock ‘The brief List’ Perk, complete ‘Here Lies the Abyss’ and‘Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts’Rewards: GoldPreferred Specialist: any kind of Specialist

BestowMourning HallaHow come Unlock: complete ‘The Knight’s Tomb’ quest and also give the account of RedCrossing come the DalishRewards: Rashvine and Chromatic Greatsword (Trespasser DLC Required)Preferred Specialist: Secrets