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residence culture 'Dragon sphere Super' episode 119 release date, spoilers: Vegeta in peril of being got rid of as cosmos 4 begins with their master setup

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The tournament of strength arc that "Dragon round Super" has actually taken a heart-pounding, albeit saddening, revolve as 2 of the competing universe themes were removed all in ~ once. Still, the competition is still much from over as Goku and the rest of the world 7 fighters have more enemies to take it down. In illustration 119, the cosmos 4 God that Destruction, Quitela, has a master setup in keep for the Z warriors in order come defeat universe 7.

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According come the recent reports, "Dragon sphere Super" illustration 119 is titled "Unavoidable?! The Fierce Stealth Attack!!," and also it will attribute the universe 7 team being challenged by a powerful opponent from cosmos 4. Originally, the location of the upcoming episode was "Another Victim from world 7! universe 4 it s okay Serious!!," but for part reason, the production determined to replace it. Based on the very first reported title, it appears that one of Goku's friends will be in good danger.

Anyone in the cosmos 7 team could be at threat of being eliminated from the game, given how powerful their enemies are from each participating world in the tournament of Power. However, the rumors are rife the the world 7 fighter that can be the next casualty is Vegeta. 

To recap the previous illustration of "Dragon sphere Super," Vegeta went against Katopesla of world 4. The extension of their fight is supposed in illustration 119, although it shows up that the Saiyan prince will power victorious in your fight. Specifics Katopesla will certainly be automatically defeated through Vegeta together the former tripped his method out that the arena, which means that the is out of the tournament. However, another Universe 4 warrior will action up, and also this time around, the world 7 team will be in danger.

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The latest cosmos 4 fighter is named Gamisaras, and also based on the illustration 119 synopsis, the is known as an invisible warrior with an capability to use stealth mode to get rid of his enemies. His stealth technique is so unique that also his ki will be undetectable when he walk invisible. This makes Gamisaras one of the most daunting foes so far in "Dragon round Super."

The plot prediction because that "Dragon ball Super" illustration 119 claims that Gamisaras will shot to get rid of Gohan and Vegeta indigenous the video game by advertise them off the arena. Luckily, both cosmos 7 battle aircraft will have the ability to stand their ground, if Android 18 will be the only one who deserve to feel the stealth fighter's surprise attacks. 

Universe 4 has actually no plans of going following after universe 2 and 6. Quitela is also expected to set her master plan in movement to take it down universe 7, which shows up to be the frontrunner of the competition of Power. Of course, the world 7 God of damage Beerus will certainly not enable Quitela come beat him, especially because the two deities are recognized to it is in mortal enemies.