You can take manage of my mind and body, but there’s one point that a Saiyan constantly keeps. His PRIDE!

Remember this words of impetus that make us fall in love through Vegeta as soon as we to be kids?

The recently released Dragon ball Super chapter literally resonated the very same words and proved once again exactly how true castle were.

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Vegeta pulled turn off a whole new transformation with the sheer intensity of his ego and also fought Granolah single-handedly.

Can Vegeta defeat Granolah and snatch away the title of cosmos 7’s the strongest fighter from him? We bring you the recent chapter updates of this manga.

1. Thing 76 raw Scans and Spoilers

Raw scans and draft pages for Chapter 76 of the Dragon sphere Super manga have already been released. More scans will more than likely be exit by September 16, so nothing forget to examine back.

Dragon ball Super thing 76 very first draft. #dbspoilers more coming tomorrow.

— Dragon sphere Hype. (

In the drafts, Vegeta is seen lying top top the ground and also is in a pretty dreadful state. It appears that he took also much damages to recover within this fight, and also Granolah won’t hesitate to take full advantage of this situation.

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2. Thing 76 Release date

Chapter 76 the the Dragon sphere Super manga has been exit on Monday, Sep 20, 2021 in ~ 9:30 am PDT.

Since this manga runs on a monthly schedule, brand-new chapters are greatly released ~ above the 20th of every month.

I. Is Dragon sphere Super ~ above a break This Month?

No, chapter 76 will be released as per that is schedule. No such delay is announced.

Dragon sphere Super manga is released under Ultra jump magazine, a magazine the comes the end on the 20th the every month.

3. Thing 76 Speculation

In thing 76, the momentum of this battle will again transition back to Granolah. Vegeta’s only hope of survive is the solitary senzu bean that he has, but we know exactly how much Vegeta no to rely on together shortcuts.

Dragon round Super, Ch. 75: Crackling with fury and also power, Vegeta unleashes every little thing on Granolah! will he survive? check out it totally free from the main source!

— Shonen run (

We may even get to watch Goku getting back on his feet and also assisting Vegeta. For those who desire Goku and also Vegeta to team up as they did versus Jiren, don’t lose your hope simply yet.

On the various other hand, the Heeters will be searching for the Dragon balls to get the divine powers if the Universe’s 3 strongest fighters space busy fighting each other.

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