Goku and Beerus’ grueling God battle comes come its conclusion? go the earth get destroyed? Read and find out!

By Daniel Kurland | April 16, 2017 | | comment count:0

This Dragon ball Super review includes spoilers.

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Dragon sphere Super episode 14

“Just since you’re a God doesn’t typical you gain to decide a who limits.”

And therefore ends the fight of those whacky Gods!

After plenty of episodes worth of fighting, this fight ultimately ran that is course. The installment starts with goku in a serious disadvantage. After ~ the occasions of last episode, Goku’s God powers show up to be missing and he’s left v the abilities of a common ol’ supervisor Saiyan in ~ his disposal currently (and give thanks to God Vegeta’s been standing quiet for four episodes now to record the male when that falls). Unsurprisingly, beerus knocks goku out with extremely minimal effort and also begins his job-related to damage the planet. Company as usual for a God the Destruction.

It’s useful here the at least the last leg the Goku and Beerus’ struggle is a beautiful sight to behold. Watching them go back and soon while tearing increase the ocean floor provides for a an excellent juxtaposition to every one of the fighting that’s taken location in outer an are lately. It additionally doesn’t pains to check out Goku so woefully outclassed throughout this fight and also the grander expose that Beerus was still most likely “playing” through many of this fight. Do no mistake, in this battle of Gods goku is undeniably the loser (which takes part guts top top the show’s part), it simply tries to reverse this decision as soon as it provides it.

When push pertains to shove here, goku manages come focus all of his energy into one final Kamehameha to respond to Beerus’ Earth devastation attack. That succeeds in his initiatives (because that course), but fully drains those left of his energy in the process. The Earth could be saved, however Goku is certain in peril of now being killed by the God that Destruction. Moment of his life and also glimpses the his family and also friends even flash prior to the Saiyan’s eyes as he plummets to his doom.

Or not.

The illustration pulls an incredibly lame trick end on that audience as its resolution. There have been plenty of war in the Dragon Ball canon that have gone out v disappointing conclusions, but this one is borderline insulting and also reeks of cowardice. It’s at first deeply disappointing to discover that this fight end by Beerus just falling sleep after expending also much power (it’s revealed that Beerus is usually one huge child whose habits consist that sleeping, eating, and watching anime). Well, at the very least when beerus wakes up and Goku has his energy revitalized this fight will have the ability to continue, right? not so much.

Whis notifies everyone that Beerus’ nap will be for this reason restorative that he’ll actually forget all about his trip to Earth and his plans to damage it. All of this is pretty ridiculous till the illustration tips its hat to the truth that beerus is actually faking his sleep. He’s acting this method in order to maintain Earth’s divine cuisine, but it’s a pretty sad out for a villain the was portrayed as being much more ruthless 보다 Frieza and Majin Buu combined. 

In reality, what’s likely going on right here is that Akira Toriyama wanted to save Beerus in the picture after his introductory arc, through this being response that permits for the to occur with neither goku nor bius needing come die. The being said, Toriyama additionally knew what he was gaining into below with his direction for the series to uncover increasingly more powerful foes. That surely could have found a better solution below than who feigning slumber, or if not, he shouldn’t have set the stakes for this reason insurmountably high in the very first place.

With Beerus and also Whis return to your planet, the Earth appears to it is in temporarily safe. Currently Goku is ultimately able to emphasis on what’s important here, Bulma’s birthday party. The gang needs to view that Vegeta is just as competitive in a video game of bingo as he is top top the battlefield.

So that successfully marks the finish of Dragon sphere Super’s very first arc. Granted, the next few installments are still an extremely much dealing with the after-effects of Beerus and also the universal have the right to of worms that he opens up up on Earth, however this fight of god is officially over. Overall, these an initial 14 episodes space a perfectly adequate reintroduction come the world of Dragon Ball. It’s pretty much specifically what viewers should have expected, v the continuation series being guilty of copying its progenitor’s best and also worst habits. If you interested completely in action, checking out the Battle the Gods film can be the far better route because that viewers (with the very same being true of the show’s next arc and its film counterpart). It’s there is no a doubt the more polished and also impressive variation of the two, but part of the Dragon Ball endure is having the wind in her sails taken the end by ridiculous, “useless” installments prefer Vegeta walk on a family members vacation. Admittedly, this very first arc is absolutely Dragon ball Super’s clumsiest, so if you’re quiet on the fence about moving forward into the show’s following saga, the storytelling and also pacing go improve. At the very least the show’s following episode won’t simply be the 1/8th the a fight between two people.

Plus, we recognize that at any time a huge battle wraps up and a significant obstacle is get over on this present that it instantly jumps right into the following piece of activity and adventure.

Just kidding.

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Hope you guys like her filler and also the return that Frieza, everyone’s favorite villain who just won’t remain dead.

Dragon round Super’s dub proceeds to wait on Saturdays in ~ 8pm ~ above Adult Swim, and also 11:30pm in your Toonami block