Hey, I recognize it’s to be a while, but guess what!! i still like genitals connecting with various other genitals! Let’s talk Slipshine, and see who has to stay behind ~ class! Spoilers: It’s wang!


Title: Head that The Class

Pairing: Sal/Jason

Appearances By: Sal, Jason

Yeah, we’re doing one of the simple“just 2 people” comics. What deserve to I say, they’re easy! as with Jason OOH BURN JASON. (Don’t in reality burn Jason.) I’ll obtain to among the huge ones as shortly as i can, and for those asking, yes, we’ll be spanning the“Welcome come The fuck Zone” piece too! ns mean- there’s one of Marcie, because that crying out loud, I’ve gotta covering it.

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This item is a recall to“If The shoes Splits”, and also features Sal and also Jason’s examine session. In a shocking swerve, there’s no sex at all. It’s simply ten pages that the 2 of lock hatefucking choose wildcats discussing algebra. Ns mean- to it is in fair, they room pretty similar. Just it’s really no a good thing to uncover the X during sex.

Now, Sal and also Jason together a pairing, I’ve never ever been also fond of- and also oh, spoilers for It’s Walky incoming-they obtained their begin in the pages of It’s Walky, as the surrogate mom and also dad to a team of anti-alien soldiers (holy shit, It’s Walky), girlfriend know, once they’re no busy violation or attempting to wholesale slaughter stated anti-alien soldiers (holy shit, It’s Walky), structure up their sex-related tension especially throughout a fugitive arc since one of them go insane and also tried come annihilate the person race (holy shit, It’s Walky), finally culminating in the 2 of castle consummating their connection on-top that Walky’s essential medical equipment while Walky and also Joyce clock (HOLY SHIT IT’S WALKY WHY am I no REVIEWING YOU right NOW). I mean- to be fair, they might only be groping or making out? In the room? On the stuff? For part reason?

I obtained off-topic. Seriously, ns am going to walk into information when I have a chance, simply wait it rotates I get to the Walky-verse Slipshines. Mike has a KID, PEOPLE.

Anyway!!! back to fucking!! Sal decides come fuck math, in together literal a sense as you have the right to make it without papercuts, and also after convincing (As in, presenting tits) Jason, they obtain to the an excellent stuff. Ns mean- after ~ Sal gets puzzled by an uncircumcised dick, then they get into the good stuff. And also by “good stuff”, I typical Sal starts fucking critiquing Jason to do him screw her harder.

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“Ha ha ha ha ha ha… c’mon… you gotta- HNGH- be far better at fuckin’- HNNGH- than teaching math. Ah’m favor barely there.”

She suck at algebra, climbs the end of windows, and also spends her sexual encounters reviewing them the totality time. Guys… I could be in love.And that’s not just it! Jason also gets his licks in! (Not actual licks, sadly.)

“If- if my pace seems any more brisk, I assure you, it is fueled by mine disdain for you, and not your rubbish reverse psychology.”

Okay, I’ve been burying the lede enough with this- this one is really hot- like, at sight fucking hot- uncomfortably hot. There’s wonderfully drawn groping, fingering, handjobs, fucking, bending end desks- oh, and also for those curious, no, castle didn’t use condoms, for those who gain extra turn on by that. There’s just one much less then stellar little bit of art in the totality ordeal, and also that’s as soon as Sal go from gift bent over the desk to dealing with Jason when on the desk- and even then, the posing is quiet excellent, it’s just a little… unclear? On how they switched? Like, did Jason pull out and she flipped? Or is Sal good enough come fuckin’ turn around and corkscrew his cock to challenge up?

Oh, and also it’s right here where we gain to the suggest I largely wanted to speak about. Since after Sal turns around…

“Come. Challenge me. Prefer it’s real. Confront me prefer it’s real.”

… I have actually questions. So, so countless questions.

What was Sal’s romantic life prior to the comic?! ns mean, she’s declared that she an initial lost her virginity throughout an Apples to Apples game, so to be it simply sort of a… point that happened, the wasn’t as well exciting? Or was it a culmination of sorts because that flirting? and who to be it to? ns mean- she mentions come Marcie the they always pick the not correct people, so just how many world has she been through romantically? and she doesn’t speak it… bitterly? Like, she’s practically got a bemused expression when she states it. So, everyone she’s been with has actually been awful, but not in too bad a way, yet they never ever speak of them… however they’ve left this type of impression on Sal?? was this a learnt mode of thought, or walk she inherit it thanks to horrible parenting? but Walky has been relatively laid back around sex… or does that simply mean it’s among the numerous ways Linda treated her differently? and also she isn’t uncomfortable v sex, one of two people in decided or her forthcoming here, however she’s always had Joyce’s back about it? go she have familiarity with it herself? Or was her“wrong” relationship merely one the couldn’t work-related out due to the fact that of personality concerns or sexuality or… or… WHAT?!? ns am therefore curious, especially considering how distinct this moment is in comparison to the rest of the Slipshine! and the more important question WHERE IS THE SAL/MARCIE SLIPSHINE that WE’VE all BEEN wait FOR friend CAN’T HIDE THE truth WILLIS WE understand IT’S the end THERE

Anyway! stay tuned, because next time, I’m talking around a different Slipshine that likewise involves Dumbing the Age characters WOW what room the odds!!