ry trunk blood is pumped into the aorta and also the pulmonary stems blood is pumped right into the aorta the ventricles room filling inquiry inter-base.net component B Cardiac calculation is _______. Cardiac calculation is _______. Same to heart rate times (EDV minus ESV) equal to heart rate times stroke volume equal to blood circulation equal to blood flow and equal to heart price times hit volume every one of the above. Inquiry inter-base.net part C The left side of the heart pumps blood _______. The left next of the love pumps blood _______. To the lungs with the tricuspid valve and also to the lungs v the tricuspid valve with the aortic valve request inter-base.net component D What variable(s) have the right to the cardiovascular system change to preserve blood pressure
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A. Blood is pumped right into the aorta and also the pulmonary trunk.

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B. Every one of the above.

C. Through the aortic valve.

D. Resistance, stroke volume and also heart rate.


In human being anatomy, cardiac cycle deserve to be defined as a finish heartbeat that the human being heart i beg your pardon comprises the sequential alternating contraction and relaxation the the atria and ventricles, thus causing blood to circulation unidirectionally (one direction) throughout the human body.

Generally, the cardiac cycle occurs in 2 (2) stages;

Diastole : in this stage, the ventricles is relaxed and would be filled through blood.

Systole: in ~ this stage, the muscles contracts and also thus, permit blood come be thrust through the atria.

Additionally, the best atrioventricular valve (AV) also referred to together the tricuspid valve is situated on the best dorsal side of the human being heart. The appropriate atrioventricular valve (AV) comprises of 3 (3) leaflets (flaps) which opens and closes in order to enable for the flow of blood native the appropriate atrium of the human heart to the best ventricle. Also, the ideal atrioventricular valve is saddled through the obligation of staying clear of blood from flow backward in the mammalian heart.

In conclusion, the following can be deduced;

A. Throughout the ejection period of the cardiac cycle, the mammalian love pumps blood into the aorta and also the pulmonary trunk.

B. Cardiac output deserve to be characterized as the volume the blood that is being pumped through the mammalian heart with the left and also right ventricle every unit time (minute).

C. The left next of the mammalian heart in all living organism pumps blood with the aortic valve.

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D. The variables the cardiovascular mechanism can change to maintain blood pressure incorporate the following; resistance, hit volume and heart rate.